7 Romantic Homemade Gifts to Make for Your Man

Written by: Denice Arthurton

Romantic homemade gifts can take a great deal of time and effort and will therefore be more of a mark of your love and respect than an off the shelf easy option. Don’t be put off if you are not very good at arts and crafts. Many of the homemade romantic gifts for men take nothing more than some thought and being able to express your love. You may feel a little shy about home-made gift options or worry that the gift will look cheap. If this is the case then think how you would feel if your man made this sort of effort for you and how you would receive it.

Here are seven unique and romantic homemade gift ideas that you can make for your man:

1.) Book of Promises

This can be a really fun thing to do. Make up a little booklet with a promise or a pledge on each page. The idea is that whenever your partner wishes he can redeem one of the pages in exchange for the promise it contains.

You can hand write the booklet and paint/draw/decorate the pages yourself or you can do it on the computer.

Promises can be to cook his favorite meal on demand or can be really silly, fun things such as “I promise not to moan throughout a whole visit to your mother” or “I promise to sit through an entire episode of (favorite TV program) and not ridicule it”.

2.) Pamper Day

Give your man the gift of being king for a day. It could start with breakfast in bed and go from there. You could include things such as giving him a massage or include light-hearted things such as on that particular day you won’t disagree with him.

3.) CD Compilation

All couples have pieces of music or songs that are special to them. It may be the song that was playing when you met or during your first date or any music that evokes memories for you both of significant times spent together. Gather a few of those songs and put them together onto a CD. You can make up your own CD insert and put a few words next to each song title.

4.) ‘Celebration of Us’ Book

If your creative writing skills are okay you can write heartfelt accounts of beautiful moments or periods in your history together – when we met, our first date, our wedding day, our favorite vacation together etc. You can also put in any actual mementos such as theater tickets you have kept or one of your own wedding invites, a photocopy of your child’s birth certificate and so on.

Photographs can be included.

If you are not sure of your writing skills then just make up the book as a scrap-book of keepsakes and photos and cut out words from magazines such as ‘love’, ‘loyalty’, ‘forever’.

This type of gift will be a joy to put together and will often open the flood gates to your own memories of special times that can be included within the gift.

5.) Cook a Meal

This can be made into a very special occasion. Choose a menu that you know includes all of his favorite things. Take time to make the setting romantic with beautiful table-linen, glassware and tableware. Use candles and soft lighting and have special music playing. Add little touches like flowers, chocolate hearts or bread cut into hearts.

6.) Reasons Why I Love You

Make a Top 10 list of – “I love you because……………”

If you are artistic or can do calligraphy then choose special paper such as parchment or hand-made paper mulched with petals and leaves and write out your list by hand. Pressed flowers can be used as border decorations too. If you are not confident that you will be able to create something good by hand then use your computer. There are many different fonts to choose from and you can then add clip-art or photo images.

Once completed you can either frame your list or roll into a scroll and tie with ribbon.

7.) Gift Baskets

Homemade gift baskets are fun to put together and can include anything that will fit into the container you have chosen.. This can be a basket, box, tin, pail or any other receptacle. Any of the ideas for homemade gifts previously listed can be put into the basket along with such things as favorite chocolates or candy, theater tickets, love letters, love poems (your own or copied), week-end break reservation paperwork and home baked cookies cut into hearts or decorated to say I love you.

Any of the ideas listed here for home-made romantic gifts for men can be personalized to suit your own relationship and be as intimate as you wish. Making home-made gifts for your boyfriend or husband can be extremely satisfying. It will convey a great deal of your love just by the effort you have made and such gifts are nearly always treasured beyond anything that can be shop brought.

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