25 Symbols of Self Love and Acceptance

Self love symbols featured

The journey toward self love is one of the most beautiful and fulfilling journeys that you will ever undertake. There are many practices that can help you in this journey, one such practice being, working with symbols.

Why symbols? Symbols carry deep meanings and can speak directly to your subconscious mind. They can serve as a constant reminder to keep taking positive actions toward loving yourself and also help reprogram your mind to let go of negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones. You can use these symbols in the form of drawings, tattoos, stickers, jewelry, figurines, prints, etc. They can also be used during meditation, journaling, ritual and energy work.

This article is a collection of various symbols associated with self love and acceptance. Take your time to go through all of them; find the symbols that resonate with you and start using them in your life. So let’s take a look at these symbols.

25 Symbols of Self Love & Acceptance

1. Rose quartz

Single rose quartz crystal
The beautiful Rose Quartz in its raw, unpolished form symbolizes accepting and loving yourself as you are with all your perceived flaws and imperfections without worrying about what other people might say or think. And by doing so moving toward reaching your true potential.

2. Peacock

Peacock symbol
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In Native American culture, peacocks symbolize self confidence, self esteem, pride, honor, integrity and self love. Peacocks dance joyfully when they sense rain while revealing their true beauty. This is why they also symbolize joy and the ability to express yourself fully without worrying about what others might say or think.

3. Giraffe

Giraffe illustration
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Giraffe is an exotic animal that symbolizes uniqueness, courage, confidence, pride and self love. Because of its long neck, the Giraffe stands out in the forest and it does so with courage and confidence. Thus the giraffe also represents your ability to stand out by accepting yourself fully and not being afraid of being different. Self love is all about accepting yourself.

4. Flower mandala

Flower mandala
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Flower mandalas are complex geometric patterns created using hundreds of overlapping circles and shapes resulting in a flower like design. They have deep spiritual meaning and are typically used for focus and concentration during meditation. Flower mandalas represent immortality, healing, self love, compassion, growth and inner connection.

5. Rhodochrosite

Tumbled Rhodochrosite
The beautiful pink Rhodochrosite is considered a stone of unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, healing and acceptance. In-fact, it is known as the ‘stone of the compassionate heart’. This stone is associated with self-love as it helps activate the heart chakra promoting feelings of love, peace, healing and happiness.

6. Pink dahlia

Pink dahlia
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The pink dahlia is a mesmerizingly beautiful flower that symbolizes self-love, kindness, compassion, beauty and feminine energy. You can use this flower or its mandala during meditation (by simply looking at it) to promote feelings of self love, inner child healing and connecting with your inner power.

7. Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline crystal
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Pink Tourmaline is a stone generally associated with unconditional love, friendship, emotional balance, peace, relaxation and joy. Meditating using this stone or simply having it near you can help open your heart chakra and promote self love and a joyful state of mind.

8. Pink Kunzite

Pink Kunzite crystal
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Just like Pink Tourmaline, Pink kunzite is a stone that is deeply connected with your heart chakra. This stone can help open your heart chakra and also create a connection between your heart and mind encouraging free flow of energy. Kunzite also helps raise your vibration, release anger and reach a state of self acceptance and understanding.

9. Amaryllis flower

Amaryllis flower
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Amaryllis is an extremely beautiful flower that symbolizes self love, self acceptance, courage, inner strength, joy, pride and determination. The name Amaryllis comes from the Greek word amarysso, which means “to sparkle. Because of its height and sturdiness, this flower encourages you to accept yourself fully and thereby move toward reaching your true potential. This flower also helps open your heart chakra and encourage feelings of self love, acceptance and worthiness.

10. Emerald

Emerald crystal
Emerald is a symbol of self love as it opens your heart and promotes feelings of unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, peace, balance and harmony. Emerald is called the “Stone of Successful Love” for this very reason.

11. Rose

Rose flower
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Roses are generally associated with romantic love but they also symbolize self love, beauty, courage and confidence. The sight and scent of a rose promotes feelings of love, calmness and relaxation in your entire being. It helps heal emotional wounds so you can begin to love yourself and others. There are a variety of ways you can incorporate roses into your life. Some of them include using the petals in a bath, growing rose plants around you so you can look at them and take in their uplifting scent and diffusing rose essential oil.

