7 Amazing Benefits of Ginseng for Women (+ The Best Type of Ginseng to Use)

Ginseng, the botanical or genus name of which is Panax, translated from the Greek as ‘all-heal’, has an ancient history of use in traditional and herbal medicines.

There are several plants within this family, the best known of which are marketed as American ginseng, Asian ginseng and Red ginseng.

The widely available Siberian ginseng isn’t a true ginseng derivative but come from a completely different plant.

Ginseng plants are denoted by their two pronged roots. All of the ginseng products are said to have a wide variety of health benefits for both sexes but ginseng’s ability to address several female related problems makes it particularly popular with women.

The Benefits of Ginseng for Women

The following are few of the many benefits of ginseng particularly for women.

#1. Has Anti-Inflammatory Effects

The true ginseng contain a compound called ginsenosides which is thought to be the agent that makes ginseng such an effective medicine. Ginsenosides have relaxation, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties.

#2. Helps Fight Stress And Trauma

Ginseng also contain what are known as adaptogens, the term used by herbalists to describe plants which have the ability to fight stress, anxiety and trauma while raising resistance to fatigue.

#3. Balances Hormonal Levels In Menopausal Women

Additionally, the ginseng plants are phytoestrogens or dietary sources of estrogen, mimicking the female hormone estrogen and as such possibly having benefits for balancing hormone levels which fluctuate so wildly in menopausal women. This yo-yo effect is what causes mood swings, fatigue and hot flashes or flushes.

The benefits of adaptogens plus the estrogenic properties are thought to be highly effective in combating nearly all of the symptoms of menopause, including re-stimulating libido which often falls rapidly at this time. Although many clinical studies suggest that their use for controlling hot flashes is unsupported.

#4. Can Help Ease Pain During Periods

Ginseng isn’t only useful for menopausal women however. It is also used to treat younger women who suffer with painful periods or PMS. Traditionally, ginseng was also thought to ease the pain of childbirth.

#5. Has Anti-Cancer Properties And Can Help Tackle Breast Cancer

There have been many studies over the last few years which have investigated the possible anti-carcinogenic properties of ginseng and findings indicate that it may have some protective abilities where cancer is concerned and particularly breast cancer.

#6. Can Help Strengthen Bone Density

Another area in which studies are ongoing is that of ginseng’s beneficial effect on bone density. Post-menopausal women are very prone to changes in bone density which leads to a greater risk of fractures and injury.

#7. Has Anti-Aging Properties

Ginseng is now used quite extensively as an active ingredient in many beauty products, such as face creams, due to the possibilities of its anti-aging properties.

Best Type of Ginseng for Women

All of the ginseng can have health benefits but it is thought that American ginseng is the best choice for female issues.

Traditionally American ginseng is used for the treatment of females, representing the ‘yin’ or feminine element and Asian ginseng is used for addressing male problems through its ‘yang’ balance.

Red ginseng, which is steamed or sun-dried Asian ginseng, is also more suited to male medicine but can have benefits for both sexes.

Some side effects have been recorded from the use of ginseng which include high blood pressure, headaches and insomnia. It is therefore advisable to consult a medical professional before using ginseng particularly if there is a history of heart problems.

Ginseng is available in dried or powdered form, as capsules to be taken as a supplement and as an ingredient in tea products.

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