Stop Obsessive Thoughts With These 3 Proven Techniques

Written by: Sen -

If you have reached a point in your life where you want to be rid of the continuous torture of the “thought generating” mind then it’s your good fortune.

Obsessive or consuming thoughts can make living miserable when you are plagued by them, but this very situation can become the invitation to transcend mind and be free of suffering forever.

Can you stop obsessive thoughts? – If you could, it would be great, but the truth is that it’s slightly more complicated than just suppressing your thoughts which at-most you can do for a few seconds. Plus suppressing thoughts is even worse than enduring thoughts. It builds up a lot of negative energy inside.

So how to stop these stops thoughts? The secret to stopping these thoughts is to detach from the mind because You cannot fight mind with the mind. Let’s look at this in more detail.

What Are Thoughts?

Past events get stored as memories. Your mind conditioning and beliefs are also stored as memories. All this is unconscious storage; the mind does all this in auto mode.

Perceptions and interpretations are created in the mind based on its past “external” conditioning and also its natural conditioning (genetics). These interpretations, perceptions and judgments come up as thoughts in the mind, and they can be positive or negative depending on the mind’s conditioning.

Thoughts are generated based on the past incidents/memories, future projections and interpretations on the present life situation. It’s like a computer trying to predict or conjure up projection based on the data it has collected so far.

When thoughts are negative in nature (thoughts of worry, anxiety, stress, lack, resentment, guilt etc.) they produce resistance to the movement of your life, and this resistance is felt as suffering. Negative thoughts will always stand in resistance to the movement of your life, like blocks of stone in the midst of a swift current of water.

Life is a stream of pure positive energy and hence any negative thought will stand in opposition to it, causing friction which is felt as suffering in the body.

How Are Thoughts Generated?

Do you generate your thoughts?

If you generated the thoughts, you could’ve controlled them too.

The truth is that you don’t generate thoughts, the mind does. And the mind is in auto-mode (subconscious mode) most of the time.

You can see this for yourself; can you predict what you will think 30 seconds from now? If you can’t how can you assume that you are generating the thoughts?

If you believe that you are your mind, that’s a false notion again.

If you are your mind then how can you observe the thoughts? So you must be separate from the mind to see what the mind is doing.

The mind generates thoughts, which are mostly just energy forms. These thoughts pass through like clouds. We identify with some of these thoughts and obsess over them.

So in truth, all thoughts are just neutral energy forms; it’s your interest or association with the thoughts that makes them obsessive. If you can understand this truth, you have taken the first step towards getting rid of obsessive thoughts.

Thoughts are neutral energy forms

What Gives Power to a Thought?

The thoughts in your mind gain power from your attention and interest. Your attention is the fuel for your mind. So when you give attention to consuming thoughts in the mind, you are unconsciously fueling it and thus attracting more momentum for these negative thoughts.

The momentum of negative thoughts in your mind will slow down, and ebb away, automatically when you stop feeding your attention to it. Stay as an open space of awareness without focusing your attention on the negative thoughts of the mind, and soon they will lose their momentum.

You can focus on the positive thoughts generated in the mind, and thus develop a positive momentum in your mind. Every time your mind produces some positive thoughts, e.g thoughts of love, joy, excitement, abundance, beauty, appreciation, passion, peace etc, focus on it, milk it, and give attention to it.

This will cause your mind to attract more positive thoughts and thus build a positive momentum.

Whenever the mind thinks negatively, don’t give it attention or interest, this will cause the ebbing away of the momentum of negative thinking. It’s really that simple. Once you understand the mechanics of how thoughts gain momentum in the mind, you will be in total control of your state of being.

How to Stop Obsessive Negative Thoughts?

If you are asking this question, ask yourself another question – “is this question not another thought? It’s a thought about killing thoughts”.

All your attempts at suppressing and stopping thoughts fail because you are using the mind to stop the mind. The police man and thief are both the mind; so how can the police man catch the thief?

So you cannot kill the mind by force. The mind dies its own death by the poison of disassociation.

What gives power to a thought? – Your interest. If you have no interest in a particular thought then it loses its hold over you.

You can try this out now.

Let the thoughts flow through your mind but don’t take interest in them. Just stay as a bystander or a watcher and let the thoughts float.

Initially you might have a hard time watching thoughts because of your inherent habit of associating with each thought that arises.

It helps to know that you are not your thoughts, that thoughts are just energy forms created in the mind. Why does the mind create thoughts? No one knows – it’s just something it does, why bother. Do you ever ask why does the heart beat?

With a little practice you will get really good at watching thoughts and not involving yourself with them.

You will stop giving power to thoughts by not giving them your interest. Thoughts die immediately when they are deprived of this fuel of interest. If you don’t associate with the thought or give power to the thought, it will wither away quickly.

1.) The Practice of Watching the Mind

All you need to do to get rid of obsessive thoughts is to watch the mind without getting involved.

You will get really good at this with just a little practice. This practice, or “sadhana” as called in Hindu scriptures, is the root of awakening from the illusion of mind.

Without trying to understand this practice just implement it. The more you try to understand the more mind gets involved. Just watch the mind and you will soon see that you are not the mind at all.

That the mind is like a machine in your head that generates thoughts based on your attention/interest. Be free of your mind by depriving it of your interest. This is the only direct path of becoming free of the mind.

2.) One Point Focus Technique

If you find the above concept difficult to understand then try this simpler technique. This one is called ‘One point focus’ and it involves focusing all your attention on a single point for an extended period of time.

Single point focus

This technique done over a few days will help you gain considerable mastery over your mind.

Here’s how this works:

Sit in a comfortable place, preferably during the night hours when there is less noise/distraction. Close your eyes. Now divert your attention from your thoughts on to your breathing.

Feel the cool air hitting the base of your nostrils and the hot air coming out. Try and see how long you are able to maintain this focus. If you are a beginner, you will not be able to maintain focus for more than a few seconds. Say 5 seconds at the max. You will find your attention return back to your thoughts.

Fear not, this is natural. Do not blame yourself. As soon as you realize that your attention has gone back to your thoughts, gently bring your attention back to your breath. Do this for a few minutes. When you are able to keep the focus on your breath for a period of 4 to 5 minutes, you have started to gain mastery over your mind.

You will have mastery over your attention and can divert it from your thoughts, to your breathing whenever you want to. That means you no longer have to be afraid of intrusive thoughts, you are completely free from their grasp.

As you master this, you can also consider some other forms of focus as follows:

  • Chant the mantra ‘OM’ and focus all your attention on the OM sound.
  • Count mala beads with your fingers and focus you attention on the beads and the counting.
  • Focus on your heart beats.
  • Listen to binaural beats or healing frequencies like the 528Hz frequency and focus on the sound.
  • Focus you attention on an external sound, like for instance, the sound of crickets during the night.
  • Focus you attention on a blank wall or canvas.

3.) Visualize The Thought As An Energy Form

Here’s yet another technique that you can use. This one is very simple.

Have you ever watched a movie in a theater? If so, you would have realized that the theater uses a projector to project light beams on a blank screen. These light beams reflect back to us after hitting the screen creating images.

The mind is like a projector

When your mind generates a thought, it also generates accompanying images. These images play in your head just like the images projected on a screen in a theater.

But we all know that the images on the screen are just rays of light that get reflected after hitting the screen. Now imagine if instead of watching the screen, you turn back and watch the projector instead. You immediately realize that the images on the screen are merely light rays generated by the projector.

In a similar way, visualize your thoughts as energy forms (electrical signals) running inside your brain’s neural pathways. Give these energy forms some color and visualize them as temporary rays of light that will be discarded by your brain unless you decide to give your attention to them.

Whenever you have a negative thought, think of this thought as an energy form instead of focusing on the images generated by the thought. This way you will deprive the thought of its power and it will go away.

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  1. Thoughts would sometimes come to my mind for no reason. Although I knew it was not important I still can’t control my brain from stop thinking. It affects my daily life such as study and decision making. Then I start to perform ritual. Things would always get worse. I told myself to stop overdoing. I had a hard time to control my mind. I think this article may be useful to me. I finally understand that I am actually generating thoughts for no purpose. I should be more focus on my study. Perfectionist is impossible. Let things be natural. Face reality and never suppress my mind. Determination is the key to let my brain focus and relax. I must seek advice from my mum so to make wise decision and don’t be obstinate.

