6 Crystals to Balance Male and Female Energy

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Did you know that everyone– including you– contains both masculine and feminine energies, regardless of gender identity? It’s true that most people tend to identify with either male or female, but we all contain aspects of yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) within our beings! In Hinduism, these energies are known as Shiv and Shakti. Shiv being the divine masculine energy and Shakti the divine feminine.

To put it simply, the masculine is the ‘doing’ part (taking action), whereas the feminine is the being part (intuition, feelings and creativity etc.). And it is the culmination of these two that make life possible. In fact, we need a balanced yin-yang duo within us to lead a balanced, healthy life! The more these energies are in balance, the more beautiful your life will become.

The fact remains our masculine and feminine energies can easily be thrown out of balance, especially in a culture which prioritizes the masculine and diminishes the feminine. But thankfully there are many ways to bring these energies into balance. In this article, let’s see how you can use crystals to achieve this.

Below, we’ll get into: the benefits of balancing male and female energies, as well as some crystals you can use to bring them back into harmony.

Benefits of balancing your masculine & feminine energies

Although there are many benefits to balancing your energies, here are a few important ones.

1. You gain control over your emotions

If you have a strong yin– i.e. feminine– energy, you will find yourself being overly empathetic and soaking up everything around you. Even if it’s as simple as the grocery store cashier wearing a long face during your two minute interaction, if your feminine side is overactive, you might find yourself feeling drained for hours afterward.

Bringing your masculine side back into balance will help to prevent you from taking on everyone else’s feelings. Don’t worry– as long as you keep your feminine in balance, you’ll still be a deeply caring and empathetic person!

2. Your relationships begin to improve

In the above scenario, those with overactive yin (feminine) have overactive empathy; on the other hand, those with overactive yang (masculine) have underactive empathy. If you have overactive masculine energy, you won’t be drained by others’ feelings, yet at the same time, you might struggle to empathize with others. This leads to your partners, family, and friends feeling unseen or uncared for in your presence.

Bringing the masculine back into balance can help us to hold space for our loved ones’ feelings without letting those feelings ruin our day.

3. You achieve inner peace & clarity

If the masculine is a little dominant, you may feel yourself wanting to “go, go, go,” all of the time, with no desire for peace or stillness. Some of us are very active people, and this is fine. However, overactive yang can make us sabotage peaceful events– such as healthy relationships without unnecessary fights, enjoyable jobs without tons of drama, or even housing situations which don’t involve noisy neighbors or broken plumbing– because these situations feel a little too calm for us.

Finding balance for the overactive masculine is all about learning to find gratitude for peace. Remember that inner balance also brings in outer balance.

4. You get in touch with your divine inner guidance (or intuition)

When your inner energies are in balance, you begin to look at the world from a balanced perspective. Instead of choosing one over the other, you begin to go deeper into the situation and understand things that others can never fathom. This way you develop the ability to come up with better ideas and solutions. You know intuitively what you want and hence can make better choices in life instead of simply following the herd. You will know when to pause and when to take action. And that is very powerful.

5. You begin to attract the right people and situations into your life

As you become more balanced, you begin to understand yourself and as a result your relationship with yourself improves and so does your relationship with others. You also begin to attract the right people into your life and start removing people who are not a vibrational match for you. Manifesting also becomes easier as you become more aligned with your true nature.

Six crystals to balance your male & female energy

The following are six crystals you can use to bring your energies into harmony.

For Overall Balance:

1. Green calcite

Green calcite

Green calcite works as an all-purpose heart chakra cleanser. Those with excess male energy may carry a blocked heart chakra (think: lack of empathy), whereas those with excess feminine may walk around with an overactive heart chakra (think: no emotional boundaries). Green calcite can help you heal both of these, thus bringing about greater balance.

2. Blue kyanite

Blue kyanite

Blue kyanite is known as a super-aligner. Working with blue kyanite is said to quickly align all of your chakras, as well as providing balance to yin and yang energies. Thus, for an all-around male-female balancer, go for blue kyanite.

To Activate the Masculine:

These crystals work well for those who have overactive feminine and underactive masculine energy (think: lack of direction, over-empathetic, over-giving).

3. Tiger’s eye

Tiger’s eye crystal

Think of a tiger, fierce and courageous. These tiger-esque vibrations are exactly what the tiger’s eye crystal brings about. With its golden-brown striations, tiger’s eye can help you to develop your masculine qualities of confidence and willpower.

4. Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline

Protection is another positive masculine quality, and black tourmaline is known as the protection stone. This crystal, whether held during meditation or placed in the corners of your home, can help you to feel protected from negativity. If you tend to absorb everyone else’s emotions, try wearing black tourmaline as jewelry!

To Activate the Feminine:

On the other hand, the following crystals work well for those who have overactive masculine and underactive feminine energy (think: under-empathetic, rushed, forceful).

5. Moonstone


Moonstone is connected with the feminine energies of the moon (of course), and as such, it helps you to connect with flow and intuition. Work with moonstone if you find yourself trying to go, go, go all the time, with no time for rest– it’ll aid in your intuitive ability to discern when you need to pause.

6. Rose quartz

Single rose quartz crystal

Do you struggle to understand your loved ones’ feelings? If your partner grows frustrated with your inability to validate how they feel, rose quartz can help! This “love stone” opens and heals your heart chakra, allowing you to sit with emotions rather than running from them.

Points to bear in mind

1. You can use both masculine & feminine crystal at the same time

You can hold both a masculine and a feminine crystal at the same time, for a balancing ritual

For total masculine-feminine balance, you don’t necessarily have to use green calcite or blue kyanite– you can actually use a combination of masculine and feminine stones. For example, if you own both a tiger’s eye and a moonstone, try holding one in each hand during meditation!

2. Don’t’ forget to cleanse your crystals regularly

Remember to cleanse your crystals regularly– including when you first bring them home

Crystals soak up negative energies. That’s their job! Therefore, you need to cleanse them once a week if used regularly, otherwise, they won’t work properly. In addition, always cleanse new crystals the first time you bring them home.

Try smudging your crystals with sage, frankincense, or palo santo. Alternatively, you could place them on top of clear quartz or selenite crystals overnight, or place them under the full moon overnight.

In conclusion

Bottom line is, if you find yourself either overly rushed or overly empathetic, just to name a few examples, your masculine-feminine polarity may be out of balance. In order to have a healthy life without burnout or directionlessness, and to have balanced relationships without emotional stoicness or over-giving, we need balance! Use the crystals above to balance whatever ails you, remember to cleanse them regularly, and you’ll be well on your way to feeling more whole and full every day.

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