70 Journal Prompts to Heal Each of Your 7 Chakras

Writing a journal

Your chakras are your body’s energy centers. They are spinning wheels of energy that can both affect and be affected by your thoughts, emotions, and environment.

We have many more than the ones I have listed here. In fact, different ancient texts cite different numbers of chakras, but there are seven primary chakras you need to know about.

These seven chakras form a line from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. They are symbolized by the colors of the rainbow, starting with red and ending with violet. Most importantly, they can all become blocked by different challenges we face in our lives.

The important thing to note here is that everyone has blockages in their chakras. There is no need to strive to be perfect or to beat yourself up. Instead, strive for progress, awareness, and self-love as you explore your energy centers.

Below, you’ll find journaling prompts to help you bring love and healing to each of the seven chakras, as well as a bonus eighth journal prompt to round them all off.

If you are looking for powerful mantras to heal your chakras you can check out this article.

#1. Journal Prompts for Root Chakra

“The real gift of gratitude is that the more grateful you are, the more present you become.” – Robert Holden

The root chakra, located at the base of the spine, is blocked by fear. Often, when we’re afraid of what’s going to happen, afraid of not making enough money, afraid of being abandoned, and most often, afraid of not having enough. When we are not grounded, we are not connected to our root chakra.

Root chakra

This chakra is healed by gratitude, reminding ourselves of all that we have, and grounding with the Earth. In your journal, explore the following question:

  • What am I fortunate to have? This can be anything, big or small – even the blue sky or the air in your lungs.
  • What are some of my most profound/beautiful memories?
  • What is a hard lesson in life that I feel grateful for?
  • What reminds me that I am physically and emotionally safe? (e.g., the roof over your head, running water, a close friend/partner/family member, food on the table)
  • What actions or practices help me to feel physically and emotionally safe? (Think both big and small here; e.g., a moment of deep breathing, drinking hot tea at night, a warm bath)
  • Make a list of every person in your life who is there to assist you, should you find yourself struggling (emotionally, financially, physically, etc). The key here is to NOT judge yourself for the length of your list. Instead, feel deep gratitude for ANY person on your list – even if it’s a list of one.
  • What do I appreciate most about nature? What is my favorite place to be in nature? (e.g., the mountains, the beach, the desert, your neighborhood park, etc.)
  • Make a list of your favorite spots to enjoy nature, both near and far. Make a point to visit these locations more often.
  • When I think about my finances, how do I feel? (e.g., stable, secure, worried, stressed, ashamed, excited, supported, etc.) How can I shift towards an abundance mindset– i.e., a mindset of “I always have enough”?
  • When I go about my everyday tasks, do I move quickly and hurriedly, or do I take my time and move slowly? How can I set an intention to move through my day with less hurry, at a more grounded pace?
  • Are my thoughts usually more concerned with the past or the future, or do I focus my attention on the present moment? How can I think less about the past and future, and think more about the here and now?
  • Do I feel insecure about any of my personality traits or qualities? How can I begin to have compassion towards and accept those personality traits, so that I may feel more confident in myself?

#2. Journal Prompts for Sacral Chakra

“Rather than fearfully shutting down your sensitivity, dive in deeper into all possible feeling. As you expand, keep only those who are not afraid of oceans.” – Victoria Erickson

Located a few inches below the navel, this chakra is the seat of your creativity. In addition, the statement for this chakra is “I feel”– thus, it is intricately connected with your deepest emotions.

The sacral chakra is blocked by guilt, and can be healed through self-forgiveness. When we feel guilty, we may shut down any emotions we have about a person or situation; for example, you may feel guilty about saying the wrong thing to a friend, and therefore, you don’t allow yourself to express your frustration about the way that friend is treating you.