  2. Hi sen sir,
    I have read ur articles and i am much more relaxed than before and i was suffering from negative thoughts for 3 years. And from 1st day onwards after reading ur article i had started getting out of my mind. I am very thankfull to u.
    But i also want to know about imagination. How to get rid of unwanted bad imagination or image that comes in mind.

    1. It works for me to imagine that a thought has its form, for example a cloud or a asteroid, maybe round or a sharp ended, but it goes near and passes without making any harm. Its interesting to observe the thouths. The same works fine and relaxing with bad imaginations.

  3. You train the subconscious to give up it’s secrets. Read the repetitive thought pattern aloud as the patient free associates, in brief word groups, Spread it over the course of three and a half months till the patient acts out the repressed experience(s) and relates them to the therapist. Get the patient to face it so the therapist can reverse them. Make sure the patient follows through or they could end up in worse shape like me. To learn more visit (Oct 24,2016 post) Yes I had OCD.

  4. how i got through my depression, anxiety and pPSD..brain injuries so one of the key areas which did not work and people do not realize that controls this is the LIMBIC of my 8 day bleeds..I do not produce i learned to actually both..i wrote down my thoughts when they would come as a therapist would and looked at them and realized that was not me and literally slowly took myself apart and started changing me and it took a good year to force negative thoughts to positive, change color schemes, literally put up positive affirmations..but if everyone would learn what make them tick on the inside, let go of the damage from their pasts and I did that too, then we would not need so many pharmaceuticals..Ginko is natural and sustains you with no artificial side effects…something to think about in an angry world..not to take on other’s drama

  5. Teja – The only reason you are so disturbed by negative thoughts is because you are “trying” to get “rid” of them. This means that you are “afraid” of your mind’s negative thoughts, and the truth is that anything that you fear keeps you tied to it. So the way out, is to consciously stop fearing the mind’s negative thoughts, and stay “allowing” of the mind when it produces these thoughts. Stay as a space of awareness, and allow the mind to produce these thoughts, fearlessly. They will soon lose a hold on your being.

  6. Tulip – Once you relax and stop being so disturbed by the thoughts projected by the mind, regarding your sexuality, you will allow a space in which you are look at these thoughts in a more open manner. A lot of men and women feel some attraction towards the same gender, but also feel attracted to the opposite gender. Such tendencies in the human mind are totally fine, and you can experiment with what’s comfortable to you in your context and circumstance. Don’t take the mind too seriously, it’s only a machine, when you are free within you are allow expression to your mind’s desires, but it’s still your choice if you want to follow a different direction.

    1. On what authority do you say that attraction to the same gender is fine. You say they are tendencies in the human mind. Can you prove that? And you say to go ahead an d experiment. You sure take on a lot. As if..Is your mind what is sexually attracted? You seem to be quite bossy.

  7. Casandrita – Your “attention” is the fuel for the mind’s momentum. Your mind is naturally oriented towards being inquisitive, but if its momentum is troubling you, it’s a sign that you, as the being, are becoming a prisoner to your mind. For a while, the practice of detaching your awareness from the mind, allowing yourself to stay as a detached witness of the mind will help increase the power of your awareness, and bring a stability into your being. Once you are stable in your awareness, your mind will not be able to exert as much pull on you, and you can actually start enjoying it’s movements instead of being disturbed by it.

  8. Hello Sen, Your article is fabulous. What shall I do as soon as a negative thought drives in my mind? Shall I think something else or just look it as a witness?

  9. Dear Sen, I have read you article, it’s good but I need you help. I’m an OCD patient; I tried my level best to get rid of unnecessary negative thoughts but I can’t manage them. These negative thoughts disturb me much and are very intense in nature. I’m unable to concentrate on any other thing. Please suggest me the methods by which I can get rid of them.

  10. Hi Sen, what a fantastic article. The only challenge I have is what if I am actually interested in the random bits of nonsense my mind is presenting to my in a never ending stream? Everything I see, do, read, etc. inevitably results in presentation of questions by my mind.

    E.g., Driving down the road: Why poinsettias lights for Christmas, how does one get the drum off drum brakes (hear a noise), what company installed those solar panels, how can the price of gas fluctuate 5 cents over 10 hours, etc.? I thought about getting a voice recorder to record all these to facilitate research once I got home … but decided against it (probably wisely). As one can imagine, adding 20+ to do things to the list at the end of the day makes it so that I really get nothing of real value and/or importance done.

    But I truly need and want to know the answers to all these things. I am interested. My mind has me hostage and is trying to kill me. Sometimes there’s so much traffic I can’t sleep at night. Please help; I think my head is going to explode as I keep a running list of all these things until their mysteries have been solved.

  11. Wow! Truly insightful article! If you can grasp what the author is saying you can pretty much completely do away with any type of OCD or negative obsessive thoughts. Beautiful!

  12. Hello Sen, Of late I am going through lot of confusions in mind which is related to my orientation. I some times feel that I am getting attracted to the same gender however I would never ever want to lead such a life most of the times my thoughts are based on this which is disgusting. I consulted a psychiatrist and she told u are facing OCD and gave me some medicines and I went through a couple of self help on the internet and felt a little better.

    My questions is, are all these thoughts true? what happens when you go against your orientation which your mind sets which you don’t like? There are talks going on at home about my marriage and I am so scared that I wont be able to perform what I am required to the opposite gender. Why do these thoughts come in and spoil a person’s life?

  13. I have been suffering with intrusive thoughts about a person I hate for about six months. I thought of using the technique in this article but did not stay consistent with it but this is a conformation that it really will work, so thanks!

  14. This was interesting as the concept of this piece is very similar to Buddhist teachings which I have lately been studying. Following these steps and actions actually works, people have been doing it for centuries for a reason! 🙂

  15. I have been having really weird and disgusting thoughts but after this I hope it helps me by just not thinking about them (: I thank u!

  16. Donald – the only reason a pattern gains momentum in the mind is owing to our direct/indirect attention to it. We give it direct attention when we are lost in identification with it and we give it indirect attention when we fear it or try to escape it. Resistance and identification are both ways in which a thought patter (and thus a behavior pattern) gets strengthened. If a person suffering from an OCD pattern or TS, start developing the power of their awareness through a simple practice like staying as a detached witness of the mind’s movement, they will be able to gain stability in their awareness to the point where they are no longer dragged into identification with the mind’s movements – thus breaking the cycle of fueling the obsessiveness thoughts or behaviors, which eventually causes their dissolution.

    I’ve also given a biological perspective to this on my blog – at this post – which basically defines the process of how patterns get established and how the space of awareness can dissolve it.

  17. Ketan – The problem is that you are trying to escape the thought because of your fear of it. Anything you try to resist will keep persisting because your resistance indirectly fuels the very thought you are resisting. If you want freedom from this thought, you will need to allow yourself allow it openly while staying an space of open awareness – I call this “consciously allowing the mind’s movement”. Don’t fear thoughts, they can’t have any influence on your vibration if you don’t resist them, it’s your fear of negative thoughts that gives them power over you.

  18. Tomo – The practice of staying as a detached “awareness” of your mind’s movement enables you to develop a stability in your power of awareness. The more stable you are in your ground of awareness the less likely the mind is to pull you into total identification with it. Of course, once you become stable in your awareness you can freely enter the domain of the mind and dissolve the inner conflicts because there is an element of wisdom/intelligence that comes from this place of awareness (because pure awareness connects you to the intelligence of your life-stream).

  19. I will definitely give this a try. My thoughts turn into feelings and happen out of no-where. Polar opposite to my personality and scare me so much. Are thoughts/feelings related? Or is a feeling a thought?

  20. Although I’m nominally Catholic, I’m widely read in religion and philosophy and recognize the advice offered in your article as indicative of Eastern metaphysical thought. I think the article is a very good summary description thereof and appreciate it.

    I have a website devoted to, among other things, Tourette’s Syndrome (TS) which is considered closely related to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I go further and maintain that the affliction is OCD, though a distinct variation. With OCD proper, the subject engages in seemingly bizarre rituals as a compulsive defensive mechanism to deflect attention away from obsessive thoughts of a negative vein. With TS, the compulsive attempted defenses are physical movements and vocalizations termed tics. The obsessive thought patterns become engrained within the subject’s neural pathways from repetition, reinforcement and eventual habituation.