12. Heart & Bow

Heart & Bow
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The heart and bow symbol represents everlasting love and friendship. The heart in the symbol represents loving yourself and the bow represents everlasting love.

13. Dara Knot

Celtic Dara knot
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The Dara Knot is a Celtic symbol that represents inner strength, courage, self acceptance, stability and wisdom. The word Dara translates to Oak Tree. The knot represents the root system of the oak tree that holds the massive body of the tree in place. Dara knot is a symbol of self love as it encourages you to connect with your inner strength through self acceptance and awareness.

14. Hummingbird

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Hummingbirds symbolize lightness, joy, freedom, good luck, higher vibrations and living life to the fullest. It is also a symbol of self love as it encourages you to let go of things (negative emotions) that weigh you down and raise your vibration to reach your true potential.

15. Lamat

Lamat symbol
Lamat is a Mayan symbol that symbolizes self love, abundance, transformation and new beginnings. It encourages you to let go of the old through forgiveness and to embrace the new by cultivating self love, compassion and abundance. The symbol also represents the planet Venus and hence is connected with love.

16. Sapphire

Sapphire Gemstone
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Sapphire symbolizes joy, inner peace, calmness, abundance, clarity, good luck and prosperity. It helps calm the mind and strengthen intuition. Sapphire also helps free your energy helping you release feelings of guilt, hate, anger and other negative emotions that weigh you down. In doing so Sapphire helps you cultivate feelings of love toward yourself and toward others.

17. Serch Bythol

Serch Bythol
The Serch Bythol is a Celtic symbol formed by joining two triquetras. It symbolizes everlasting and unconditional love between two people. It is also a symbol that encourages you to love yourself, give love to the other and most importantly allow yourself to be loved.

18. Celtic Tree of Life

Celtic tree of life
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The Celtic tree of life symbolizes balance, harmony, strength, beauty, wisdom and longevity. The tree of life also represents the connection between the inner world and the outer word (represented by the roots and the branches). And one of the prerequisites of self love is to connect to your inner being cause only through this connection can you begin to heal. The Tree of Life also represents uniqueness and individual beauty which makes it the perfect self love symbol.

19. Swan

Swan symbol
Swans represent inner beauty, trust, self love and loyalty. Swan symbolism is also linked to inner beauty and self love. When two swans bring their necks together, they form the shape of a heart which represents love. A reflection of this shape formed within the water represents inner love or self love.

20. Butterfly

Butterfly icon
Butterfly symbolizes loving and trusting yourself when you are going through change knowing that you will come out stronger and discover your true nature and potential. Just like the changes a caterpillar has to go through before turning into a beautiful butterfly. Butterfly also symbolizes rebirth, transformation, beauty, hope, patience and joy.

21. Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle flowers
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Honeysuckle is a climbing plant with sweet smelling flowers. It is a symbol of happiness, sweetness, kindness, love and affection. It is also a symbol of self love as it reminds you to be kind toward yourself and always work toward raising your awareness (signified by the climbing plant) and reaching your true potential.

22. Self hug

Self hug
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Giving yourself a hug is one of the most powerful gestures of self love. It has been seen that hugging yourself increase levels of Oxytocin which is also known as the Love Hormone. Hugging yourself can also help you let go of stress while generating feelings of relaxation.

23. Starfish

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The Starfish is a celestial symbol of infinite divine love. It encourages you to accept yourself completely by connecting with your divine inner self.

24. Heart Chakra

Heart chakra symbol
The heart chakra is an energy center that is associated with self love, empathy, compassion, forgiving, innocence, joy, change and transformation. Meditating on your heart chakra will help activate it and thereby helping you in your self-love journey.

25. Padma Mudra

Lotus Mudra hand symbol

The Padma or Lotus mudra is deeply associated with the heart chakra. This mudra when done while chanting the seed mantra, ‘YAM’, helps open and activate your heart chakra which helps cultivate feelings of self love within.

If used correctly, symbols can play a powerful role in your self love journey. You can even combine a couple of symbols and create a unique symbol of you own. For instance, combining the Lotus and Unamole or the Padma Mudra and Heart Chakra symbols to create something unique. Also consider experimenting with different designs and colors to add uniqueness to your symbol. The more unique your symbol is, the easier you will find to memorize it. If you want a symbol included in this list, please feel free to get in touch with us. We wish you all the best in your self love journey.

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