Sacral Chakra

To heal this chakra, explore the following in your journal:

  • What am I still beating myself up for? How can I see this situation in the most loving way possible? If my own child did the thing I beat myself up for, what would I say to them?
  • Do I feel creative, or do I tell myself that I’m “not a creative person”? List all of the ways in which I enjoy expressing my creativity, both big and small. (This doesn’t have to be drawing or painting – it can be anything, such as dancing, writing, cooking, singing, or even anything you do in your profession like teaching, coding, leading, healing, writing social media posts or press releases– get creative!)
  • Do I find myself feeling highly critical of other people? How may I be criticizing myself in the same way that I criticize others, and how might I begin practicing self-compassion instead of self-criticism?
  • Do I allow myself to feel playful, or do I condemn play as being “not productive enough”? What’s one tiny playful thing I can enjoy today? (Anything fun counts – even singing in the shower!)
  • As a child, what were some of my favorite ways to play? (Perhaps you loved to draw, sing, dance, dress up, play board games, etc.) How can I bring some of those playful activities back into my adult life?
  • When was the last time I allowed myself to cry? Do I let myself cry when I need to, or do I feel that crying is “weak”?
  • In what ways do I suppress my emotions? Do I cover them up with food, alcohol, TV, work, or other activities? What would it feel like to stop running from my feelings, even if only for ten minutes?
  • Do I allow myself to celebrate when good things happen? If not, how can I celebrate more tiny victories in my life?
  • Do I feel worthy of joy, pleasure, and happiness? When these positive feelings come my way, do I bask in them, or do I push them away and/or tell myself I don’t “deserve” them?
  • Do I feel worthy of love? When love comes my way, do I embrace it, or do I push it away?

#3. Journal Prompts for Solar Plexus Chakra

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.”

The third chakra is the seat of your personal power. Located at the solar plexus, it is blocked by shame. When you step into your true, authentic self, you empower yourself, and you activate the solar plexus chakra. Similarly, when you are afraid of being yourself, your solar plexus may be blocked.

Solar plexus chakra

We heal this chakra by telling ourselves “I can”. Explore the following in your journal:

  • What would I do if I had no limits? If I couldn’t possibly fail?
  • When I express my anger healthily and assertively, how do I feel afterwards: guilty, or empowered? Can I give myself all the permission I need to assert my boundaries with respect and clarity?
  • Do I trust that I’m capable of doing hard things? If not, what’s one tiny difficult thing I can do today to practice trusting my own power?
  • Am I confident in my own decision-making abilities? How can I trust that, even if I make a mistake, I am capable of correcting it?
  • Are there ways in which I’m overly controlling – e.g., telling others what to do or giving unsolicited advice, not allowing my partner to have a fair part in our decision-making process, etc.? With compassion, ask yourself: what am I trying to gain or hold onto by being controlling?
  • Do I experience any habitual thoughts which show up whenever I’m about to stand up for myself or make an empowering decision? Write them all down so you can observe them for what they are. (Examples might be: “Who do I think I am to do/say this? Why do I think I’m so special? They’re going to think I’m so full of myself.”)
  • Is there anything I’d really like to try, but I hold myself back because I’m afraid of failing? How would it feel to reassure myself that, even if I “fail”, it was still worth trying?
  • Do I use shame to punish myself or to keep myself “in check”? (Shame sounds like: “I am a bad person”, as opposed to guilt, which sounds like: “I did something bad”.) How can I shift to examining and correcting my actions, rather than punishing and condemning myself?
  • Do I allow myself to feel angry, or do I shame myself for experiencing anger? How would it feel to tell myself that my anger is healthy, as long as I can express it assertively (rather than aggressively or passive-aggressively)?

#4. Journal Prompts for Heart Chakra

“You carry so much love in your heart. Give some to yourself.” – R.Z.

Located at the heart (of course), this chakra is the seat of love, and is blocked by grief.

This love applies to loving both yourself and others. If you have experienced any major grief or trauma, you may feel a blockage here.

Less obviously, though, the blockage can also occur from disappointment (which is in itself a loss), or a lack of self-acceptance. Your heart grieves a thousand times more than you even realize when you reject or ignore yourself and your perfect innocence.

