Realizing and Unlocking Your True Inner Power

Humans are gifted with a highly evolved mind, which sets them apart from the rest of the animal kingdom.

Mind is not restricted to the brain alone, and is actually a composite whole consisting of the intelligence of the entire body, including the brain. A human mind is capable of perceiving reality in a highly evolved manner, through the combination of its senses and conditioning, but what really makes it special is its ability to conceive realities, or in other words its power of “imagination”.

A human mind has the capacity to dream up, and imagine, intricate realities which pave the way for their physical manifestation.

As humans our true ability lies in our power to “dream” and imagine; in our ability to project a new reality in our minds. It does not matter what your IQ is, as a human being each one of us is capable of imagining realities that we desire.

Every child, every adult has unique preferences, unique points of view, unique wants, needs and desires. Humans have far more complex preferences and desires than other animals on this planet and so humans have the capacity to create expanded realities at a pace much faster than other creatures.

Unlocking Your Inner Power

In-spite of possessing such an advanced imagination, humans are suffering because they are not aware of their true nature as a “creator”.

We desire, and dream, and imagine, but very few of us really “allow” the physical manifestation to flower through because we have learnt to “resist” our own desires. In this article we will discuss on how to unlock your inner power by recognizing your true nature as a “creator”.

1.) You are Not Just the Body

Our body is visible and evident, so it’s natural for us to start associating ourselves with the body.

We have a “self image” of ourselves, which is mostly our past, our conditioning and our body image. The reason why we fail to unlock our inner power is because of our limited knowledge of who we really are.

We think we are just the “body mind” organism. We are so engrossed with our “form” identity that we forget our “formless” nature. We forget that we are the “manifested” body and also the “un-manifested” consciousness which is actually the container in which all manifestations come and go.

In essence we are the “source” that has created this physical reality, and we are also the temporary creation that takes a human form. We are so identified with the “created” that we completely forget our true nature, and essence, as a “creator”.

Recognizing these “two” aspects of who we are, is the beginning of living the wholeness of life.

2.) Allow and You Will Manifest Anything You Can Imagine

Most of us have heard about the law of attraction, in that we can attract any reality that we “think” about.

This is true, we can create any reality we want simply by imagining it and “allowing” the manifestation to unfold. The problem is that most of us have strong resistance patterns operating within us, which impedes the manifestation from unfolding.

You can allow any reality to manifest by believing that it will manifest, and by expecting it to manifest. To believe, and to expect, are the two ways in which the mind becomes allowing of the manifestation. If you don’t believe, or expect, a manifestation to take place, then it will not manifest in your physical reality.

Now you know why your dreams have not become realities yet, it’s because you don’t really believe that they will manifest, you don’t really expect them to manifest. Be honest with yourself and you will know this.

3.) The Universal Force is Here to Serve You

Actually the universal force, or the higher intelligence, is also essentially “you”. So you are here to help you.

The higher intelligence part of you and the “conditioned mind” part of you are the two aspects of “you” in reality.
When these two work in harmony, then your existence becomes truly joyful and benevolent.

The “mind” is here to imagine and conceive a reality, and the higher intelligence (the source) is here to manifest the reality. The mind does not have the job of making a reality “happen”, its job is only to imagine, dream, project and prefer.

It’s the higher intelligence’s job to manifest the reality and it uses the “law of attraction” to make this happen. But the mind has to “allow” the higher intelligence to bring forth the physical manifestation.

4.) Stop Resisting Your Own Abundance

The simple answer of how to unlock your inner power is simply “stop resisting”. It’s strange, but the only reason why you are not living your dream reality, is because “you” (the mind part of you) is resisting the manifestation in some way.

Why would you resist you own abundance? Because you have a lot of limited conditioning within you. You may feel you are not worthy, that you are not good enough, that miracles can’t happen or that life is not “that easy”.

These limiting thoughts keep you from allowing the higher intelligence to channel the new reality in place.

Start believing in miracles, start believing in luck, in coincidences, in angels and in the higher order of well-being. This is a dream reality that you are living in, and anything that you desire can be manifested in this reality.

Stop being so “cynical” and stop being so “mindful” about everything. Your job is to desire and then allow the universe to bring forth the manifestation. You are not here to struggle and “work hard” to manifest your reality, you are here to just dream and allow the effortless manifestation. Who you are is an effortless creator.

Imagine how much human “effort” would be needed to build a star in the cosmos, which was so effortlessly created by the “source”.

Learning to Let Go

It’s such a paradox that all you need to do to unlock your inner power is to “relax” and let go of resistant thoughts within you.

You don’t have to do any visualization techniques or affirmations, you just need to let go of limiting thoughts. Any thought which tells you “this is not possible” is a limiting thought, any thought which tells you “this will take a lot of time to manifest” is a limiting thought, any thought with tells you “I can’t get what I want” is a limiting thought.

You are a powerful creator, start living your power by allowing your “formless” intelligence to show you how it can effortlessly manifest anything you can imagine.

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