    As those afflicted with OCD and TS appear to have a genetic proclivity to obsessive thoughts, do you think your methods might be therapeutic to such people on a strictly material level stripped of its spiritual underpinnings? I have written several articles on TS (being mildly afflicted with it myself) and might be interested in incorporating some of the ideas expressed within your article in my offered remedial advice. If the underlying obsessive thought patterns can be addressed and redressed, then perhaps the compulsive reactions would die of their own accord.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Don Schneider

  21. I have strange problem, few month back I read an article on the net which scared me a lot. My hands & feet started sweating and I couldn’t sleep peacefully that night. Eventually I thought that I will forget it but after so many days it’s still troubling me. I feel a burning sensation in my chest. I just want to forget that thought which keeps scaring me. I am thinking of going for hypnotherapy. Can you please suggest as to what is happening to me & should I go in for the therapy?

  22. Have been suffering for a while now with awareness and over obsessive thinking over something that is the same for everybody; feel like this will never end! Read your article about watching these thoughts is very interesting but cant stop fueling them or understand them any help, Sen?

  23. Hi, This technique is Zazen Meditation.

    You have simplified and explained practically. Thanks for helping us. I suffered a lot when trying to monitor my thoughts. At a point i was just waging war with my thoughts and got tired with them. stuck with life, still a decade passed. After numerous medication and therapies still waging war with the mind. The major part is the mind creates more emotional feeling which feels real that’s the reason for still fighting with the thought. Once when my mind predicted a bad incident about to happen, and it came to reality. It then made them as a regular work. There was the starting of obsessive thoughts. Couldn’t stop those idiotic voice shouting from inside.

  24. Hi Sen. I am a obsessional thinker for years. I am very confused with this feeling and wonder if anyone else has it. If i do what you say and let the thoughts pass through and don’t take interest, my mind stops thinking but I am left with this awful feeling that I need to think and it leaves a horrible atmosphere around myself what is this? and will this go away in time?

  25. I’ve tried this, and it works. It works really well for those detrimental negative thoughts.

    But how do you distinguish between thoughts that are simply bad thoughts that need to be passed by, and actual realities that do need careful consideration? If you let every negative thought pass by, is that not facing reality in some situations?

    I appreciate this article so much. It’s helping me to realize I do not have to listen to my thoughts, however I have got a long way to go..

  26. Dear Sen, what you have told is absolutely true.This is the way my Guruji told when I was having the same trouble.But we tend to forget things easily, even the cure like this.

    For Rebecca I would like to suggest reading Dale Carnegie’s, ‘How to Win Friends and Influence people’ and ‘How to stop worrying and start living’.

  27. Sen, I googled how to get rid of obessive thinking and found this site. I truly appreciate the depth of what you have written here. I have been plagued by anxiety-panic disorder since I was 15, I am now 44. I have spent the past 5 months getting odd physical symptoms, started by twitching all over back in July, then went through much testing and to many doctor’s visits. They found I am simply twitching (probably stress related) and after 3 months of worrying I had some horrible disease, and worrying about the tests, I started to calm down. Low and behold a week later I started having stomach issues that mimic those of IBS. With my worrisome nature, I automatically worried it was something very serious, and having known someone with stomach issues that ended up being cancerous, I have been out of control worried for a month now. I have been to several doctors yet again and had many blood tests, ct scan and now a colonoscopy to find nothing as of yet. I have lost sleep for a month, I am mentally exhausted and physically feeling extremely run down on top of my stomach bothering me. I haven’t felt myself for about 6 months now. I feel out of it, have no interest in anything and cannot stop obsessing about my health. I keep trying to counter the negative thoughts with positive ones but the negative thoughts just keep coming back and scaring me. I am constantly googling things and making it worse. I started to see a counselor, but so far, I haven’t been able to shake them. So how do you not be afraid when your mind thinks these things? Each day I am finding myself worried I have something else they haven’t found and I can’t calm down or feel relaxed and happy anymore. Can you help me to understand how I can not be afraid when my mind thinks something awful is happening to me? Thank you so much, I am feeling rather desperate here.

  28. Hi Sen, I am very happy and relieved to have got a reply from you and I will try my level best to put your advice into action. I was thinking, with whom will I be able to discuss my problem and who will understand what I am going through and provide a solution to this. Thanks for taking your time, to reply to my question.

  29. Hayley – If your mind feels undecided just relax and give it time. Don’t pressurize yourself by setting deadlines, that’s most unharmonious way to life. Remember that the issue is never on outside but always on the inside. The outside is simply a “mirror” reflecting your inside. Let go of the pattern of blaming the outside for your unhappiness and look within to find the source of it. The pattern that’s evident in your vibe is that you feel a lack of love for yourself, you are not totally aligned with who you are because of patterns of self-criticism. This lack of love that you feel for yourself is what is getting manifested externally as a loveless marriage. But unless you sort out this issue in your mind, jumping into another relationship would only cause this pattern to manifest in a new face. There are few posts on letting go of self-hatred and developing self-love on my personal blog which you can peruse for deeper insights.

    Unless you first find your happiness within yourself, it’s scientifically not possible to manifest happiness outside in your reality. It looks enticing to blame the outside and take action to escape it, but if the negative thought pattern is still existing in your mind you will just end up attracting another reality that reflects the same disharmony.

    A lot of people try to use meditation as a form of escape, but the best way to meditate is to close your eyes and allow your attention to shift within into your mind (not try to escape the mind). Be with your mind, allow your awareness to embrace the conflicts in the mind and just stay in this awareness. All the real solutions come forth in this simple state of being in a calm awareness of the negative thought patterns within. Bring awareness to all your resentments, frustration, feelings of lack and hatred, and stay in this awareness without trying to escape the feeling of unpleasantness that might arise. In time the silent intelligence of this awareness will be able to dissolve the conflict and allow a solution to manifest in your reality. True wisdom can only operate from a place of such calm awareness, and right actions flow from such a state of being.

  30. Srividhya – Your eating disorder is just one manifestation of the chronic negative thought patterns you have going in your mind. The external disorder of eating issues will be brought to a resolution automatically when you sort out the inner disorder of negative thought patterns. I am guessing that presently in your life you are doing a lot of things that don’t feel aligned with who you are – may be you are in the wrong job, uncomfortable surroundings, incompatible people etc and you also feel negative about yourself as the person you are, with low self esteem, low confidence and a lot of self-criticism. In fact it’s these negative thoughts you hold about yourself that actually end up attracting the negative external reality. The only way to let go of a negative pattern is to totally “see through” it by bringing a deep awareness to its dysfunctional presence in your mind and at the same time it’s also important that make a commitment to focus on pursuing your joy in all aspects of your life in the best way possible right now.

    Don’t force yourself to eat what you don’t feel like eating, or when you don’t feel like eating. Stop worrying so much about your body and let it decide what it wants to eat and when it wants to eat and how much it wants to it, your body is a highly intelligence structure and it knows what’s best for it at any point and time if your mind is not influencing it in a negative way. All that’s needed is that you stop forcing your body in anyway, just let it be. Relax your mind, focus on pursuing hobbies or vocations that bring a sense of joy to you be it reading, meditation, dancing, exercising, games or watching some entertaining movies. This relaxation will allow your mind to stop pressurizing the body and thus will allow your body to pursue its natural movement. Face up to any issues that you are avoiding in your life, bring awareness to it and allow a solution to come through in a state of calm awareness.

  31. I also forgot to say I have tried to meditate and listen to the CD’s – I just fall asleep. I obviously need to sleep because I’m exhausted. Any tips on how to meditate would be appreciated.

  32. Dear Sen, this is very fascinating. I was a very positive persona few months ago after being introduced to ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Power’. I noticed that because of this positivity I was happier, my business was getting better. I also noticed that if I thought of someone a lot they would contact me out of the blue, example, synchronicity.

    The problem I have now, I have been unhappy in my marriage for a while now and feel that now is the time to spread my wings. I have these thoughts everyday that someone or something good is waiting for me. The problem is, I feel so negative too. I feel very guilty for my thoughts and how upset my sons and husband will be. I have told my husband I will give it till the new year – but my gut feeling will not go away. I have decided to let the universe decide and am trying to release and surrender to my thoughts. It’s very hard to do though. My life seems to be changing so fast, and I don’t seem to be able to control it, which in part is exciting and also very scary. Your thoughts are most welcome.