Heart chakra

In your journal, consider answering the following:

  • Is there something in my heart that feels heavy right now? What am I grieving over? Feel free to get all of your grief and heaviness down on paper, to cry, and to offer yourself all of the love that you truly deserve.
  • Do I believe that I must “earn” love in some way? What thoughts lead me to believe that I don’t deserve love just as I am?
  • Do I feel disappointed by anything in my life right now? Rather than pushing away this disappointment, can I allow myself space to feel it? Can I feel my grief for the fact that my circumstances are not quite what I wanted them to be? Use your journal to express your full range of grief and disappointment.
  • How often do I “fill up my own cup” before giving to others? Do I put myself first by practicing self-care, or do I always put others’ needs before my own?
  • When I speak to myself lovingly (e.g., saying things to yourself such as, “I love all of your imperfections,” “I’m here for you,” “I will take care of you,” etc.), how does it feel? Do I feel uncomfortable, as if I’m unable to receive it? How can I practice saying loving things to myself more often, so that it starts to feel more familiar?
  • Following from the prompt above, what loving words does my heart long to hear, whether it’s from a parent, a partner, or a friend? What do I so wish someone would say to me?
  • Do I feel that love is weak, childish, or foolish? If so, how may I open myself to love in the tiniest of ways (even if it’s just love for a pet, a friend, or even a plant)?
  • Is it difficult for me to open up and allow people to get close to me? How can I take one tiny step this week/month towards allowing a safe person to get closer to my heart? (This might look like getting coffee with a friend, sending a text to someone you care about, or even offering someone a hug.)
  • Do I believe that I deserve to love, forgive, and unconditionally accept myself? If I don’t believe that I deserve it, how would it feel to tell myself that no matter what I think I’ve done wrong, I still deserve my own love and forgiveness?
  • Do I often feel love and appreciation for my surroundings (i.e., my home, my city, the people in my life, etc.)? Make a list of everything that you love about your life and your surroundings.

#5. Journal Prompts for Throat Chakra

“Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.”

From the throat chakra originates truth and communication. The throat chakra is blocked by lies – not just lies that you tell others, but lies that you tell yourself, which may be something such as “I’m happy in this job”, “I don’t care what they think”, or “I’m okay”.

Throat chakra

Heal this chakra by communicating how you really feel, or by talking to a safe, supportive person. Communicate the answers to these questions in your journal:

  • What are some things that I think or feel, but have never expressed to anyone? What would I say if I was not afraid of what anyone thinks?
  • Am I honest with myself about how I feel? When I feel sad, stressed, afraid, angry, or tired, do I admit to myself that I feel that way, or do I tell myself to “get over it”?
  • How easy or difficult is it for me to express my boundaries vocally – e.g., “I don’t like it when you talk to me that way”, or “I can’t stay at work after 6 pm”? If this is something I struggle with, what’s one tiny, achievable boundary I can practice vocally expressing this week?
  • Do I find myself frequently saying what I think other people want to hear, regardless of whether or not it’s what I really mean? What am I afraid will happen if I speak my own truth?
  • Am I prone to spreading gossip about others? Without judging yourself, ask yourself: what am I getting out of spreading gossip?
  • Is it difficult for me to speak up in front of others? Do people often ask me to repeat myself? Again, without judging yourself, explore: what am I afraid will happen if I draw attention to myself using my voice?
  • Do I frequently find myself interrupting others? Ask yourself: what part of me feels desperate to be heard and paid attention to?
  • What needs do I have that I don’t consciously express? Write down as many as you can think of. (This might include: asking your partner/housemate/family to help with the dishes more often, asking a friend to have lunch with you when you’re feeling down, etc.)
  • What might it sound like for me to express those needs from the prompt above? Practice expressing them by writing them down in your journal. (For example: “I’m feeling like I need your support today. I’d love to get lunch with you later if you’re free!)
  • Am I honest to the people in my life about who I am? Do I change myself to fit in, or do I show up authentically? What feels scary about showing up as my authentic self?

#6. Journal Prompts for Third Eye Chakra

“A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear.”

Your third eye is located at the center of the eyebrows. This chakra is where your intuition lives and it is blocked by illusions. If you’re someone who overthinks and feels afraid or confused often, your third eye may be blocked.

Heal this chakra by meditating, and listening to your heart or your intuition rather than your fear or your mind.

