The Darkest Nights Produce The Brightest Stars

Darkest nights produce the brightest stars

The stars are always there, just that they are not visible to us in the bright sunlight. In-fact, we would never know of their existence if it wasn’t for the night.

And the darker the night, the more it brings forth the brightness of the stars.

In a very similar manner, it is only during the hard times that we can become aware of our many blessings. It presents to us an opportunity to take off the mask and see things from a different perspective. And if we look in the right direction, it will reveal to us the many hidden aspects of life.

We see the grace when we change our perspective

We view the night as negative when our focus is on the darkness, but when we shift our focus and look up at the sky, we get to see its true beauty. Millions of stars ornamenting the beautiful dark sky, twinkling for us.

So even during the night, we get to see the stars only when we look for them and not otherwise.

Everything in life has intrinsic value. There is grace hidden in every situation. But we can see the grace only when we look for it. All that is needed is a change of perspective, a change of focus.

The mind is quick to label a situation as good or bad because it works based on past conditioning. But if we are constantly focused on the negative aspects of a situation, we miss to see the hidden gems. But when we shift our focus from the negative, and see beyond the situation we start to realize the true value in it. This is when growth happens.

By changing our focus, we can use the hard times as stepping stones to raise our consciousness to higher levels and the grace of life is revealed to us.

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