Do You Obsessively Worry About Your Health? Here’s How To Stop Worrying

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We live in the age of “alarms”. What that has done to most of us is that we have ended up becoming a little too concerned about certain aspects of our life – especially our health. It’s so common to find “health geeks” nowadays. And strangely the more people fear for their health the unhealthier they seem to be getting.

The “fruitarian” diets, the cabbage soup diets, the vegan revolution, the raw food regime, the Atkins diet and the other plethora of schemes and “food” philosophies out there could confuse the best of us.

The evil of “health” propaganda

Be forewarned that what you fear the most is what you will see all around you.

So if health becomes a “fear” then lack of health could be a condition that starts manifesting around you. This is not negative talk, it’s just the way our minds work. What you obsess about becomes the reality of your life in the long run.

Worrying about your health can be so stressful that it can actually make you ill, talk about irony!

There are many people who think they have acquired a grave disease if they just get a fever or sore throat. The mental stress that accompanies such “projections” can leave you feeling anxious and fearful all the time.

Ironically, more people are becoming unhealthy and ill in this age when “health” is such a buzz word. Diets, supplements and food regimes have been known to cripple people nutritionally and “psychologically” leaving them stressed out mentally and physically.

The health propaganda that most “medical” institutions and health-care communities run usually sends the wrong message to the people. Of course, these institutions benefit from instigating fear in the minds of people regarding their health.

How to quit obsessing about your health

Yes it’s important to be prudent about your health and not subject it to any harmful indulgences like over-eating, over-drinking or over-abusing.

Anything that is done in excess will harm your body, even the most healthiest of foods can become a poison if you get obsessed with it.

But you need to stop obsessing over your health. If you are not happy, what’s the use of your “health”? So keep it simple and live simply as much as possible. Here are few tips on how to overcome the obsession with health.

1.) Moderation is the secret to health

Anything done in moderation cannot harm you. Our bodies are so intelligent and flexible that they easily make allowances for “unhealthy” foods when they are taken in moderation. So pizzas, fries, diary products, sugary items and spicy foods are all okay as long as you eat them in moderate quantities.

Don’t quit on foods you love, it will only stress you out and make you feel that “life is unfair”. Enjoy the food you like occasionally, in moderate quantities.

The problem with most people is that they always think “extreme”. They either over-eat or they starve themselves.

2.) Perform simple exercises

Instead of being overly concerned about the exercise routines, just follow something simple on daily basis.

For instance, if you just jog, or do skipping, for 20 minutes in your backyard or even inside your house it’s enough to improve the blood circulation, toxin removal and oxygen supply in your body.

Of course you can join a gym and do workouts, or take up yoga classes, or indulge in other forms of exercises like Tai Chi, but it’s not a necessity for good health. Our bodies are quite robust and adapt pretty well to our lifestyle. A little physical activity is a must though, that’s what simple exercises do for you.

3.) Eat something raw and fresh everyday

It’s true that raw food is healthier than most cooked foods but you don’t have to obsess about eating raw.

If you have some vegetable salad or eat a couple of fruits first thing in the morning, you can fulfill most of your nutritional requirements. A breakfast of fresh fruits is a great way to begin your day.

Don’t obsess about what you should or shouldn’t eat, just make sure you eat something raw and fresh everyday and then eat cooked foods in moderation. Obsessing about raw food can make you feel depraved and stressed out.

4.) Forget about the “perfect” diet

Eat the food that you have been traditionally eating while making some changes here and there.

For example, if you are mostly a meat eater be sure to have a plate of raw vegetable salad along with it.

Instead of eating “processed” foods for breakfast, try a fruit salad and fresh juice. These small changes are all that needs to be done in order to have a “decent” diet which is more the sufficient to maintain normal health.

5.) Reduce Intake of Overly Processed Foods

Processed foods, overly fried items, sweets & cooked fats are to be eaten in moderation. So just reduce their intake while including some healthy foods like raw veggies and fruits. You don’t have to read every health magazine around to make a few intuitive changes.

6.) Meditate

A healthy mind leads to a healthy body. If your mind is constantly stressed out over your health or other issues, it is going to reflect on your body.

Use a technique like breath meditation (focusing on your breathing) to calm your mind down. Meditation can help you become aware of your negative thoughts so you can consciously discard them instead of obsessing over them.

Meditation also helps relax the body. When your mind and body are relaxed, your para-sympathetic nervous system is activated which has a healing effect on your body.

7.) Practice Relaxation

Whenever you feel that you are obsessive too much over your health, practice relaxation. Here are a few techniques that you can use to relax:

  • Deep breathing.
  • Simple Yoga techniques like yoga nidra, Balasana (child pose), Crocodile pose (makarasana), Legs up the wall pose (Viparita Karani) can have a healing effect.
  • Progressive relaxation exercises – focus on different parts of your body and consciously relax them.
  • Meditation – as discussed earlier.

In conclusion

Health is not something you can ever maintain in its pristine state. We will age and our bodies will become less “healthy”. All we can do is stop becoming unhealthy prematurely. Simple exercises, a few diet changes or additions and a relaxed mind is all it takes to retain normal health. Stop worrying about your health and let your body take care of it, just be responsible enough not to over indulge and that’s enough.

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