Does Past Life Exist? And If So, Who Were You In Your My Past Life?

Written by: Denice Arthurton

How to know your past life? Many cultures and religions throughout history have believed that life, end and rebirth are an endless cycle. The concept of reincarnation has now spread far beyond those with set religious beliefs and it is no longer confined to certain parts of the world. Globally, individuals are becoming curious to know about their past lives and using the information to help them. So if you asked who was I in my past life, here’s the answer.

Evidence that Past Life Exists

The most convincing evidence that humans are reborn again and again to earth is most often found in very young children. Skeptics claim that subliminal thoughts, fakery and suggestibility are the explanation for anyone’s past life recollections but this argument cannot be used where children are concerned.

There have been many recorded cases of children knowing facts that it is impossible for them to have learned from their current life experiences so far. This includes discussing highly technical data and using vocabulary outside of normal usage, uncovering previously unknown historical facts (later verified) and being able to describe places they have never been to.

One of the most recent and well-known cases is that of James Leininger who began having terrifying dreams aged two of being in a burning plane. James began reeling off technical facts about planes which became more and more detailed over the next few years. The names, places and mechanical facts that James uncovered led to indisputable evidence that James was recalling in fine detail the life and death of James Huston, a World War II pilot, shot down and killed in 1945.

James’s parents were devout Christians so accepting the fact that their son was reincarnated was a difficult one. They went through much denial before finally having to accept the fact in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Many people believe that deja vu is a window onto past life experiences and having the feeling that we have either been somewhere before or met some-one before, when we know for a fact it is impossible, is a feeling familiar to many people.

Using Past Life Regression for Healing

Understanding who you were in your past life and difficulties encountered there has helped many people explain and overcome obstacles in their present life. The belief is that it is impossible to learn all the lessons needed in one lifetime and there are often many unresolved issues in past lives which will be carried forward to the next.

Some-one who has encountered violent or destructive relationships in past lives may unknowingly be carrying the fears from that into their present life which leaves them unable to have a fulfilling and happy relationship now.

Many phobias and unfounded fears are thought to be the residue of negative past life experiences and understanding their root is often pivotal in helping an individual move on or recover.

Sometimes we are aware that things are blocking us from being where we want to be in life. As often as not we are unable to pinpoint exactly what those things are. Past life regression and recollection can be very useful for gaining insight and clarity at these times, allowing us to live the lives we feel would make us the most fulfilled and content.

How to Know Who I Was in My Past Life?

There are several ways to know who you were in your past life by accessing you memories, one of which is hypnosis. A trained hypnotist will place the subject in a deeply relaxed state, sometimes called a trance, and then through guidance and questioning allow deeply buried and otherwise inaccessible memories to surface.

Hypnosis doesn’t work effectively on all people so whether or not hypnosis will work for past life regression will be highly dependent on the individual.

CDs are available for guided self-hypnosis but seem to be far less effective than treatment through a trained and reputable hypnotist.

There is quite startling evidence worldwide for cases of past life existence. Many books have been written on the subject, including the case of James Leininger as mentioned above. It is very difficult to remain a non-believer when some of these accounts are read as there is no logical or scientific explanation that can satisfactorily answer what has occurred.

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