6 Reasons Why Plums Are Good for You

Plums are some of the most colorful fruits available, next only to grapes. They vary in their color from red, dark pink, purple to orange. The purple variety is considered to be the richest in taste, and most nutritious of the rest.

Health Benefits of Eating Plums

Plums are really good for you as they are power packed with essential minerals and vitamins. They provide some specific benefits that help maintain well-being of the body. In this article we list some of the benefits of eating plum fruit in your diet.

1.) Helps Prevent Oxidation Damage in Your Body

It has been studied that plums contain unique, and powerful, antioxidant phytonutrients called neochlorogenic. These substances are highly potent in preventing oxidation related damage caused by free radicals (especially a destructive oxygen radical).

Eating plums can help heal any oxidation related inflammation in your stomach, intestines or colon.

2.) Improves Your Heart Health

Plums are heart healthy fruits.

The antioxidants present in plums prevent fats from being oxidized, thus disallowing the formation of plague on the arteries.

Healthy arteries equals a healthy heart. It also helps protect the fats, that are present in our brain cells and neurons, from being damaged by oxygen radicals.

3.) Allows Better Absorption of Iron

If you are suffering from diseases related to iron deficiency, like anemia, it’s most likely because your body is unable to absorb iron efficiently from your food.

Eating plums can help eradicate this problem. It has been studied that plums significantly improve iron absorption in the body due the presence of several phenols and high Vitamin C content.

4.) Strengthens Your Immune System

Plums are a great source of Vitamin C. This vitamin is highly essential for healthy functioning of the body. Vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system, helps build healthy tissues and prevents oxidation related damage.

If you suffer from frequent bouts of cold or flu, plums are good for you as they would help prevent these occurrences.

5.) Protects Against Ear Infection

It has been seen that that the high vitamin C content present in plums, in conjunction with unique phytonutrients, helps prevent ear infection, which is usually caused by the deposition of phlegm.

6.) Good For Your Eyes

Like most citrus fruits, plums help protect your eyes against macular degeneration. So if you want to enjoy good vision, for a long period, make sure you include these citrus fruits as a part of your diet.

Fruits like plums are very important for kids to ensure their eye health and help them develop a strong immune system.

Are Plums Fattening?

Plums are not fattening by any standards. They have high water content and are choke full of essential minerals that help in fat metabolism and fat burning. 1 large fruit of plum contains around 25-30 calories. So you don’t need to worry about gaining weight by eating plums.

On the contrary, research indicates that plums can help in weight loss and should be a part of any weight reduction diet.

Fresh or Dried?

Plums can be eaten as a fresh fruit or can be eaten as prunes (dried plums), though the drying process can destroy some enzymes.

Plum cakes are quite popular in many countries; plums are great for baking. From the list of benefits provided by this fruit, it’s evident that plums are really good for you and should be incorporated, at least thrice a week, in your diet.

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