6 Essential Oils That Can Heal Psoriasis Related Skin Conditions

Written by: Denice Arthurton

Using essential oils to treat psoriasis is a natural alternative to conventional, over the counter medicines and may be just as effective, if not more so, for many sufferers.

Psoriasis is a condition which manifests itself as a skin disorder resulting in excessive cell growth. The areas affected will become flaky and cause itchiness and irritation. The appearance of the affected areas will often appear inflamed and if these are in exposed parts of the body can cause embarrassment to the sufferer.

It is thought that stress, genetics and excessive acidic PH in the body all contribute to psoriasis but its exact causes are not known.

The condition is chronic and may appear to subside and then flare up again repeatedly. Some patients exhibit symptoms in small areas of the body such as knees or elbows whilst others may find up to 90% of their body affected by the condition. 

One common area of the body for psoriasis to manifest itself is on the scalp and will cause excessive flaking skin and severe discomfort through itching.

Using Essential oils for Treating Psoriasis

Essential oils are readily available and vary considerably in price depending on the processes required to extract a particular oil. For many essential oils it is recommended that they are not applied directly to the skin in their neat form but mixed with a carrier oil to dilute them.

Alternatively essential oils can be mixed with standard toiletries such as skin lotions and shampoos for their application to the affected area. Essential oils can also be added to bath water.

Which Essential Oils to Use for Psoriasis?

As it is thought that psoriasis can be triggered by stress, essential oils can form a double function – that of calming and soothing the affected area directly and also for their mood enhancing or relaxing properties that they have.

There are many different kinds of essential oils for posoriasis and many of them may have a positive affect on treating the symptoms of psoriasis. Listed below are just a few which have been endorsed by psoriasis support groups and advisers.

1.) Lavender

Essential oil practitioners are a little divided on the use of lavender oil to treat psoriasis.

Lavender promotes cell regeneration and as psoriasis is already a result of excessive cell growth it is thought by some to be non-beneficial. The counter argument is that the cell regenerative properties are negated by the other benefits lavender provides.

Lavender is well known as a great mood soother and also has anti-bacterial properties.

2.) Tea Tree

This can be used for antiseptic and anti-fungal purposes and so can relieve many of the inflammation and soreness associated with psoriasis.

3.) Rose

This essential oil has properties which counteract the loss of skin elasticity that psoriasis can cause.

4.) Chamomile

This is another essential oil that can be used to help relieve the symptoms and discomfort of psoriasis and reduce the appearance of puffy and reddened skin.

5.) Sandalwood

Research has indicated that sandalwood accelerates wound healing and regeneration of diseased cells. In addition to that, traditionally sandalwood has been associated with relaxation and a sleep inducer.

Both these factors combined, sandalwood can be excellent for both reduction of stress and healing of your skin.

6.) Bergamot

This essential oil is known as the ‘sunshine oil’ as it is such a mood lifter. Bergamot has been known for its ability to relax the mind and body by helping one dissipate anxious feelings. It also helps in cleansing and purifying the skin which enhances healing.

Do not use this essential oil if you will be exposing your skin to the sun.

There are endless possibilities for using essential oils and blended essential oils in the treatment of psoriasis. Benefits do seem to vary from person to person dependent on the cause of the psoriasis and the skin type of the individual in question. Be prepared to experiment a little to see what works best. If you are in any doubt as to how to use essential oils there are many practitioners who can advise and treat you.

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