  33. Great Article. I get fear usually when I am supposed to do any important task and wanted to know why things are happening in unexpected ways. This article really helped me understand my mind. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Hi Sen, I came across your article at the right time. Hope I am able to detach myself from my “bad and recursive thoughts”. My problem is about eating. I give at-most attention into each bite I take. My mind creates this vomiting thought or a thought saying “You cant take the whole bite”. As a result I end up not taking the bite or taking half a bite. Thus I end up eating less than 25% of what I am supposed to eat. Also looking at food itself dislikes me. Food smells create the vomiting sensation. I have lost so much of weight that people say “You have lost so much of weight. Are you okay?” I am just looking like a stick. I am so worried if I can ever come out of this trap. “My mind is completely controlling me than I controlling the mind.” I am also thinking since I am always thinking negative things, I am attracting negative happenings in my life. Waiting for your reply. Thanks in advance.

  35. Stefan – Life, or the energy that you are, does not require you to do anything that does not match your comfort. The only reason we force ourselves to do things that don’t feel comfortable to us is because we don’t fully appreciate and align with the preferences in our mind. When you bring a deep awareness to the preferences in your mind, and fears in your mind, you will clearly see what your mind really wants or desires for itself. Right now you may be forcing your mind to live a reality that it does not desire to live. You will need to develop the trust in life to follow the path of joy and align with the preferences of your mind.

    I cannot tell you what your mind really wants, it’s for you to bring awareness within yourself and see it for yourself. Don’t look at your mind as your enemy, in truth when you are forcing yourself to go against your mind’s preference you becomes it enemy and inflict violence upon it. Align with your mind’s natural preference and desire, and life will ensure that it provides you with the means to fulfill this preference. You are not here to live a life below your true preferences, but to live a life aligned with your preferences.

  36. Hi Sen, you are just marvelous. You have clearly helped a lot of people with just a few words. And on behalf of all anxiety and depression sufferers I thank you so much. My issue is that it’s in my nature to over think everything. I studied advertising at university and I kind of had to over think to get to the bottom of campaigns etc.

    Unfortunately I have turned this into real life – and over-think everything positive until it becomes a negative, and then it just gets worse and worse. I have suffered from anxiety/panic attacks for about 4 years – I Have been able to minimize it until about 3 weeks ago when I moved out of home for the first time and now have to commute on the train. I have terrible morning anxiety and depression which I just can’t get over and I am frightened to get on the train every day – I travel and have a lot of meetings which brings on anxious feelings.

    This article will help a bunch with my situation but if you can add any further insights It would be the best thing ever.

  37. Adam – Just imagine that there is a space of energy, and this energy is all there is. This energy is an aware energy in that it can be aware of itself. This energy has the capacity to take the shape of forms, like thought forms. But the thoughts are made of the same energy and are happening in the space of this aware energy. So the thoughts are made of this energy and this energy is aware of these thoughts. So the thoughts and awareness of the thoughts are both the same energy. Essentially, who you are, is this one energy in reality. Everything in this space of creation is the same aware energy.

    Your brain produces thoughts based on its interpretations and conditioning. But who you are is not just the brain but the wholeness of this energy, and thus thoughts can also arise from your deeper self or your wholeness or inner being. When the brain’s thoughts are negative they disconnect the vibration of your wholeness (which is always pure positive). When the brain’s thoughts are positive they align with your wholeness and thus you feel joy/peace in your being.

  38. Thiru – As I said before, you are afraid of your own mind and unless you face your fears they will constantly torment you. I didnot suggest that you try to relax against the mind but that you relax into the mind. Anything you resist will keep you shackled to it, whatever you run away from you will stay its prisoner. Go into your mind fully, stop being afraid of its negative thoughts and allow yourself to consciously be with the mind instead of trying to find a way to shut it up. Your mind is seeking your conscious attention to it and it will keep shouting at you as long as you continue trying to avoid it.

    Your mind is not your enemy, it’s just rooted in some fears that needs to healed. The only way to heal these fears to be take your conscious awareness to it without “cringing” away from it. Stop being afraid of negative thoughts and allow yourself to really “feel” them in the mind. When you fully allow yourself to be in the mind consciously, a shift will take place on its own. Spend as much as time as you can in your mind in a conscious manner, be with it instead of trying to escape it. Your awareness is the only intelligence that can heal the fears in your mind.

  39. Dear Sen, I followed your advice and it helps me. But my problem is the minute I start a conversation with someone, watch TV or when I am listening to radio or so on I feel that I automatically start to observe my mind as to “am I still thinking of the negative thought”. Why do I become so obsessed about it? It makes me feel bad and there is some kind of fear each time I do that. I have tried my best to relax and not to check my own mind. But no avail. Please help me.

  40. Sen, I cannot thank you for a such a wonderful article. This is gold. Since last two years I have been filled with guilt for things which I am not even sure if i was wrong or not and I am always in dilemma when it comes to taking any decision. There’s always a battle in my mind and eventually it’s guilt or anger which takes place later on after I take a decision and it reminds me of my previous incidents and everything connects with them. So I am always living in my gloomy past . Your article makes a lot of sense, any tips would be gold. God bless – Sean.

  41. I just found this article today and have applied this new profound way of thinking by not thinking and I can certainly say that I believe this is a real life changer. I constantly have negative thoughts about my past and future and for the longest time have been trying to find a way to eliminate the problem to no success until today. God-Bless you, Paul.

    P.S. I will check back in 1months time to report my progress.

  42. Hey Sen, thank for your response. I had a few questions. How can I be the thoughts and the awareness of the thoughts at the same time? I get the feeling that there are thoughts that come from this awareness energy and there are thoughts that are constantly (possibly somewhat random, like a dream) generated by our brain. Is that the case? Is there a way to distinguish between the two? Again thank you very much.

  43. Great piece! I’m glad I came across your article I’m positive it will prove to be very helpful. I also had a chance to access your website, wow! Talk about the law of attraction; your articles have the answers to a lot of questions I’ve been pondering. I look forward to continuing reading more after I wake up later in the day. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, and replying to your comments, that’s real cool!

  44. Really good article! I really am glad I came across this. I think that from now on this will change me because I have really been stressing myself with these negative thoughts. Thanks much for publishing this.

    Seattle, WA

  45. Wow, I am going to try this. I have had obsessive thoughts for over eight years now and there are times when I am miserable. I am going to try this, and I will let you know if it works! it seems promising!

  46. Deepak – Scientifically, the movement of your life stream is always towards well-being because the energy that makes up life is pure positive. The mind is the only structure that has the capacity to think negatively as a matter of choice. But since life is a stream of pure positive energy, when the mind thinks negatively there is a feeling of resistance in the body which is felt as suffering.

    Instead of trying to think positive, just relax and let go of the mind altogether. Let the mind run on its momentum without fueling it further through your attention it. Eventually the mind’s force will ebb away in power and you will not longer be affected by its movement. The secret is simply to let go of the mind instead of trying to make it positive. Your life stream is already positive and its moving in the direction of manifesting your desires, all you need to do is relax and let go of the mind so that you don’t offer resistance to your life’s movement.

  47. Hi Sen, my name is Deepak. I have a very positive attitude and still have. I read a book called ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Power’; after reading this book I found what kind of power our human brains have and we can manifest almost anything – anything with our thoughts, and positive thoughts are 100 times stronger then negative thoughts. But my mind is always scared of negative thought; like if negative thoughts will manifest or not and if they will it will be very bad for me and this doesn’t allow me to concentrate on anything.

    Even when I go to gym my mind keeps on telling me like “do one more rep or you will get weight falling on your head”. So out of fear I have to do one more and so on in each and every small thing. Its like “do this or this will happen, do that or that will happen.” I am very tired of these thoughts and little confused also to whom to talk about this matter. May be they find me as a fool but I found this article and thought to share with you. Please if you have any suggestion will be appreciable. Thanks in advance.

  48. Adam – It’s a highly limited understanding when you equate yourself to the thoughts in the mind. Ask yourself, who is aware of the thoughts? If you are the thoughts, then what is aware of the thoughts? Isnt this “awareness” who you actually are. Without this awareness how will the thoughts be percieved?

