6 Simple Yet Effective Yoga Techniques and Their Benefits

Written by: Tim Bura

In this series we will discuss 6 different yoga technqiues and their advantages. These asanas are the main stay of any Yoga practice.

1. Padmasana Yoga Technique

Padma means lotus, this posture is also known as the lotus position. As shown in the images below the right way to perform padmasana would be as below place the right foot on the left thigh and the left foot on the right thigh. The tips of the index finger should touch the thumb, this mudra defines the merging of the soul and the universe. The spinal column and head should be kept very straight without effort.

Advantages of Padmasana Yoga

  1. Beneficial for people with stiff limbs
  2. Prevents the onset of Rheumatism
  3. Has a soothing influence on the nerves
  4. This meditative pose keep the whole body in equilibrium
  5. Aids mental stability and relieves stress and nervousness

2. Siddhasana Yoga

Siddha means adept. This pose is also known as the posture of adept. In olden days most Gurus used to meditate while sitting in this posture. Care should be taken not to hurt the gonads. Place the right foot just about the genitals up to the pubic bone. The hands are again held in the position of knowledge with the index finger touching the thumb.

Advantages of Siddhasana Yoga

  1. Mental stability
  2. Increased blood flow towards the pelvic region
  3. Highly beneficial for the joints and knees

3. Sukhasana Yoga

This is a more relaxed pose for anyone who has a problem perfoming Padmasana. It is important however to maintain a straight spine. The body should be maintained in an equilibrium position. The hands can be rested on the knees.

The advantages of this yoga technique are the same as with the above mentioned meditative poses

4. Yoga Mudra Technique

Any mudra would entail the use of Asana, breath regulation and contraction exercises at the same time maintaining concentration over the senses. You can look at the pose as being padmasana only now you have bent your head forward.

1.    The head is bent enough to touch the floor.
2.    Before moving the head forward one should take a breath and exhale. Then the head is bent forward without exhaling.
3.    The breath is held for sometime in this position ensuring there is no strain. Then slowly breathing in you should sit upright again.
4.    Ensure that there are no jerking movement while performing this Yoga Asana.

Advantages of Yoga Mudra Technique

  1. Helps relieve constipation
  2. Strengthens the nerves
  3. Gives strength to the abdominal muscles while contracting the digestive organs and thus massaging them
  4. In men this Asana helps prevent the onset of sperm deficiency

5. Baddha Konasana

Again this is a Yoga Mudra but with the feel joined rather than keeping them open as in the last pose. This posture should be performed with utmost caution without hurting or straining yourself in anyway. The following steps should be followed while performing this Asana

1.    Bring the soles of your feet together
2.    Slip your forearms under the legs and touch feet between your hands
3.    Lean forward so that the forehead touches the feet
4.    Exhale before leaning forward and maintain this position without feeling any strain
5.    Inhale deeply and sit upright
6.    Should be repeats two to three times

Advantages of Yoga Baddha Konasana

  1. Highly beneficial for the proper function of the menstrual cycles in women
  2. Stimulates the kidneys and the lower back as a whole
  3. Beneficial for towards the health of the bladder
  4. Abdomen muscles are strengthened

6. Supta Vajrasana Yoga

While maintaining the upright yoga mudra pose you should lie on your back. Ensure that there is no strain in your joint or back. While you lean backwards ensure that you support yourself with your elbows. While resting you should place your hands below your nape. Stay in this position as long as it feels comfortable. While sitting up, support yourself with your hands.

Advantages of Supta Vajrasana Yoga

  1. Excellent for the stimulation of the gonads and relief from constipation
  2. Very beneficial for the ankles, knees and joints
  3. Strengthens the thigh region
  4. Stimulates the solar plexus

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