9 Spiritual & Magical Properties of Lemongrass (Focus, Protection, Awareness & More)

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Lemongrass is a delightful herb with an energetic scent and delicious flavor. However, its physical characteristics are only part of the story. It turns out that lemongrass also has quite a few spiritual and magical properties. These can come in handy when manifesting desires, casting spells, or creating a good energetic space around your home. In this article, let’s look at the various spiritual and magical properties of lemongrass and how you can use it in your own life.

What Does Lemongrass Symbolize Spiritually?

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Lemongrass is an herb of purification. It symbolizes clarity, focus, open communication, protection and spiritual connection. The herb is also a remover of psychic obstacles, helping to establish a clear path ahead on your journey to spiritual enlightenment. It provides protection and guidance along the way.

Lemongrass is highly energetic and masculine. It is associated with the air element, the sun, and the planet Mercury. It is open, honest, and protective. In India, lemongrass is used to repel insects and snakes—and in mythology, lemongrass can be used to ward off dragons, fend away evil spirits, and even break curses and hexes which may have been cast on the user.

Since it promotes clarity and mental acuity, lemongrass incense is a popular choice for cleansing an area of negative energy. Dousing an amulet (or even taking a bath) with essential lemongrass oil can purify the body to give strength, help heal from an illness, or promote spiritual growth.

Pure lemongrass oil is a highly flexible essential—you can combine it with almost any other oil to enhance the properties of both. Lemongrass oil is the main ingredient in various spiritual supplies. These include Van-Van Oil, a popular mixture for warding away evil and creating good luck with new opportunities. Hindi Grass Oil, Cut and Clear Oil, and Chinese Wash also feature lemongrass as a central ingredient.

The scent of lemongrass is indicative of openness. This makes it a potent symbol for psychic communication, spiritual awareness, and receptivity within physical relationships. Many believe that planting lemongrass around the home can help improve domestic life. Because of its abilities to incite romance, inspire fidelity, and promote honesty, the herb is a powerful symbol for ideal and healthy love.

9 Spiritual & Magical Properties of Lemongrass

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1. Wash with Lemongrass to Cleanse Your Space of Negative Energy

With a strong citrusy aroma and powerful energy-clearing properties, it’s no surprise that lemongrass is commonly used as a cleanser. So, how can you use lemongrasses’ inherent abilities to your advantage? Add a few drops of lemongrass oil to your current floor wash. Use it to scrub the floor, and it will help cleanse your space of negativity.

You can also add bay leaves and lemongrass to a spray-cleaner. Apply it in the doorway or threshold of your home to clear out hexes, curses, and bad spells. To add extra protection, leave a stick of lemongrass incense to burn as the plant works its magic. You can even smudge with a lemongrass stick for extra clearing power.

2. Diffuse Lemongrass to Clear Energetic Blocks, Increase Intuition and Psychic Awareness

Lemongrass is often used while performing divination, communicating with the spirit realm, or practicing other psychic magic. It helps clear out spiritual blockages, raising your psychic awareness and allowing your natural intuition to flourish.

A powerful way to use lemongrass to clear spiritual blockages is to create a potpourri using lemongrass, cinnamon, vanilla and bay leaf. Leave it in your meditation room, bedroom, or anywhere you spend a lot of time. Eventually, it will help clear away your energetic blocks. This is will allow you to improve your timing and set good intentions when attempting magical rituals.

Another way is to meditate with lemongrass incense burning or a bowl of potpourri out. You can even add a few drops of lemongrass oil to your forehead or wrists to get a stronger effect as you practice. It will aid in raising spiritual sensitivity, helping you reach a meditative space quickly and easily.

3. Use Lemongrass to Improve Communication

Lemongrass is an open herb and a very powerful communicator. It can help you study and understand your relationship with yourself, your partner, and even your psychic connections. Using lemongrass enables you to open dialogue, communicate effectively, and receive criticism with ease.

For psychic awareness, take a few deep breaths of freshly crushed lemongrass leaves (you can also diffuse the oil or incense). Its pungent aroma is full of sharp citrus paired with earthy tones, that will help both to ground and uplift you. It clears the sinuses and the conscience, dragging away mental congestion and purifying the mind. This can help you concentrate easily on meditative or magical practices, helping you communicate with the divine and your inner self without earthly problems dragging you down.

Lemongrass helps get you ready for communication in the home or business as well. Diffuse essential lemongrass oil or burn lemongrass incense before you enter business spaces, especially during times of negotiation. This will help you get ready for any interaction with a clear and open mind, reducing chances of fighting and increasing compassion and understanding.

4. Use Lemongrass to Increase Mental Clarity and Focus

Lemongrasses’ sharp and unmistakable aroma will snap you to attention quickly. Because of its ability to bring your mind to a grounded and centered state, it’s a great herb for mental clarity and focus. You can use lemongrass whenever you need to concentrate on an especially important task.