    Who you are is an aware energy. This aware energy manifests as forms but majority of it stays as formless awareness. Thoughts are forms, so are physical objects and bodies. All these forms are happening in the field of awareness of the formless aware energy that you are. In truth, who you are is all there is – you are the forms and you are also the awareness of it. So you are the thoughts and you are also the awareness of the thoughts.

    A lot of us lose ourselves in our thoughts and forget our nature as the “pure awareness” of the thoughts. When you start rooting yourself in your nature as the pure awareness of thoughts, you will be able to bring in a new intelligence into play which can resolve the conflicts in the mind.

  49. Sen, this article is incredible. Thank you so much. What does it mean to be pure consciousness? I don’t quite understand what we are if not our thoughts? Some would say our actions but I would argue that it’s our thoughts that lead to our actions. Without the thought we would never have done “that”. So if we silence our thoughts, who are we and what would we do without them?

  50. Thanks a billion. I have no words to explain, how much I am grateful to you.This is just my biggest problem, that I have been suffering from since years. My thoughts are like got superpower and get to know my weakness and killing me inside every time by threatening me, and I can’t tell this to anybody. Because nobody can understand though I tried it before.These thoughts make my weakness so clear, that unwillingly so many kind of fears generated and I find myself helpless in front of them. I hope you can understand. Thanking You – Simi.

  51. Thanks so much for this article! It is good to know that I’m not the only one who has these thoughts. I was so scared that I was going crazy. I guess it is part of human nature to create patterns and obsessions in our heads. It is encouraging to know that these can be controlled with time and practice.

  52. Thiru – You are living in fear of your own mind/brain. The human brain is a neural network which has the tendency to keep triggering thoughts based on your previous attention/interest. Since you give so much importance to fear based thoughts about your health, it’s natural for your mind to keep triggering such thoughts. Now you are also giving importance to the thought – “What is mind going to think of next” or “my mind is going to produce a negative thought”. Because you are giving so much importance to this thought, it keeps coming up in your mind again and again. You must understand that the human brain/mind is nothing different from a “computer” which responds to programming – so once you give interest to a certain thought your mind keeps bringing it on again and again in response to this interest you feed.

    It’s important that you first understand the “mechanical” nature of the mind and stop fearing it. The mind is nothing but a neural network and it’s very mechanical in its functioning – there is no need to be afraid of the random thoughts produced by it. Once you stop giving so much importance to these random thoughts, they will lose their power and will ebb away easily. It’s only your interest and attention that keeps these thoughts from being triggered in the mind again and again.

    Practice staying as a field of “relaxed awareness” whenever your mind triggers these thoughts. Don’t be afraid of these thoughts and just stay in a space of awareness in a relaxed manner. Observe these thoughts arise and leave, without attaching any real interest to it. As you practice this, the power of these thoughts will keep dwindling unless they finally ebb away in a period a few weeks.

  53. Dear Sen,

    I have been suffering from a very obsessive thought of my mind where I keep on worrying as to why my mind is thinking a particular thought. It all started 2 months ago where I was diagnosed of having a ovarian cyst and I was so afraid of having a severe medical condition. Then it resulted in me having very bad anxiety where I was suffering from panic attacks and insomnia for the past one month. Practically I had sleepless nights. But now I am totally convinced that I don’t have any serious disease to worry. But till today I cannot break away from the pattern of worrying and fear. I become so scared of my own mind to the extent that I feel the thought is coming every split second to my mind. Though I am totally convinced that I am healthy. But why do I feel so scared of my own mind where I keep on thinking that my mind is thinking of a negative thought (a thought that does not exist at all). I feel that I can’t focus at work and even when I communicate with others I feel as if I am thinking about the thought that does not exist. I feel scared to communicate with people cause of this. I become so conscious about what my is thinking every single second. Why is so? Please help me!

  54. This is blessing in disguise. I have been practicing this for some time now. Before reading this article I was doing it with my inner guidance but things were little doubtful. After reading what Sen has written everything became concrete. Gem of an article. Keep up the good work. Thank you very much.

  55. Tom – Your mind seems to be afraid of moving to a new reality that is beckoning you and it’s trying hard to hold on to a past reality. The mind is usually afraid of the unfamiliar, or new reality, and would rather cling to the familiar reality even if the “familiar” reality is making it miserable. You can see these fear-based thought patterns running in your mind and stay as a detached observer of it – this practice of detached awareness allows a deeper intelligence to sort out the fears present in the mind. Even if the mind gets very fearful, focus on staying as a “witness” of it instead of identifying with it fully. This “detached awareness” brings in a new space of wisdom and intelligence which is deeper than the conditioned intelligence of the mind. You will need to be a little patient with yourself and allow this intelligence to sort out the conflicts in your mind. Stay focused on being a relaxed space of awareness whenever the mind throws up the negative thought patterns. This awareness will dissolve the conflicts in the mind of its own, it’s what I call “silent intelligence”.

  56. I have always been an over thinker, for as long as I remember. I have over analyzed everything; this makes everyday incredibly hard. I flew through high school getting nearly all A stars in my levels and GCSEs. Then when the thought of leaving home set in I could not decide on a direction. It’s been impossible ever since and I have created horrible negative thought patterns. Now I am at UNI, I cant drink, socialize because I am scared I will fall in with the wrong group again and I can’t focus on anything. I had some past trauma in my life which didn’t help and I have suffered a couple of bouts of health anxiety too. It feels impossible to escape and I am too scared to do anything. I used to enjoy, I just worry constantly all day and give my thoughts strength. I don’t want to drink or do any more drugs but I obsess that that’s my way out and this has becomes a huge part of my thought process. I sit reading these blogs all day. Also I am a perfectionist and I can’t settle for anything. Please help!

  57. I agree with your process but this thing is not working in the cases where the thought needs to get solved. There are few thoughts which are worrisome because they have an impact (might be future) on our life. That’s why mind keeps worrying about them. My question is, how to solve these negative thoughts, how to actually disinterest from these negative things? I have been obsessive about few thoughts since 2 years, cause they have an impact over my life (present and future) and some times the obsessive pattern of these thoughts get to a level where I can’t distinguish which thought is negative and which one is positive; more of sometimes it gets hard to find whether the thought is true or not. I hope you understand and guide me through a way!

  58. It is a very nice topic. This process works. It has dramatically changed my life. But thought control cannot be achieved in two or three days. Fighting mind with mind is the main concept. Initially to get free I was using my mind, but instead of only mind you start respecting your body, that is the first step. This process can only be achieved if one is ready to accept that one needs change. Old habits in which you got trapped should be replaced by new thoughts. Thanks Mr. Sen, for changing my life.

  59. Wow, for as much as my mind scrambles at 200 mph, I never slowed down to analyze my “thought process”. This article really helps. The mind is literally a computer, predicting the future based on the past (that sucks lol). Just watch the thoughts go by and don’t attach! Power to the progress. Peace.

  60. Avi – Your mind is present inclined towards making negative interpretations and perceiving reality from a fear-based lens. For a while it will be helpful if you stop looking at reality through the mind and start looking it through “pure awareness”. In other words, stop interpreting reality using your mind, because your mind presently has a lot of negative momentum going for it. If you’ve never tried it before, you may find it surprising that it’s possible to be aware of something without placing any “interpretation” on it. The mind can produce thoughts and interpretations, but you have the freedom to not buy it and not look at reality through the mind’s version. Just look at reality without any interpretation from the mind, and you will realize that there is a deeper knowing in you coming from your own inner intelligence which is above the intelligence of the conditioned mind. Bypass the mind for a while, stop believing it, stop giving it interest and stop buying its interpretations, and soon the mind will start becoming more and more silent in its commentary.

  61. Dennis – If you try to control your thought it will just make you feel more anxious and helpless because you will soon realize that it’s not really possible to stop the mind from producing thoughts. The more you try to control the mind the more attention you give to it and hence it becomes even more noisy. Your attention gives it the fuel and thus raises it momentum. The reason your mind is so noisy is because of the unconscious attention that you fed it for so many years through identification with the thoughts of the mind. The momentum of the mind will slow down automatically when you let go of feeding interest and attention to it.

