24 Empath Protection Symbols You Can Use in Your Life

Empath protection symbols

Being an empath can be a gift and a curse. The ability to feel and become influenced by the energies around you can be incredibly draining which is why it is super essential to protect yourself. There are various shielding techniques you can use to achieve this which we have discussed in previous articles. In this article let’s look at 24 powerful symbols that you can use in your life to protect yourself.

Why symbols? Symbols carry energy and they speak directly to your subconscious mind. Simply looking at a symbol can help you realign yourself and bring yourself into balance. This is why symbols are so valuable.

24 Empath protection symbols

Here’s our list of 24 powerful protective symbols for empaths and highly sensitive people.

1. Trishul (or Trishul Yantra)

Trishul yantra

The Trishul is a revered symbol in Hinduism that depicts the trident wielded by the God Shiva. It represents the three states; waking, dreaming, and sleeping, and translates to the destroyer of suffering. By worshipping the Trishul, you can achieve physical, emotional, and ethereal balance which will help you to handle aspects of your life with more clarity and spiritual empowerment.

2. Lotus with Unalome

Lotus unalome
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The lotus flower is a universal symbol of rebirth and self-regeneration because it emerges from murky waters with beautiful, clean flowers. When combined with the Unalome, it represents the ability to overcome life’s obstacles. It is a symbol that is commonly worn as a tattoo, especially by empaths, as a reminder of your personal strength.

3. TriShakti

Trishakti symbol
The Trishakti combines three sacred symbols; Om, Swastik, and Trishul. It is considered to be a highly effective lucky charm that can purify the whole atmosphere. It can be displayed in your office, or home, or worn as a pendant to cleanse your aura and keep negativity at bay.

4. Celtic Shield Knot

Celtic Shield Knot
In many cultures, the Celtic shield knot is highly regarded as a protection symbol. It was often worn by soldiers on the battlefield to protect them from harm. The Celtic shield knot is believed to ward off evil spirits and all forms of negativity, making it a very effective tool for empaths!

5. Hopi healing hand

Hopi Hand
The Hopi healing hand depicts a hand with a spiral in its palm. The spiral represents the universe and when combined with the hand, it is a strong symbol of healing that is believed to have therapeutic powers. If you are feeling drained, this popular talisman can help you to heal emotional wounds and attract happiness into your life.

6. Triquetra

Triquetra triangle
The triquetra has numerous meanings depending on your religion. In Christianity, it represents the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In Wicca, it symbolizes the three aspects of the Goddess; Crone, Mother, and Maiden. It symbolizes rebirth and reminds us of the interconnectedness of all things. For empaths, this is particularly significant, as it can signify the power in your ability to connect with others.

7. Triskelion

Triskelion symbol
Many historians believe that the triskelion is the oldest symbol of spirituality. It is thought to represent death and rebirth. However, because of the mysterious origins of this symbol, the three spirals are open to interpretation. So, you can give the triskelion the meaning that is most important to you. As an empath, you can wear this symbol to symbolize the interconnectedness between your mind, body, and spirit or as a protective symbol to represent creation, preservation of self, and the destruction of unwanted energies.

8. OM Symbol

OM symbol
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In Hinduism, the Om symbol represents the singular sound that encompasses the whole universe. It also symbolizes the union of the mind, body, and spirit. By repeating Om as a mantra, you can elevate your consciousness, deepen your concentration, and balance your emotions – very helpful if you are a powerful empath!

9. Solar Cross

Solar cross

The solar cross dates back to the Bronze age. It has come to represent power due to its connection to the sun. It can also symbolize personal power or the power of the earth. This symbol is often displayed in businesses and homes to represent a safe house for travelers, so it is also regarded as an effective protective symbol in all aspects of life.

10. BindRune

Bind protection rune

A Bindrune is a combination of several runes or runic letters. In Nordic cultures, bindrunes were commonly used as protective amulets and to cast spells. Bindrunes can be incredibly potent symbols for empaths because they can be tailored to represent your personal goals.

To make your own bindrune, think about what you would like to achieve. Then carefully choose the runes that best represent your goals. Take some time drawing out different versions of your symbol. Then, when you are happy, carve your symbol onto wood or stone, whilst focusing on your intent. Your bindrune is now ready to wear!

11. Hamsa

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The Hamsa symbol is widely used across the Middle East to represent good luck. It is thought to have originated in Ancient Egypt to ward off evil and attract prosperity. Use this symbol as a talisman to promote healing, attract happiness, and repel negativity.