Third eye chakra

Tune into your intuition with these questions:

  • When I listen to the quiet, kind, calm voice underneath all my fear and worry, what does it say? What do I really know, “deep down”? (This quiet and loving voice is your intuition. It is ever-present, and it will always be there to guide you.)
  • How often do I do what I’m told I “should” do, even when it doesn’t feel right to me? How would it feel to move towards what my heart wants, as opposed to what the world wants me to do?
  • Do I trust myself to make decisions, or do I ask others for advice on a majority of my decisions? What would it feel like to trust that only I know what’s best for me?
  • If others disagree with my decision-making, do I immediately distrust myself and my decision-making abilities, or do I acknowledge that not everybody is going to agree with me all of the time?
  • Am I prone to overthinking every choice I make? If so, how would it feel to trust that I always know what to do in any given moment (even if I make a mistake)?
  • Do I often see the big picture in a given situation, or do I get lost in the details? Think back to the last big decision you made – were you obsessed with perfecting every minute detail, or were you instead focused on the overall outcome (even if every tiny detail wasn’t perfect)?
  • What are your beliefs around listening to your intuition? Do you feel that your intuition knows what’s best for you, or do you view intuitive knowing as silly or childish? Or, do you perhaps not have much of a grasp on what intuitive knowing feels like in the first place?
  • When I make a mistake, do I use it as an opportunity for growth and learning, or do I criticize and punish myself instead? (Self-punishment blocks learning from your inevitable mistakes.) How can I strive to see mistakes as a learning opportunity, rather than an opportunity for self-criticism?
  • What is my relationship to trust? Do I trust others blindly, often finding myself blindsided by their negative intentions? On the other hand, do I often refuse to trust anybody, even those with pure intentions? How can I bring more balance into my relationship to trust?

#7. Journal Prompts for Crown Chakra

“The root of suffering is attachment.” – Buddha

The final chakra is located at the crown of the head, and often symbolized as a thousand-petal lotus. Blockages in any of the lower chakras lead to blockages in the crown, and in addition, the crown is blocked by attachments.

These may be material attachments, physical or interpersonal attachments, or even mental or emotional attachments. Are you attached to people’s opinions of you, for example?

Another thing to note is that you can love people or things without being attached to them– and even more so, actually. When we practice non-attachment, we can love someone or something no matter what it can do for us. This releases the object of our love to be completely free, which is the definition of true love.

Crown chakra
Become aware of your attachments with these questions:

  • What people, things, or situations do I consciously or unconsciously try to control? What if I recognized that control is an illusion? How can I surrender to life?
  • Do I trust the divine to work through me in order to reach my highest potential, or do I think that I must do everything by myself?
  • What “addictions” do I use to fill any feelings of emptiness or loneliness within me? These may be obvious, such as alcohol, but some are less obvious– such as food, TV, material possessions, social media, and so on.
  • Do I attach any identities – negative or positive– to my personality? For example, you may habitually tell yourself (without even realizing it!): “I’m just not a confident person.” “I am the best at what I do.” “I am better than the people who _____.” “I am worse than the people who ______.” Write down any “identities” that come to mind.
  • After completing the prompt above, ask yourself: Who am I WITHOUT these identities? Who am I at the very core of my being?
  • Do I define myself by any of the relationships in my life? For example: if I were to split up with my partner tomorrow, do I feel that I’d lose my sense of self by not having them to take care of? How can I begin to define myself by who I AM, rather than what I do for others (or what others do for me)?
  • Do I honor all religious/spiritual beliefs or lack thereof, or am I attached to my own personal beliefs as the only “right” way? Without judging myself, how can I practice open-mindedness to all spiritual beliefs?
  • Do I tie my identity in with my bank account (whether it’s a big or a small bank account)? For example, do I define myself as a “rich person”, a “broke person”, a “middle class person”, or do I see my bank account simply as a set of numbers which has the potential to fluctuate from day to day?
  • Do I feel comfortable sitting in silence and listening to my own thoughts? Why or why not?

Bonus Journal Prompt

Need more inspiration? To tie all seven chakras together and ignite your alignment and self-awareness, here is a question you can ponder on for self-exploration.

  • Is there any part of me, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, that I feel needs additional healing? How can I offer more love and care to that place (whether through loving words, touch, meditation, or any other self-care activity)?

If you are looking to find a good journal for self exploration, here is a list of our top 10 self reflection journals to help you rediscover yourself.

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