Spiritual Meaning of Wind Chimes & How to Use Them to Attract Positivity

Wind chime against blue sky

You’ve heard of wind chimes, and you’ve certainly seen them as a commonplace decoration in almost every garden in the world. Did you know, though, that wind chimes originated primarily as a spiritual healing instrument? If you’re hoping to attract more positive energy and healing into your everyday life, read on to find out how you can use wind chimes to do so!

History of wind chimes

Wind chimes originated around 1100 BC, in the land of the ancient Chinese. Their wind chimes, also known as Fenglings, were said to expel negative spirits and attract loving spirits to any space.

Due to world trade between the East and the West, wind chimes began to gradually make their way all over the globe, eventually arriving in Europe and the Americas. Thus, over the course of almost three thousand years, wind chimes became widespread in homes and gardens almost everywhere.

Spiritual meaning of wind chimes

1. Sound vibrations produced by the chimes promote healing

If you’re familiar with spiritual healing modalities, you may understand that certain frequencies of sound can heal our physical and emotional body, and can also draw out negative energies from the body and from our space. However, you may not have known that wind chimes, now a common piece of garden decor, were originally invented for sound healing!

Wind chimes’ healing properties work similarly to the way that tuning forks or Tibetan singing bowls work. Their gentle, melodic chiming helps to release negative energy and call in positivity. They also help to balance and align all the chakras in your body.

Thus, if you’re looking to spruce up your home with a little Feng Shui, read the “how-to” section below to learn how to use wind chimes to raise your space’s vibration.

2. The metal element of chimes represent Clarity, Efficiency and Joy

Most wind chimes are made out of metal– this is because the metal element represents clarity, efficiency, and joy in Feng Shui. Think of the way that you can clearly hear the metallic cling of a wind chime, even if it’s completely foggy outside.

If you feel like your brain’s filled up with fog lately, or if you’re feeling stuck or bored, consider adding a metal wind chime to your home or garden! To achieve best results, Feng Shui recommends placing metal wind chimes in the West, Northwest, or North quadrants of your home space.

3. Wind chimes also represent wisdom, kindness and growth

On the other hand, you’ve probably seen wind chimes made out of wood, bamboo, or ceramic. If you want to receive top-notch Feng Shui results from a non-metallic wind chime, consider picking a wind chime based on its color:

  • Brown and yellow chimes represent Earth, which attract grounding energy.
  • Black represents Water. Use black wind chimes for wisdom.
  • Blue and green chimes represent Wood, which will help you to call in kindness and growth.
  • Finally, red represents Fire, which will help you to attract passion.

How to use wind chimes at home to attract good luck & prosperity?

Wind chimes on a tree branch

1. Place your wind chimes in the right direction of your house

To attract good luck and prosperity into your home, place your wind chimes in the correct quadrant of your home depending on their material.

As mentioned earlier, metallic wind chimes should go in the West, North, or Northwest corners of your home to attract joy, clarity, and efficiency. If, however, you choose wooden or bamboo wind chimes, you should place these in the East, South, or Southeast corners for best results. Finally, ceramic wind chimes should be placed in the Northeast, Southwest, or Central areas of your home.

If you don’t want to go by the direction, as a rule of thumb, try to locate the chimes where there is good flow of air.

It’s recommended that you do not place the chime in an area where hangs directly above you for long periods of time. For instance, do not hang it directly over your work desk or bed. It is best to locate the chime in a corner of a room instead of the center for this purpose.

2. Choose a wind chime with the proper number of rods

You’ll find wind chimes with a varying number of rods, or bells; this number has a meaning, too. Most of the wind chimes you come across will contain either six or eight bells, both of which are powerful numbers. Chimes with six or eight bells will work best for attracting positivity. On the other hand, chimes with five bells are great for repelling negative energy.

3. Choose hollow metal chimes for the best effect

Always try to go for all metal wind chimes and ensure that the metal rods/pipes are hollow. Hollow rods produce the best vibrations to help dispel negativity and attract positivity. You might also want to listen to the sounds produced by the chime to ensure that the sounds are crisp and clear. In-fact, it’s best to go by your intuition while buying wind chimes.

For metal chimes, it’s best to go for 6 or 7 rods as these numbers represent metal energy.

4. Set an intention before you hang the chime

To magnify the positive effects of wind chimes, consider setting an intention before you hang them. Intention setting can be as simple as holding your chime and reciting a positive mantra or desire for a few minutes while imagining your energy flowing into the chime. For instance, you can say a mantra like, ‘bring in positive energy’ or ‘fill the surroundings with good luck, prosperity and positivity.’

5. Spend a few minutes daily, listening to the chime

The gentle vibrations produced by the chimes can help clear your mind, balance your chakras, promote healing, promote relaxation and increase your vibrational frequency. So make it a habit to sit in stillness near the chime (but not directly under) and consciously listening to the sounds products. This in itself can be a powerful meditative activity.

Summing up

Even before you consider the nitty-gritty aspects of materials, colors, numbers, and Feng Shui quadrants, simply owning a wind chime can invite healing energy into your life (as long as you enjoy the wind chime’s sound, that is). If you want to up your Feng Shui and spiritual healing game, however, a strategically placed wind chime is a no-brainer!

Consider whether you want to attract positivity, repel negativity, or both, and you’ll be able to find the perfect wind chime to help you feel more positive and spiritually attuned.

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