A Simple Writing Exercise That Will Relieve All Your Mental Stress

Written by: Tim Bura

Humans are inherently creative in nature. We love creating forms using the faculties of our mind and consciousness.

In the process of creation there is outward flow of energy from our inner essence and this flow feels soothing and invigorating. This, of course, is only true when you create for the love of it rather than out of pressure or strain.

Writing is one such form of creation and when done for the love of it, it can be highly relaxing, rejuvenating and it can help relieve stress greatly. Let’s find out how writing can help relieve stress.

Writing Exercise to relieve stress

You can try this practical exercise to access the power of writing in inducing relaxation and relieving stress.

Whenever you feel stressed, sit in a calm place by yourself with a pen and notepad, or you can use a computer/laptop with a word application.

Don’t think about anything in particular and don’t set an agenda about what you want to write. Just sit with the notepad, with the intention of writing anything that comes up spontaneously.

The secret here is to avoid thinking, but just relaxing and allowing the words to take form directly from the consciousness that you are. If you strain to come up with words, it’s because you are using your mind out of impatience.

Just relax and wait for a while, the words will come forth as the tension in your mind reduces. The words will not come forth spontaneously until your mind is relaxed and calm. When the words start flowing from your consciousness, rather than from your mind, there is a smooth outpouring and it feels very relaxing.

Write from a place of inner stillness

Many people who find writing cumbersome do so because they are straining to come up with the words out of impatience and haste. Writing is a form of creation and it should always come forth from a place of silence and stillness.

The still mind, or pure consciousness, is the ideal platform from where creative writing ensues.

There is nothing more rejuvenating than to feel words pouring forth from within you, effortlessly, in a graceful movement. Writing this way helps channel our creative energy which in turn leaves us feeling joyful and stress free.

Writing can be a form of meditation

You would have heard of the practice of “Walking” meditation where people walk in silent awareness, being fully conscious of their body movement and the scenery around them, while keep their thoughts in control, or in other words keeping their noisy mind still. This can be highly relaxing. One can also use writing as a meditation in a similar manner.

When you use writing as a form of meditation you must not use your noisy mind to come up with the content. The entire purpose is to calm the mind into stillness and allow your deeper consciousness to reveal itself and come to the surface.

The secret is to sit in a place of unknown for a while, and be comfortable with it, until the mind activity subsides enough to allow the creative impulse to come directly from your consciousness itself – this is also called “writing in the zone”. You will be amazed at how the words pour forth, and also the feel the relaxation of channeling creative energy.

This is how writing can help relieve stress. If you are writing under pressure, or out of the need to achieve some end result, you will miss the creative aspect of it and make it into a chore – this type of writing can induce stress instead of relieving it.

Creative writing always comes from the still mind, and is always relaxing in nature.

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