Changing Your Negative Beliefs Into Positive Beliefs

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If you understand the “law of attraction” you will know that the thoughts you think create a field of vibration which attract a physical reality congruent with the content of the vibration.

A belief is simply a thought that you believe to be “true”, or rather a thought that you keep thinking in the assumption that it’s the truth. Your present reality is basically a cumulative of all your beliefs and will it reflect the content of your “belief system” back to you.

If you change your belief system, you will automatically change your physical reality.

Our physical minds get conditioned by the environment that we are born into, influenced by our parents, friends, media, culture and society by and large. As we grow up, our minds literally become a database of belief systems that we have taken on under the assumption that they are the “truth”.

These belief systems attract an external reality congruent with their essence. If we are not aware that our belief systems are actually creating our reality, it just means that we are creating our reality by “default” or unconsciously – your reality may be benevolent or harsh depending on the belief system you are harboring.

True power comes when we are ready to start creating our reality through “deliberation” rather than by default. To create your own reality it’s imperative that you have the capacity to change your belief systems at will.

So the big question is how does one change his/her belief system which has been ingrained as a part of one’s conditioning?

Here are a few powerful pointers using which you can accomplish this.

Understand That There is No Such Thing as a True Thought

The reality that we live in is one of “attraction” and not one of assertion.

We have the freedom to create any reality that we want simply by attracting it through our vibration (resulting from our state of being).

The good thing about an attraction based reality is that there is no such thing as the “concrete” truth. So all thoughts are only relatively true and there is no absolute truth to them.

For example, if one of your belief is that “I can never own a luxury car” then this become true in your reality, but there is no absolute truth to this belief because in this attraction based reality you can “manifest” anything in your life situation.

Once you understand that your beliefs are just some thoughts you have assumed to be true, you have the power to change them. You can start harboring a belief that “I can own a luxury car” and slowly your life situation will start bringing in evidence to support this belief, and as your belief grows stronger, the reality will manifest and you will find yourself owning a luxury car.

A Belief Loses its Power When You Don’t Feed it With Your Attention

No thought is capable of surviving in your space without your consistent “attention” to it.

A thought becomes strong when you feed it with your focus, attention or interest. If you want to let go of a belief system you need to “starve” it by not getting pulled into paying attention to thoughts that are part of that belief system.

Don’t try to push away the thoughts that you are looking to let go of, because anything you “resist” will persist.

To not give attention to a thought simply requires you to not “focus” on it when it makes its presence felt in your mind.

Keep your focus open and allow the thought to move through the space of your being without any resistance. It will pass away like clouds pass through the open sky.

With time this thought will lose its power and pull, and it will be easier for you to let it pass, eventually it will diminish or disappear from your space.

Don’t Fight Your Belief System, Just Let Go of Them

If you try to change your belief system forcefully, using affirmations or forced thinking, you will only serve to strengthen it further.

In order to change your belief system, you must first let go of the old belief system that has been part of your conditioning. The operative word is “let go” and not try to “change” the old belief system through force.

Once the old belief system loses its hold on you, it’s easier to incorporate a new belief system in its place (in fact it happens automatically).

Just allow yourself to stay as a space of “awareness” when the old belief system makes its presence felt in your mind. Don’t judge it, don’t analyze it and most importantly don’t resist it. Just let it be, don’t focus on it.

Stay as the space of open awareness which is not “closing in” on any thought.

When you do this, the old belief system will slowly lose its hold over your “awareness” and hence will no longer play a part in creating your reality, and this will allow for a change to enter into your life situation.

In Conclusion

In order to change a belief system one has to “consciously” stop paying attention to it. A thought has no power over you if it does not “pull” in your attention.

A belief is simply a thought which has been powered constantly by your attention. The only reason you pay attention to a thought is because you assume that it’s true, but in this attraction based reality there is no such thing as a true thought – you have the choice to “think” anything you want. You can cultivate any thought you want and it will become true in your reality.

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