Soul Reading and Recognizing Soul Mates

Written by: Denice Arthurton

Have you ever experienced moments in your life where you have the overwhelming, comforting or perhaps euphoric feeling that you are exactly where you are meant to be at the exact moment you were meant to be there?

This can be at times of seemingly insignificant happenings and going about something quite mundane or it can happen when big events are happening in our lives. Perhaps even those that should make us uneasy with the upheaval but make us strangely content.

These moments are those where you have touched, even momentarily, on your soul purpose.

Each and every one of us has a soul purpose, a reason why we are here, at this time. It may be as simple as learning a particular life lesson important for this specific reincarnation or it may be to play a role in someone else’s lessons.

The question ‘why am I here?’ is a truly ancient one. As humans we have pondered on this question since the beginning of time.

The fact remains that we each hold within us the knowledge of our soul’s purpose but we have lost the ability to tune into it or recognize it. Additionally social and cultural conditioning, our personal upbringing and distorted perceptions move us even further away from recognizing our soul purpose.

What is a Soul Reading?

Whether or not we are aware of them, each and every one of us is surrounded by angels, guardians and guides that connect us to the higher powers or light source from where we all came. Finding a way to communicate with these beings will allow us to uncover our true purpose.

Many people seek to make this connection themselves through meditation, the use of crystals and life practices. For most of us however we will need a skilled practitioner who can bridge the gap which we have forgotten how to make ourselves. This type of work is known as a soul reading.

The mediator will attune themselves to your energies and those of your personal guides and protectors thereby gaining access to the messages on your behalf. A soul reading will help to reconcile apparent contradictions and untangle confusions allowing an individual to move forward with purpose and to fulfill potentials.

Many people feel that they gain clarity of purpose and deep understanding after a soul reading which may give then the courage and motivation to break free of fears and limiting beliefs and pursue their true soul path.

Recognizing Soul Mates

Many of us will be familiar with that feeling of meeting a complete stranger and being convinced we know them intimately. When this happens, we have likely as not, just met a soul mate.

Soul mates are those people who were created at the same time as us and form part of our soul family. We may not know them as such in this reincarnation but have met and lived with them many times in past lives. It can also happen that soul family members are also part of our earth family.

Members of the same soul family will have made agreements with each other to return to an earthly existence in order to grow, learn and resolve previous unhealed karmic dilemmas. Soul mates can reincarnate at different times hence it is possible to discover soul mates who are children and much younger than us and also those who are much older.

It is possible to meet many soul mates within one earth lifetime.
People will often use the term soul mate to describe the man or women of their dreams and while soul mates may become romantically linked it isn’t always true. Occasionally soul mates can actually repel one another whilst feeling an overwhelming attraction to be around the other.

Twin Souls and Twin Soul Recognition

Each and every one of us has one twin soul. When we meet this person they will seem very familiar to us. We will feel completely at ease and find ourselves telling them and sharing things that may be very unusual for us on first meeting a person. We will instinctively trust them and be aware that we are safe and not judged when we are in their presence.

Twin soul mates are always of the opposite sex thereby balancing perfectly the Yin/Yang elements. Twin souls are two halves of one single thread.

Our twin soul will often be exactly like us physically or perfectly dissimilar, like a negative of a photograph. Often there will be much synchronicity apparent in the life paths of each.

It is often said that our first meeting with our twin soul comes about after a period of extreme trauma or upheaval described as a dark night of the soul, a necessary preparation for the intensity of encountering our twin soul.

There are many skilled psychics, mediums and clairvoyants who will help you to understand better the principles outlined above. As with all practitioners, there are those who are very talented and those who are less so.

Unfortunately there are also those who have no talent whatsoever but just seek a means of making money from vulnerable people.

As much as possible try and find individuals who have been recommended personally or through spiritual and alternative healing directories with good reputations.

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  1. This was very helpful, just what I was looking for. However, I must ask are Twin souls the same concept as soul-mates? Are there such things called Soul Friends? Also, what is this about a soul family? I know I have a lot of question, but they must be answered. Please and Thank You – Secret.

  2. Dave,

    what a dilemma!

    Would strongly suggest that you see a psychic or past life regressor to try and get some answers to this so that you can understand what is happening a little more. It’s possible that you are having some past life memories or it could be something else. See some-one who really knows what they are doing and can help you otherwise this lifetime will be one of unfulfilled longing.

    Good luck

  3. I have a unique situation. Its difficult to know where to begin. I’m currently writing a book about a woman who lived 400 years ago. I’ve never written anything in my life on this level. It all started a few years back, i began having dreams of this woman. even during the day, id find myself always thinking about her. She seemed so familiar to me. Its as if I knew her and have always known her. she is a somewhat infamous person, based mostly on myth. The few people i have talked to about this, have said it was simply a crush. That simply isn’t the case. I wish it was that, honestly. I know this person, how she thinks, speaks. My book is based on the dreams and day dreams i had. while writing, I can often times feel her presence. I do realize it sounds a bit crazy. But to have this sort of connection to someone that lived many years ago is hard for me to understand. I don’t have all the answers. Did i know her in another lifetime? this is much stronger than simply knowing someone. even more so than simply being an acquantence. I can honestly say i love this woman with all my heart. and deep down, i feel as if i was born at the wrong time. I was meant to be born in her time, but wasn’t. Maybe our souls are connected somehow. I wish i knew the answers fully.

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