  62. Thank you Sen, that is very helpful but my problem is very complicated. As I see it from my point of view, 10 years back one Palmistry person told me very bad things. He told me that I am not going to build my own future and that I will depend on my family persons and if I leave my family business I will ruin my life and many of things which really loosen my confidence and whatever he said is becoming reality. That really is forcing me too think negative. For many years I was not aware of my negative thinking but after some incident happen in my life it made me feel anxiety and I am very depressed from last 10-11 months. Nowadays I think too much on negative sights and can’t think positive on my life. I really feel that my negative attitude is going to crush my future. Now these negativity making me cry every day. Whenever I read or hear negative things my brain takes it and too much of thinking reflecting on my physical appearance. So I need help for my conditions. I really want to built my own future. Please help!

  63. This was absolutely helpful and encouraging. I wonder how this point of view never crossed my mind. Thank you so much!

  64. Thank you Sen. That was very helpful. I have been suffering from mild OCD. Unwanted thoughts and doubts all the time, always thinking the worst case scenario.Which causes stress! I am always over thinking stuff and my mind is always running at full speed. Can I get away from this? Please help.

  65. Raj – The only reason you look at God as an entity which is sitting up there judging you, watching your thoughts and wanting to punish you, is because your mind is equating God to a human being who is judgmental. In truth, God or life force is not judging you in anyway, but always unconditionally in love with you, because who you are in essence is life, who you are is the same life energy that is present in everything – why would life want to punish you, when you are life itself?

    A human mind will have human thoughts happening in it, when you label it as good thoughts and bad thoughts, you are being judgmental of yourself and your mind. Stop being critical of yourself, and stop fearing that life wants to punish you for anything. The only way you can punish yourself is by thinking negatively about yourself, that’s the only way to sabotage your reality. If you don’t think negative about yourself (no matter what thoughts come into the mind), you will always feel good. When you are critical of yourself, you disconnect from life (which is unconditionally in love with you) and that’s why it feels bad in your body. Accept yourself as you are, accept your mind as it is, and let go of all self-criticism and imaginary fears.

  66. Brilliant article Sen. I am a obsessive thinker. I can’t let things go; for example if I am praying and a bad thought enters my mind I have to start again and keep on doing it until I feel good about it. I feel scared all the time and fear that God will punish me for having those thoughts. Can you help me please?

  67. You wrote it so beautifully! I have been trying to detach myself from my mind. I remember doing it once and it felt so good but I had a hard time doing it again, hence, decided to find another strategy. I am a mom of two and I suffered a late postpartum anxiety and depression after I had my second child. I would have fears about my thoughts and it was a vicious cycle and I just felt like I was a hamster in a wheel. I decided to seek help and went into talk therapy and did a lot of researching and reading of self help and workbooks. Things got better and I have decided to go off meds and I’m going into my 4th month now. I have been feeling great most of the time but there would be days that fear from a thought would just creep back and at times I feel like I am treading in deep water. These days would be really dreary for me, the fear just saps my energy out. At split second I feel like I am about to be fine but soon as I remember about the thought that I just had, the feeling of being fine turns into fear again. Maybe sometimes I just think too much. I love it when you said that you cannot fight mind with mind. I will try not to give interest or react to my thoughts. Thanks for posting this article and I will be reading more in your website.

  68. This is the best article I have ever read in my entire life. It’s simply brilliant! I thought I was the only one in this world, but not only did it calm my nerves, it gave me a solution that would last the rest of my life. Thanks to the author.

  69. Sen, nice article and right on spot about watching the thoughts. But one must realize that you are using your mind (rather a part of your ‘higher’ mind) to watch your mind, when you begin with. As an anology, it’s like using a thorn to remove another thorn. This results in ‘death’ of the mind and looses its grip over you and you are no longer bothered by it. Instead, you use the mind as an instrument when needed and drop it when not required.

  70. Sen, thank you for your feedback. I checked out calm down mind and really enjoyed your other articles. What I find so interesting about the mind is how much power and control we give it. I could be having a perfectly good day and then suddenly I have a horrible thought come to me and feel flooded with fear. I like the idea of separating myself from my mind and not allowing it to pull me in. Its amazing how our minds can make us believe in something to the point where we make it real for ourselves and therefore incredibly anxious and depressed. For so long I have believed in my mind even though everything I thought didn’t happen, but the mind is so good at making us think this or that is going to happen and this keep us in this fearful nervous state. I hope to get past my minds obstacles and letting go more and more especially now that I am going to be a mother. Thank you again!

  71. Hafeez – Start with the practice of staying as a detached witness of your mind’s movement. Watch/listen to your mind the way you would to a radio-station outside you. You may find it tough initially to stay as a detached watcher, but within a week your awareness will be stable and you will see that you have the power to just watch the mind without getting pulled into its trance. As the strength of your awareness deepens you can exercise the choice to simply stay “dis-identified” with the negative thoughts in the mind, causing them to slowly, but surely, ebb away in intensity. Your detachment/dis-identification with the mind’s negativity causes its momentum to slow down and it starts dying away in intensity.

  72. Ziad, Isabelle – There are several post on my blog ( where you might find insights/guidance towards dealing with mind’s negativity and aligning with the well-being of life’s movement.

  73. Sen, I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts. For the last two years I have been plagued by some health issues which are currently under control but doctors suggest that the condition could progress to cancer in a few years or decades down the line if left untreated. This has caused me great anxiety since I don’t even want to imagine leaving my family before my time. After reading your article I realized that my odds of dying are basically the same as that of a healthy person, but my mind has accepted what doctors are predicting is a sure shot reality and this is causing my anxiety. How do you suggest I ward of irrational thoughts which come to mind almost every minute especially at 3AM ? I have not slept for more that 4 or 5 hours in almost 2 years. If the symptoms surface my anxiety will get greatly magnified. Your article makes perfect sense in combating my problem but I would like to know the best way to start living anxiety free. Thanks again for your excellent article.

  74. Mike, Isabelle – Emotions like anxiety are just the physical experience of “resistance” created by the negative thought. An anxious thought creates a feeling of discomfort in the body, this is because the energy of that thought contradicts the energy of life (which is pure positive). The only solution to be free of these feeling of discomfort is to be free of the momentum of negative thinking. You can be free of the mind’s negative momentum, as you slowly start letting go of your belief/interest in the mind’s fear based thoughts and start trusting the positive movement of life. As long as you believe in the mind’s story, you will be pulled into its negative momentum which will result in unpleasant feelings in the body. As you start letting go of your belief in the mind’s fear based thoughts, you will notice that the momentum of these thoughts will keep ebbing away and the feelings will become less and less intense. There will come a point where you don’t experience feelings of discomfort at all because they become very low in intensity. It’s all about allowing the momentum of the mind’s negativity to ebb away (usually it can take a few months for this momentum to ebb away fully) – and this happen when you let go of feeding attention to the mind’s negative thoughts.

  75. Hi Sen, thank you for your reply. It made sense to me. I wanted to comment after Mike cause I too feel that the obsessive worry thoughts make me feel anxious and sometimes it’s so hard to not worry or obsess. It’s like I totally intellectually understand what you are saying, but my mind wants to cause suffering. I have tried replacing the negative thought with a positive thought, but that doesn’t work for long. I get scared that I am going to turn my negative thought into a reality, but you have said that isn’t possible because it’s just a thought or energy. Any more ideas on how to detach form the mind? Thank you!

  76. Hi, I had been thinking on something about myself and adding upon so much of unnecessary stress before three weeks. Then suddenly I left the place and traveled to my work place. I totally forgot about that and I was so well. Now from past 4 to 5 days I have been thinking too much all day and adding upon so much of stress. Now it has worsened and getting so much of a severe head ache that it feels like my head is gone to explode. I have realized that I have been thinking on unnecessary thoughts and wanting to come out of it badly. Please suggest.

  77. I love the article but have one question. I understand the mind generates thoughts but I have trouble dealing with the emotions that the thoughts create mainly anxiety. The thoughts come so quick and with me the anxiety comes even faster. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  78. Isabelle – The feeling of anxiety/sadness that you feel can be simply called “bad feelings”. The reason why a thought creates a bad feeling is because that thought is not aligned with the truth of life. You desire a healthy child and your desire is the presently truth of life’s movement through you.

