11 Powerful Morning Rituals To Supercharge Your Mind and Body

Our habits define how we live our lives. So if you are not satisfied with your life right now, take some time and re-assess your daily habits. Most importantly your morning habits, because how you start your day, determines how well you live it. And the more productive and well lived your days are, the faster you are on your way to making those positive life changes.

It is important that we become aware of our daily habits and try to slowly discard ones that are not serving us and replace them with new ones.

Here are 12 powerful morning rituals that will not only help supercharge your days but also pave the way for other positive changes in your life:

1. Visualize your day to attract synchronicity

While still in bed, spend a few minutes to meditate. Once your mind settles down, think of the things you are thankful for. This could be the smallest of things. Remember, it is the small things that add up.


Next, spend a few minutes to visualize your day. Think of everything you want to accomplish today. Doing this will set your energy in the right direction. This is also a great way to attract synchronicity into your life.

At this point, you can also think of your mentor or any person who inspires you. This way you wake up with a positive image. You can also recite a morning mantra that has a positive inspiring message. Check out this article for our top 33 morning mantras that will full you with positivity.

2. Refuel your body with water (preferably lemon water)

Your body gets dehydrated after 7 to 8 hours and hence it is important to hydrate it. In addition, water also helps your body flush out toxins.

water bottle

Just so you don’t forget, keep half a liter (500ml) of water next to your bed before going to sleep.

To make this even more beneficial, consider squeezing half a lemon in your water. Lemons are filled with Vitamin C among other minerals that boost your immune system, cleanse your liver, help burn excess fat in addition to kick-starting your metabolism.

3. Recharge yourself with the sun’s energy

Sun is the source of all energy. Use the ancient techniques of sun gazing and sun bathing early in the morning to tap into this energy.


Sun Gazing: Sun gazing is a sacred ancient practice that simply involves staring at the early morning sun for a few seconds. The UV rays are at their lowest during the 1st hour of sun rise so it’s safe to stare during this time period.

Start with 10 seconds of starting for the first few days and increase your duration to 30 seconds as your eyes get accustomed.

Sun gazing has been linked with many amazing health benefits – it increases your energy levels, is good for your eyes, raises your vibration and can even heal your body. It has also been known to activate the pineal gland which has been equated to intuition and the third eye.

Sun Bathing: Expose your skin to the early morning sun for around 5 to 10 minutes. Avoid applying sunscreen, to get the maximum benefits.

Soaking in the sun helps your body produce Vitamin D which is crucial for healthy bones and teeth and helps prevent a whole range of autoimmune diseases. Vitamin D is also known to strengthen the immune system. It also aids relaxation.

4. Energize your body with conscious breathing

The morning air is fresh and full of positive life energy.


Deep breathing especially in the morning helps increase the oxygen levels in your bloodstream making you feel energetic and rejuvenated. It also helps purify your blood and the respiratory system.

Here is a simple deep breathing exercise that you can do:

  • Inhale deeply filling up your lungs with air. While doing this, think to yourself that you are inhaling pure positive energy.
  • Hold for a few seconds (preferably 10 seconds).
  • Consciously relax your mind and body as you hold your breath.
  • When you exhale feel all the stress, anxiety and negative energy in your body going out.
  • Do around 5 to 10 repetitions.

If you are feeling enthusiastic, you can also perform a yogic breathing exercise known as Pranayama or Alternate nostril breathing. This involves breathing in deeply through your left nostril (while blocking the right nostril) and then exhaling through the right nostril (while blocking the left nostril). Now repeat the entire routine by breathing through your right nostril and exhaling through the left nostril and so on.

Here’s a video demonstrating the technique:

The benefits of Pranayama are really huge, it has been known to reduce stress and anxiety, increase vitality and immunity. Pranayama is also regarded as the most powerful breathing exercise in yogic tradition.

5. Clear negative energy blocks by shaking and stretching your body

The term ‘exercise’ has gotten a bad rep. So bad that it can evoke feelings of boredom and lethargy. A better, more enthusiastic term is to shake your body’.

Every morning remind yourself that you need to shake and stretch your body.

You can start with a simple shaking technique known as ‘Qigong shaking’.

Here’s how this works: Stand in at-ease position with your legs a little apart and with your knee slightly bent. Now allow your body to shake/bounce. You can vary your pace based on your comfort. Just make sure to consciously keep loosening your body so every single organ in your body is feeling the shake.

Do this for around a minute to five minutes or even more if you feel comfortable. To make this interesting, put on some uplifting music so you can naturally get into a rhythm.

Follow this up with some simple body stretches. Here is a simple yoga sequence you can do in the mornings that stretches your muscles and helps release built up tension.

Shaking and stretching in the morning improves circulation, clears negative energy blocks, reduces stress, strengthens immunity and aids in the release of feel good hormones in the body.

6. Add to your energy levels with a cold shower

Cold showers are the craze these days and for a good reason. For starters, cold showers enhance blood circulation so you feel fresh and energetic. In addition they also help strengthen your immune system, aid muscle relaxation and improve heart health.

The perfect way to take a cold shower is to follow a gradual change from lukewarm to cold water. With cold water, let the water hit your feet first, then your thighs and gradually make your way up.

If you want you can also take contrast showers – start with a hot shower, slowly move to cold and end with the hot shower.

7. Get into a positive frame of mind by reading something positive

Even if you don’t have time to read an entire chapter, even reading a few lines of positive literature can influence your vibration. Anything written with a positive intent will have a positive influence on you.

You can also read from your own journal if you maintain one.

8. Further this by writing something positive

Another great morning ritual is to take out a notebook and write down your intention for the day.

Benjamin Franklin had the ritual of answering the question, ‘what good shall I do today?‘ in his journal every morning. He followed this up by answering the question, ‘what good did I do today?’ in the evenings before retiring to bed.


When you write down something, it gets etched deeper into your subconscious mind.

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9. Attract positivity by altering your self talk

Whatever you say, your subconscious mind is listening. If you say negative, discouraging things all the time, that is how your subconscious mind is going to perceive your reality.

Take a moment to become aware of what thoughts are running in your mind – especially your ‘self talk’.

Check to see if your self talk is predominantly negative. If you catch yourself with a negative self talk, consciously change it to positive.

Here’s an example:

Darn it! I have so much work to do today! (negative self talk)
I am feeling full of energy and I will get all that work done easily today. (positive self talk)

The words ‘I am’ is very powerful. Whatever you become after it starts shaping your reality.

In addition to changing negative self talk into positive, you can also use auto suggestions. For instance, tell yourself that you are going to have a great day or that you are going to meet great people today.

10. Listen to uplifting music or affirmations

Listen to affirmations, uplifting music or uplifting audio books while you are doing otherwise mundane activities like getting ready for the day, cooking food or while commuting.


If you are in the habit of listening to music in the morning, check to make sure it has positive, uplifting lyrics.

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11. Give your system a major boost by drinking a green smoothie

Consider starting off your day with a green smoothie or a green salad.

green smoothie

You can make a green smoothie using any of these veggies:

  • Spinach
  • Cucumber
  • Parsley
  • Celery
  • Gooseberries
  • Kale
  • Watercress

To add taste to your smoothie consider adding ginger, lemon, tomatoes, bananas or even coconut water.

Green smoothies carry tons of nutrients that are great for your mind and body. Plus they are low on calories and are easy to digest. They supply you with a blast of instant revitalizing energy are you are ready to start off your day.

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