Need some help before a big test? Anoint yourself with lemongrass. How about some focus before a particularly big day at work? Drink a lemongrass tea before you go into the office, or sip a mug at your desk. This will help you accomplish all your assignments, leaving the office without worry or stress.

You can also diffuse lemongrass before meditation which will help you reach deeper meditative states.

5. Add Lemongrass to Love Spells & Rituals

You already know that lemongrass fosters open communication. But did you know it can work wonders between lovers as well? Because of its open and energetic properties, many people add lemongrass to love potions or love spells to help ease tensions in relationships and promote honest dialogue.

It also helps with new relationships, falling in love, and sparking romance between partners. Drink a cup of lemongrass tea with your significant other or potential new love to aid in connection. Or, you can carry a stalk of this potent plant in a love sachet to attract the partner you’ve been looking for.

6. Carry Lemongrass with You for Protection

Lemongrass is a powerful protective herb that is especially useful on long journeys. Pack a few dried or fresh lemongrass leaves in a travel sachet to turn negative energy into positive energy—this is highly beneficial while in transit, where things can go wrong easily.

Anoint yourself with lemongrass essential oil before a dangerous or difficult undertaking. This can be anything from a mountaintop hike to a negative interaction. The oil will protect you from bad thoughts and feelings, helping you stay grounded and achieve the goals you set out for yourself.

Lemongrass can also protect you from harmful electromagnetic rays. EMF rays can come from many places, including devices you may use daily like TVs, smartphones, and computers. It is beneficial to plant lemongrass around your home to shield yourself from any potential harm you might receive from EMFs.

Planting lemongrass will also help protect your home from negative energy.

7. Use Lemongrass for Forgiveness and Letting Go

Lemongrass will help you open your heart, calm your mind, and find clarity within yourself. As such a centering herb, it allows you to see what really matters. This, in turn, allows you to stop holding on to things that don’t matter—like resentment, grudges, and unhealthy fixations.

Forgiveness arrives for those who have done us wrong, but also for ourselves. We tend to be our own worst critics, and lemongrass can help alleviate the stress of self-doubt and self-depreciation. It brings clarity of mind and invigorating purpose, allowing us to see our past selves with compassion and discern the way forward with newfound insight.

The scent, taste and energy of lemongrass can also spur you to let go of things you don’t need anymore. It might initiate a spring cleaning, give you the bravery to break off a toxic relationship, or help you overcome the fear of change to begin a new enterprise. Lemongrass clears away spiritual obstacles, helping you embark on a new path by making changes you need.

8. Bath with Lemongrass to Cleanse Your Soul

Just as we can use lemongrass to cleanse a space, we can also use it to cleanse ourselves. It’s a common practice for magical practitioners to purify themselves both before and after rituals. Using lemongrass before a ritual clears the mind and spirit of residual energy, allowing the user to undertake a magical working with freshness and confidence. When rituals are finished, lemongrass allows the body to let go of overwhelming energies accrued during practice.

That being said, you don’t need to practice ritual magic to benefit from a lemongrass cleanse. After a particularly stressful day, draw a bath and steep lemongrass stalks or leaves in it. You could even add lemongrass oil to the water. The scent will calm you down, alleviating stress and purging your body of negative energies.

Drink lemongrass tea after a day riddled with stress and anxiety. If you feel afraid, the flavor of lemongrass will awaken protective energies within you to fight off your fears. It can also repel negative intentions from others, keeping your energetic slate clean and free.

9. Use Lemongrass to Balance Your Chakras

Lemongrass has a positive and balancing effect on pretty much all your chakras. It helps open your third eye chakra and promotes physic visions and intuition (as discussed earlier). Similarly, it also helps open your throat and heart chakras promoting creativity, communication, self love and emotional balance. Lemongrass also helps balance your base level chakras including the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra. This is why lemongrass can be an excellent herb to work with if you have issues related to anxiety, depression, low self esteem, emotional imbalance or lack of focus and direction.

To balance your chakras consider working with lemongrass using the various techniques outlined in this article. To enhance the effect, consider working with lavender along with lemongrass as lavender helps balance the higher chakras as lemongrass does the lower chakras.

Points to bear in mind

Please exercise caution while ingesting herbs or using them on your skin. Some herbs including lemongrass can cause allergic reactions in some people. Also, make sure that the herb has been grown organically and not using chemicals and pesticides. To be safe, it’s best to grow the herb in your own garden.


Lemongrass is a must-have addition in any spiritual household. Not only does it ward off bad vibes, it can enhance your familial relationships and even spice up your love life. And it does all this while smelling like sweet, citrusy heaven. If you need clarity, energy, and focus in your life, bring lemongrass into your home and watch the magic unfold.

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