    In other words, life is moving towards manifesting this reality of a delivering a healthy child, as soon as you set forth the desire. Now when you think a thought against this desired reality (for example, when you think about your baby having an health issue), it stands in resistance to the movement of life and hence it feels “bad” in the body. So this negative thought is actually a “lie” because life is not thinking this thought and life is not focused on this thought – that’s the very reason why this thought feels bad. Now that you know the science behind what the “bad feeling” represents, you should be able to let go freely of negative thoughts and allow yourself to dream/visualize the reality that you desire. Can you see how good it feels to think about your desired reality? This is because life is focused on the same reality.

    Negative thoughts can arise in the brain, but if you don’t believe in them, they will have no power to manifest in your reality – life is always moving in the direction of your well-being. So just relax and enjoy your moment.

  79. This is been very comforting to me as I just found out I am pregnant for the second time. I had a miscarriage a few months ago. Anyways, I have a lot of fear, will I loose this baby? Will the baby have a health problem or cleft palette or whatever else I can scare myself with. I love what you say about detaching and letting the thoughts come and go no matter how horrible they are. I guess I am just wondering how to stay on track cause I get inspired and then get back to worrying obsessively. Is mediation the answer? If so how much? Will the the thoughts ever go away? How do I loose interest in them? Any more suggestions would be very much appreciated. I want to enjoy being pregnant and not worry all the time; it’s driving me crazy and making me so sad. Thank you!

  80. Murat- The mind tends to worry about the future because it’s not “certain” of what’s going to happen. It’s not possible to know in advance what will happen in the future – you can’t know what will happen 10 minutes from now, let alone what will happen a week, month or a year from now. So it’s natural for the mind to be afraid of the future. All human minds fear the future in some way or the other, some mildly some frantically. It’s not possible for the mind to stop fearing because it’s a “survival” machine and constantly focuses on survival – hence it keeps thinking about future problems. The question is – are you completely taken in by the mind or are you free of it? It’s not about trying to change the mind, but more about becoming free of its influence.

    If you are not so interested in what the mind is thinking, can it have any power on you? It’s only because you believe every thought of the mind that you live in fear. In simple words – the mind can be fearful, but “YOU” can be fearless. You are not the mind, the mind is like computer, a machine, a tool – you have the complete choice on whether you want to believe the mind or not. Don’t ask the mind to shut up, because it won’t – what’s needed is that you stop being so influenced by it. Stop giving so much interest to what your mind thinks, and allow yourself to relax inspite of the noise of the mind. Think of the mind as a “radio station” which is blarring out noisy music, you have the choice to pay attention to it or ignore its noise while allowing yourself to relax in the knowledge of your well-being. Who you are is pure consciousness, you are the same power that has created this universe – what are you afraid of? Let the mind fear, you stay relaxed and see how well life works out for you. It’s only when you believe the mind that you “take in” its negativity and thus create a negative reality for yourself – if you stop believing the negativity of the mind, you will never create negative realities around you.

    Enjoy the mind when it’s thinking positive thoughts or when its being creative. Ignore the mind when its thinking negative thought. You have this power and choice. It may take some time and practice before you get good at exercising this choice of listening or “not listening” to the mind at will. Always remember that the mind is machine, like your computer – you have the choice to listen to it or ignore it. Ignore its negativity, and enjoy its creativity. Use your mind to think good feeling thoughts, to think creative thoughts, to enjoy music or entertainment of other forms, for memory and for other practical purposes – that’s how you use the mind positively. If you fall into the trap of listening to all the fears and negativity that it dishes out, you will live in constant anxiety and suffering. Ignore the mind’s negativity – it’s a choice you have and it’s your power to exercise it. Always know that life is a stream of well-being and abundance, and everything you desire will manifest in your reality if you don’t resist it by focusing on negative thoughts. The moment you let go of believing the fears of the mind, you will become “free” of resistance and your desired realities will start manifesting all around you – this is your freedom and birth right because you are the same energy that has created this world.

  81. I find this a blessing. I will say I was in a prison been detained by my mind because I believed it controlled me and was really all I could believe on. I think obsessively of thing which never come to happen and it really scares me because the more I think they more I get scared. I see myself in the next 20 years living my dream but it seems to be no start to where my journey has to take me. I will just try to watch my mind and not get involved. Thanks you a lot for the article.

  82. Dear Sen, I need help. Every day I try not to listen to my mind, but I find it difficult. When I have an obsessive thought stress builds up and it come to a point where I can’t take it anymore and I either call people or take it out on my parents. I always ask my parents whether we are going to do things or not and parents are always say yes, but I feel unsure in my mind all the time. Every day I have to live with these thoughts and worries with what’s going to happen in the future or what’s going to happen in the now. I always feel unsure all the time that it comes up to a point where I can’t take it anymore and I take it on my parents. I need a solution to be free of obsessive thoughts and worries. The loops manifest themselves in stressful eating or in sitting down and worrying about other things.

  83. I just wanted to thank you and everyone commenting on this page. I thought that I was the only one out there in the world that has crazy obsessive thoughts; and that I was unable to ever become “healed” for no one would understand what I was talking about. I just wanted to thank you again!

  84. Best article I have ever read, has somewhat reassured me of how manipulative the mind can be over the body. I have been suffering quite a bit from having irrational thoughts and reading this has reassured me of the ridiculous way the mind and body works. This is an amazing and highly persuasive article.

  85. Ompeace and Azhar,

    The mind has the right to come up with its preferences, desires, wants, likes and dislikes. It’s not possible for you to control what your mind desires. Freedom is in realizing that you don’t have to “identify” with the mind. You feel like a prisoner only when you “identify” with the mind and forget that your true nature is “pure consciousness” which is timeless, ageless, pure positive energy. It’s not possible to feel free of the body/mind identification until you realize that your are in essence the consciousness in whose presence the body/mind plays out.

    Rest as consciousness and allow your mind the freedom to desire what it desire, and allow the body the freedom to move the way life guides it to move. Life finds a may to manifest your desires, if you allow it to – an inspiration, an idea or motivation would suddenly come into your body which would then take action to bring forth a certain manifestation of the desires of the mind. This freedom of movement is only possible when you stop identifying with the mind, and thus allow it to play out the way it wants.

  86. Sen,

    Thank you so much for this article. My question is, how do you do this if you are obsessing over things such as weight, or aging or things that are reality based. My thoughts are definitely on physical based worries about a new wrinkle or someone accepting me and loving me if I am not in shape or as I grow older. I don’t want to worry in this way. I want to be free. I don’t want to be caught up in outside appearance and a prisoner to that. Can you offer any insight? I know most if not all of this is being created by the mind. If I can release the thoughts and just relax into the flow of life. Whew…that would be great.


  87. Dear Sen, I have read your article, indeed it is a good guide. My problem is also continuous thinking. Negative or positive or dreaming all the time but mostly they are negative. For example if i am on the road, then I think about vehicles. Then think that vehicle had a collision with me and I have a fight with the driver. Almost all my thinking is based on fights. Although I have no courage to fight.

    Another problem is that when a event occurs, then I start thinking about after the occurrence. for example, if any man requests me for some favor, I do, but after this I think why I did it and I think this with different point of view. You can say continuous thinking.

    when I go to home after my office, I just lie on the bed and think; my wife and children are around me but I just think. My wife says that I am a boring person. A year earlier, I think about death and become very depressed and then I took medicine zoloft.

    Dear Sen, in my life , people think that I am a normal person because I have good education, good job and also talk with them but sill with continuous thinking. Can you help me regarding this? – Azhar

  88. Reed – Every thought gives a limited perspective on reality. No thought can encapsulate the wholeness, or totality, of the reality or life. What’s really happening is just reality, and it cannot be encapsulated in a label, image, perception or idea. The reality is the Now, and the Now is timeless, it just is, anything which is timeless cannot be interpreted fully through thought because thought involves the mind and mind involves time. Thoughts do have a function and a usefulness, thoughts are “non-physical” forms which ultimate have the capacity to create a physical reality. As long as you are not looking for truths in thoughts you don’t stay prisoner to your mind, and have access to a realm before thought.

    When you just “see” without any interpretation – you are watching without thought, this is also called “seeing things as they are” or “true perception” (meaning you are seeing without perception). By “seeing” I don’t just mean watching through your eyes, but just pure awareness. The mind cannot do this, because the mind requires thought to interpret reality. And all interpretations are limited, there is no such thing as an absolute “true” thought – because every thought is simply an interpretation of reality based on your “conditioning” and present consciousness. Two people may be watching the same event but their perceptions would be totally colored by their conditioning, their current vibration (positive or negative) and their level of awareness – and even then it will all still just be a perception.