12. Algiz Rune

Algiz rune
The Algiz rune represents protection and spiritual connection. The word Algiz translates to ‘elk’ which is thought to represent the white elk; a Nordic symbol of divine protection. It reminds us to be courageous in the face of fear and that we are always surrounded by divine protection. As an empath, it can give you the strength to embrace your gift and live life to the fullest.

13. Helm of Awe

Helm of Awe
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The Helm of Awe is one of the most mysterious symbols in Norse mythology. It is thought to be a strong symbol of protection and personal power that can give you the strength to beat your enemies. As an empath, you can wear this symbol to protect yourself against those who wish you harm or to keep negative energies at bay.

14. Cimaruta


The Cimaruta is a Roman amulet commonly worn around the neck or hung on a baby’s crib to ward off the evil eye. Also known as the witch’s charm, this symbol is traditionally made from the sprig of a cleansing herb known as rue. Wear this amulet for spiritual and emotional protection if you are an empath.

15. Vegvísir

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The Vegvisir, or runic compass, is an Icelandic symbol composed of eight Viking rune staves. It is a protective symbol that was used to guide voyages during the Viking era. Wear this symbol when you are feeling lost or overwhelmed, to get you back on track.

16. Mystic Knot

Infinite Knot
The mystic knot is one of the eight lucky signs in Buddhism, representing luck, love, and infinity. It is also a popular charm in Feng Shui. Hang a mystic knot in your home or carry it with you for protection and to attract a harmonious flow of positive energy.

17. Nazar beads

Nazar beads
Nazar beads, also known as evil-eye beads, are perfect for empaths as they are believed to ward off negativity. Nazar beads can be fashioned into various types of jewelry to provide you with spiritual protection.

18. Rudraksha bead

Rudraksha bead
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Rudraksha beads are made from the dried stones of a stone fruit and are used as prayer beads in Hinduism and Buddhism. If you travel frequently and are concerned about absorbing the negativity of others, wear these beads to provide you with support, emotional stability, and protection.

19. Nyame Dua

Nyame Dua symbol
The Nyame Dua is an Adrinka symbol that symbolizes God’s protection and presence. It reminds us that we are always being watched over and protected, no matter what life throws at us. For empaths, this can be a powerful symbol of positivity in a world full of negative influences.

20. Jeweled parasol

Jeweled parasol
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The jeweled parasol is a popular protective symbol in Buddhism. The parasol is believed to protect you from illness and harmful influences, just as an umbrella would shelter you from the rain. Empaths can use this symbol to create a protective shield around themselves to repel the negativity of others.

21. Menat

The Menat is a necklace made of multiple beads with an amulet that represents divine protection. It is closely associated with the Egyptian Sky Goddess, Hathor. These necklaces were traditionally worn by the dead to ensure a safe passage to the afterlife. They were also commonly worn by Egyptian men and women to promote vitality, health, and spiritual protection.

22. Komainu

Komainu protection symbol
The komainu are a pair of lion-like statues that protect the Japanese Shinto shrines against evil spirits. People often get tattoos of these mythical creatures as symbols of protection, guardianship, and prosperity.

23. Maha Sudarshan Yantra

Maha Sudarshan Chakra
The Maha Sudarshan Yantra refers to the discus, or spinning wheel, of Lord Vishnu. According to Vedic scriptures, it was forged from the pure flame of the sun and can repel all forms of negativity, misfortune, and illness. Display this symbol in a prominent area of your home to shield yourself and your living space from negative influences.

24. SriYantra

Sri Yantra spiritual triangle symbol
SriYantra is a Hinduism symbol that depicts all the chakras of the human body. It represents the spiritual path to enlightenment and the embodiment of the divine mother principle, who is the source of all energy and power. By meditating on this symbol, you can connect with your higher consciousness and balance mundane emotions such as fear, anger, and desire.

How can you use these symbols in your life for protection as an Empath?

All of the above protection symbols can be worn as pendants or other forms of jewelry to shield you from negative influences. If you are concerned that negativity is entering your home, you can also find statues and ornaments of many of these symbols that you can display on a windowsill to cleanse your living space of bad vibes.


All of us can benefit from using protection symbols to cleanse our auras and balance our emotions. However, they are particularly powerful for empaths who often struggle to discern their own feelings from the mass of emotions taken on by others. So, next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, try using these symbols to bring balance and personal power back into your life.

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