You Have The Power to Create Your Own Reality

Buddha is known to have stated that “Life is suffering”, I am not sure what was the context in which he spoke it but it definitely gave off a wrong meaning to his followers.

Many followers of the Buddhist tradition, or the Zen tradition, are known to live in a life denying manner in response to their understanding of this teaching from Buddha.

One can never really know what Buddha meant when he made this statement or what was the context in which he spoke it, but the truth is that “life” is not suffering, but we make it into one when we live unconscious of the laws that govern it.

Life is based in joy, but you need to realize your power as a creator in order to know this truth.

You have the power to create

The mystery of life is easily solved when you start understanding that the universe is based on a specific law called the “law of attraction”. It’s possible to defy the law of gravitation (there are people who are known to levitate) but it’s not possible to defy the law of attraction.

When you believe that life is suffering, that’s exactly what you will see all around you – that’s the reason why it’s so dangerous to accept a teaching without actually understanding if there is any truth in it or the context in which it was spoken.

You have the choice to create the life that you want, and that makes you a creator, not a puppet who is being made to perform to the wishes of a higher power. Most of us live our lives in an insecure manner, worrying about their future and fighting against their present. If you realized that you control your future and your power of change lies in the now, you will not be so careless about your reactions.

It high time we stopped giving up the responsibility for our life in the hands of others and start realizing our true potential as creators.

Waking up to the truth

As human beings we have the potential to wake up to the truth of our being. We have the power of self-realization or enlightenment, which is nothing but to know our God nature or our nature as creators.

Like Yoda said in one of the Star War movies – “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter (referring to the body)”. True freedom starts when you deeply realize your true nature.

Luminous beings are we - yoda

When you know that you are “source” itself, you will no longer live in fear but will relish life simply because now you know that you are the creator of your own reality.

You can have the financial abundance you seek, you can have the most harmonious and joyful relationship and the best of health, if you only realize that your reality is completely in your control.

The life situation you are living right now is completely your making, even if it feels really incredulous to believe it – it’s the truth. No one else is responsible for your present life situation, but you. It’s true that you may have created a messed up reality because you were not aware of your power as a creator, but nevertheless it’s still your creation.

We have the capacity to create the worst life for us, as we have the capacity to create the best life possible.

Your power lies in understanding the law of attraction, to know that this universe is not functioning in a random or chaotic manner but responding to your point of attraction. What are you attracting into your life – Struggle, misery and discomfort or freedom, joy and love? It’s your choice, and you make this choice in the “now”.

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