Secret to Releasing Negative Emotions From Your Body

Ever since you became conscious of your existence, as a child, you’ve known yourself to go through a series of emotions day in and day out. The body seems to be in a state of constant flux, shifting from one emotion to another, one thought to another, at the blink of an eye.

At this very moment you can sense your body and feel the emotions flooding through it, you can sense the mind and realize the thoughts fleeting through it, like an unending, eternal continuum of events.

Amidst all this activity, negative emotions can sap your energy and leave you feeling drained; they seem to arise out of nowhere sometimes, but most of the times they are triggered by some negative thoughts in your mind.

Here are some insights using which you can understand emotions better and also learn how to release negative emotions so that they don’t re-cycle themselves and keep repeating.

Emotion is Your Body’s Response to a Perception

A human body is a “sensing” entity but the human mind has the capacity to come up with “perceptions”.

Our world seems to be made up of our perceptions.

If we perceive the world to be good then our external reality seems to reflect that perception. Similarly, if we perceive the world to be negative then that’s exactly how our external reality seems to appear.

Sensing is primordial, and primary, but perceptions adds a layer of “judgment” or analysis to it. Negative emotions are created by negative perceptions.

One cannot be free of negative emotions, or release negative emotions, unless he/she is willing to be conscious of the patterns of thinking that are triggering these emotions and willing to relax so as to allow the suppressed energies to flow out.

Your mind has become conditioned towards thinking in a particular pattern, and most minds come to negative perceptions more easily than positive perceptions. So if you are like most people, it would be normal for your mind to throw up fearful, anxious or depressing thoughts more often than positive thoughts.

So you are more likely to feel emotions like anxiety, nervousness, restlessness and dullness – which are inherently negative energy, and can be collectively just called “fear” or stress.

You Release Negative Emotions by Allowing It Instead of Resisting It

Whatever you resist will persist. Most people believe that they can be free of negative emotions by finding ways to suppress them, or resist them, in some way.

When you suppress an emotion, it usually leaves a residue or finger print behind which will trigger the same emotions later in the future. Suppressing emotions is very harmful to your body as it tampers with the harmonious flow of energy and creates blocks of resistance within your being.

One can release negative emotions by staying in a state of relaxed allowing.

When you are feeling these emotions, come to a state of relaxation by consciously relaxing your body.

You can do this using inner body meditation, deep breathing or mindfulness.

Now consciously feel the energy generated by the negative emotion in your body. Let go of the energy by not fighting it or resisting it, but by being in relaxation.

Your Mind Wants to Suppress Negative Emotions

The human mind by its very nature is intuitively wired to run away from anything that feels bad in the body.

However, it’s this very mind that actually creates negative emotions in the first place through its negative pattern of thinking. So it’s like a vicious cycle where the mind creates the negative emotion and then tries to suppress it or run away from it.

You can free up your body of all the negative energy which has been stored up in it simply by relaxing into a state of surrender. Just let go of the need to escape or suppress the emotions that are arising. Let your body throw up all the garbage that has been accumulated over several years of suppressing and hiding these emotions.

When emotions are being released, your energy field is being cleared up, and this will happen automatically as soon as you relax in a state of surrender. The suppressed emotions are looking to come up and leave anyway, so you don’t have to do anything other than stop resisting the movement when it happens.

Being Open To Letting Go

Releasing negative emotions is almost a “meditative” experience and one must be willing to allow this purging to take place even though it feels uncomfortable in the body while its happening.

The reason we suppress negative emotions is because it does not feel good in the body, but doing so will cause the energy to stay trapped in your vibration.

Let go, surrender, relax and allow the energy to flow out. You don’t have to do anything, the negative energy is “unnatural” to your being and it will automatically flush it out if you are willing to let it happen. Releasing negative emotions is like letting go of a tightly extended rubber band, it naturally wants to come back to a state of relaxation.

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