4 Ways to Stimulate HGH Naturally

Written by: Denice Arthurton

The human growth hormone or HGH is a protein based hormone naturally secreted by the anterior pituitary gland which is situated at the base of the brain. This hormone, also called GH or Hgh has an important function and is responsible for the body’s regenerative abilities as well as growth and cell reproduction.

Secretion levels are high in children, enabling them to grow, increase muscle mass and to aid with the natural development of motor skills. Hgh is also necessary for high energy levels. As the body ages its levels of growth hormone secretion will steadily decline.

Hgh deficiency in children will mean they do not grow at the expected rate for their age. They may also suffer from fatigue or low energy levels.

HGH in the news

Traditionally growth hormone levels were boosted in children and adults exhibiting deficiencies. This is a medical process that necessitates injecting growth hormone into the patient.

Recently, human growth hormone has hit the news. Celebrity claims that using Hgh supplements and products have helped them fight off the signs of aging and stay looking younger for longer, has resulted in a flood of HGH products hitting the market.

Products that claim they can boost growth hormone levels are normally sold as HGH products rather than using the more technical Hgh or GH abbreviations. The medical and scientific establishments are fairly universal in their dismissal of claim validity for these products. The general verdict is that at best they are highly exaggerated and are otherwise highly misleading or totally unfounded.

Is it possible to stimulate Hgh naturally?

There are great differences of opinion on this question. Some claim that once the hormone secretion levels have fallen into decline, which is around the age of 30 on average, they cannot be re-stimulated. Others claim that as the ‘machinery’ for secretion is still in place then it is just a matter of knowing how to get it working again.

4 Ways of stimulating HGH naturally

1.) Sleep – some people say that ensuring you get the correct amount of sleep will aid the natural secretion of growth hormone. It is thought that hormone secretion is at its highest in the deeper levels of sleep which come later in the night and early morning. Cutting down your hours of sleep will therefore affect the levels of growth hormone.

2.) Exercise – many body builders claim that building muscle mass through exercise will aid growth hormone secretion. There are also claims that short, sharp bursts of exercise will have the same effect.

3.) Sound frequency – there are some products on the market that claim Hgh stimulation through the transmission of certain sound frequencies.

4.) Diet – high levels of sugar in the blood will activate the body to produce insulin in order to help with the digestion of said sugars. The increase in insulin levels triggers a chain reaction in the body that will result in suppressing Hgh secretion. It is therefore claimed by some that reducing simple and complex carbohydrates in the body will help with Hgh secretion.

It is also thought that fasting for at least 24 hours will lower blood sugar levels which in turn will stimulate higher levels of Hgh secretion.

None of the methods listed above have any medical endorsement. However, none of them involve doing anything or ingesting anything that is potentially harmful to the body. Exercise and healthy diets are recommended for optimum health regardless of the Hgh question. There are no contra-indications for attempting to stimulate Hgh naturally so it is perhaps worth trying. It is perhaps even possible in time that the claims for naturally stimulating Hgh will be proved as valid.

Article by Denice Arthurton

For many years of my life my major passions were all types of sport but particularly gymnastics. After finishing my own competitive career I became a coach, eventually converting an old industrial unit into a training facility to accommodate my 200 gymnasts. It was while coaching that I developed my interest in nutrition and how certain foods and herbs both fuel and heal the body. It was also during this time that I discovered surfing and became somewhat addicted even though I began in the handicapped position of some-one with a severe phobia of water. . However, following a rather too-close-for-comfort brush with death, I decided I needed to make every day count. In 2003 I sold my house, gave away my business and most of my possessions and, with my surf board tucked under my arm, set out to explore the world. Luckily for me I had a husband with the same crazy notions as myself and an equal, if not greater, passion for surfing. Friends and family thought we were mad and would soon come to our senses but eight years on we are still travelling and surfing. Many of the countries we visit are viewed more often from the ocean than with our feet on the land. I have always written for my own pleasure but began doing so professionally from a need to help finance my perpetual travels. To my great astonishment I found myself quite successful in a short space of time. I feel myself incredibly fortunate to be doing something I love and making a living from it. What's more it is something I can do from wherever in the world the wind has blown me. People often ask me if I mind having no home and no security and what will I do when I get old. My answer – the words both 'home' and 'security' are dependant on personal definitions. As to what I will do when I get old........I live each day just for today - I can neither worry nor care about what lies so far ahead. But I suspect when old age does creep up on me I will have a perpetually large smile on my face as I recall the wonderful places I have been, the amazing people I have met and remember a thousand mornings that I sat on my surfboard just as the rising sun turned the ocean to gold.

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  1. I have found much research showing the release of HGH through exercise, in short bursts that get one winded.

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