    When you simply “watch” without thought, there is a deeper wisdom which arises. This wisdom arises from the place of your unconditioned consciousness and this wisdom can translate into “thoughts”. So in this state you have access to thoughts that are more in alignment with reality, and can be called “truer thoughts”. But if you try to hold on to this thought, making it your truth, it won’t be long before you feel stuck again. The mind always wants to search for the truth in thoughts, that’s why it always seeking. If you try to hold on to an insight and make it your life’s truth, you will alway be limiting yourself in someway. Allow insights to come and go in the Now, an insight which is “right” for you at this moment will arise at this moment.

    Thoughts can be used to convey certain truths about reality, and thus there are some thoughts which are truer than others – but ultimately one must understand that all thoughts are still interpretations and trying to hold on to any of them is always limiting. People who try to create “idealogies” in their mind, and believe in certain thoughts, find that they feel stuck and attached to the mind and not able to move “freely” enough with the flow of life. Living without seeking truths in thoughts is called living in the “unknown”, you are deeply connected with the totality of life when you live this way. Whatever thought or insights is need in present moment, arises from this place of non-attachment, nothing needs to be “clinged” on to, live empty minded.

    All this is just a pointer to a deeper way of living, which is not attached to thoughts but rather finds rest in the space of “being”. When you just rest as pure awarenes, thoughts can come and go, insights can come and go, but you stay free and your movement is always in alignment with reality. Just allow this pointer to guide you to your beingness, over-analysing a pointer is just more mind-activity, more thoughts. These writings are not meant to convey an idealogy but are just pointers to something that’s before thought. Your true nature, pure awareness, is before thought.

  89. What exactly do you mean there is no such thing as a true thought? If you are able to control your thoughts, then there is truth to them. Are you saying that the thoughts that are not true are the ones that are generated by the mind, not by you? In other words, the thoughts that are out of your control?
    Please reply – Reed S.

  90. What is awareness? You are your mind, not separate from it. There is a part of your mind that monitors the other parts. Consciousness is the culmination of perception, memory, emotion, and association. If disengagement were so easy, as easy as saying, “I don’t care, I’m not interested, this is all fake”, well, then we’d all be nihilists. To say: get rid of an obsession by not caring about it, makes no sense (or it makes perfect sense, but is useless advice). It’s a cyclical argument. The nature of an obsession is that you can’t stop thinking about it, which means you are already interested. Just saying I hate vanilla ice cream doesn’t make it so. Sure, one part of the mind controls the other parts, but the part in control, the “monitor,” takes advice (rightfully) from the other parts. A crackhead can choose not to smoke crack, can recognize it’s bad, but you never see a crackhead just say, “no, I’m not going to give crack my interest anymore.” Our brains are complicated chemical, biological beasts. Associations are living, powerful, physical/chemical connections. Thinking “I’m not interested” is a lot less emotionally powerful/effective than an obsessive thought.

    But mostly I agree, our brains fall into certain thought patterns and stopping a maladaptive thought process is good just not easy. I’d say, just learn the difference between the good voices in your head and the bad ones (all real) and root for the good ones.

  91. I really thank you for this very interesting and helpful article. I am a young doctor and I think this article is very useful for my everyday practice.

  92. Thank you for this article. Over the past couple of days I have been plagued with the thought that if I have a bad thought my summer will be ruined which is obviously ridiculous! I have felt trapped and scared but after reading this I realise that if I take no interest in these thoughts, they don’t matter anymore and will fade away. I think this article could help a lot of people and stop a lot of suffering because of the mind. Thanks again!

  93. This article really changed my life. I was having some trouble because of this film that really disturbed me and this article helped me to completely erase it from my mind.

  94. Thank you for sharing through this article. I have struggled my entire life with “run-away” thoughts. Up until today, I identified myself with these thoughts, as if there was no difference me as a person and the thoughts I was having. I will share this with as many as will listen. Again, my thanks.

  95. Am in a heavy mental stress now with lots of thoughts in my mind which should not be controlled by me giving me a heavy head pain too.

    Just now i saw this article and learn a lot about thoughts.I hope this will give me a solution to my problem. Thanks author, Thanks a lot.

  96. Gennaro – Your insights about the mind are accurate. Yes the thoughts arise in the space of the mind and its the interest of the mind that gives fuel to certain thoughts. A lot interest goes into thoughts that have a “self nature” to them (thoughts that seem to define you or give you an identity). Of course the mind in it conditioned thinking is repetitive in its thoughts and has a “pattern” which you can identify if you stay “aware” of it. It’s all about seeing through the patterns of the mind so that they no longer influence you. Freedom from the mind is only possible when you transcend its influence.

    The first step to being free of the mind’s pull is to know who you really are beyond the story based identity that the mind gives you. If you don’t know who you are, you will always look to mind for your identity and hence you will never be free of the mind’s hold. You have to come to your own realization of the truth that you are “pure consciousness” or pure awareness. You are not a “person” that your mind makes you out to be, a person is simply a story based identity, or an idea about you. Consciousness when it becomes lost in the mind, starts deriving its sense of self from the story of the mind and this is when suffering starts.

    You can also read some of my writings, at my blog, about self-realization and freedom from the cycle of suffering. They may give you some insights to help you in your journey towards truth and freedom.

  97. I have no idea why it got so tangled and I feel so stupid since I never behaved myself as the way “sen” writes in this article, but I will engage myself into greatness and I fully understand at the end the mind it’s just a generator of thoughts and feelings based on absolutely no truth regarding the interest we have about them. But does this interest belong to mind again? Sure it does, as we choose interest based on mind recognition level, as if the mind chooses itself in a way based upon conditioning. The real battle is to take conditioning away then, by not allowing the mind to play its role, but what are we without allowing our thoughts not to take action in our life? I am always looking for a the “guilt” into everything because of the pain I find into existence itself and the thing it doesn’t rise above a limit would make me get into a different state of myself, would that be continuous nirvana?

    If you read this give me more details and more explanation, since I wish to find the best possible way to get completely out of sufferance and into joy or at least impartiality! If this maybe is the real feeling?

  98. Very insightful indeed. Dozing off into a state of disbelief over your thoughts, and swaying it away from your focus is quite difficult to do and control. What I read here today was already in my head in a way, but what this article truly gave me is confirmation. This is because this great deal of insight was already flowing through my mind, and honestly, I’m not a very confident person at times so I assumed that my perspective over interest being the source of negative thinking was just something my mind generated in order to make me feel better, so at times, I just ignored that insight and just thought that I was going crazy. But with what I read in this article today, I feel more confident over my psychological mindset, and this may be a huge step for me progressing through eliminating negative thoughts and to finally have complete control over my mind and my life.

  99. Thank you so much. I have never read any article in my life like this. It can change my life, it will help me live better, free from my thoughts. Thanks again.

  100. I think you are almost correct. I have created some techniques to control the mind but failed. The true fact is that your mind can control yourself but a drastic change might take place in your character. Thank you.

  101. Wow, great explanation! I got to say that I have never looked at it this way, so this was in all sense a revelation. The concept of disassociating with your thoughts by not showing interest. Great stuff!

  102. That was very insightful. I find it hard to go to sleep because my mind keeps thinking of certain thoughts almost repeatedly. It can get so frustrating to keep thinking of things that are baseless and that too in a repeated fashion. I am glad I came across this article. I am not sure if I understood everything that the author is trying to say, but the fact that is comforting is that thoughts are in reality don’t have any meaning and are a direct result of mind conditioning.

  103. I tried following your technique of watching the mind and it definitely seems to be helping me. I generally sit in silence and let the mind think without focusing on any particular thought. Miraculously the thoughts just come and go away. After about fifteen minutes of this exercise I feel very light and positive.

    But I am not able to keep up with this practice on a day to day basis. For instance, when I am at the office. I find it hard to let go of my thoughts when I am in public especially in the presence of people. But then again, I think this is a slow process and eventually I should be able to remain mindful even outside.

    Anycase, this was certainly a help and has helped me relax again after weeks of worrying and intense stress. Now I realize that almost all of my worries were baseless and were either based on my past or future thoughts.

  104. This is one of the best things I´ve ever read about the mind! I think if you really can grasp what this article says you can throw all your self-help books out of the window.

    Thank you


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