5 Ways to Use a Selenite Wand for Healing and Protecting Your Energy

Selenite wand

Does your crystal collection contain a selenite wand? If you’d like to protect your energetic field, connect to spirit guides and ancestors, rid your other crystals of energetic gunk, or tune up your chakras, you may need to get your hands on one of these heavenly stones!

These radiant crystals can be found online, or at any store which sells crystals. You can find them in the shape of a wand, or also in the form of plates/bowls (for charging other crystals), palm stones, or towers.

What is a Selenite Wand?

Selenite wand

Selenite is a crystal named after Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon. As such, selenite has a glowing, translucent white appearance. A selenite “wand” is simply an elongated piece of selenite shaped like a stick; these can come in small, medium, and large sizes.

Spiritual practitioners recognize selenite as one of the most versatile and powerful crystals on Earth. In fact, many think that no crystal collection is complete without a piece of selenite! You can use selenite wands for a multitude of uses; these range from cleansing other crystals, to connecting with the astral realms. Let’s dive into selenite’s plentiful uses below.

5 Ways to use a Selenite Wand for healing and protection

1. Place it Under Your Pillow

Hoping to connect with your spirit guides or ancestors? Selenite, which opens the crown chakra, can help to encourage dream messages, in which benevolent spirits speak to you while you’re asleep. Simply place a selenite wand under your pillow, setting an intention to receive guidance from the spirit world before you go to sleep.

2. Carry it in Your Pocket/Bag/Purse

If you’re an empath or highly sensitive person, and you easily pick up others’ emotions as you go about your day, a selenite crystal can help.

Selenite is one of the most powerful energetic clearing and protecting crystals you can get your hands on; thus, keeping one with you as you go about your day can keep your energy feeling light, unburdened, and grounded.

To use selenite for this purpose, keep one in your pocket, bag, or purse wherever you go. Remember to take it out of your pocket before washing your clothes! In addition, when keeping selenite in a bag, treat the crystal with reverence by keeping it in a separate compartment or in a small drawstring pouch.

3. Use it For Cleansing Other Crystals

Selenite, similar to clear quartz, is a cleansing crystal; this means that you can use it to energetically purify other crystals, in the same way you’d use sage or sea salt baths.

To cleanse your crystals with selenite, first, get a piece of selenite which is larger than the crystal you want to cleanse. Simply place the crystal that needs cleansing on top of the selenite and leave it there for a few hours– I usually let my crystals rest overnight.

(Tip: don’t do this outside, as the selenite may get wet. More on that down below.)

4. Use it For Cleansing Yourself

There are two methods for cleansing yourself with a selenite wand. The first method: purifying each chakra, one at a time, or simply cleansing the chakra(s) which need a tune-up.

To cleanse your chakras, first, grab your selenite wand and move to a quiet, comfortable space (if possible). Then, simply hold the selenite wand over the chakra which needs purifying. Move the wand to the next chakra when you feel open, refreshed, and/or easeful in the chakra which you’re currently cleansing.

The second method is a quick, full-body cleanse using your selenite wand. To do this, hold the selenite wand over the top of your head, and move the wand towards your heart in broad strokes. Then, once your upper body begins to feel open and refreshed, begin moving the wand in broad strokes from your heart towards your feet.

5. Use it For Purifying and Protecting Your Space

You can place selenite crystals in your home, too, in order to keep your space energetically clean and free of negative energy and spirits. Keeping a selenite stick in every windowsill of your home prevents earthbound spirits (departed souls who haven’t yet ascended to the spirit world) out of your space. This practice also expels negative energy that you or other people may carry into your house.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Selenite Wand

1. Selenite Never Needs Cleansing

Selenite is a self-cleansing crystal. No matter how hard it works for you, you’ll never need to smudge your selenite with sage or use any other kind of cleansing method.

2. Don’t get it wet!

While running water is a great way to cleanse many other crystals, don’t use this method with selenite. Selenite is a soft stone, meaning that its chemical structure is similar to salt: it’ll dissolve in water. This means that outdoor moon or sun baths aren’t great for selenite, in case of rain (or a nearby sprinkler).

3. Use Reverence

Like any spiritual tool, you must practice reverence when using and storing your selenite wand. However, this doesn’t mean you have to perform a massive ritual each time you take out your selenite– unless that feels uplifting for you, of course!

Simply remember to treat your selenite like the precious material that it is. Handle it gently, infuse it with loving energy, show it gratitude, and store it properly. Some people like to store their selenite in silk or satin fabric; wrapping your wand in a silky scarf is one perfect example.

Other Crystals that are Similar to Selenite

The following are a few crystals that can make for a good replacement for Selenite.

1. Angelite

As the name suggests, angelite can help you connect to the higher realms by opening your crown chakra. This is another ideal stone for storing under your pillow while sleeping, if you’re hoping to encourage a dream visit; angelite’s energies facilitate a more clear connection with spirit guides and ancestors.

2. Clear Quartz

Like selenite, clear quartz is a cleansing, clearing, and energetic protecting crystal; clear quartz also never needs to be cleansed. You can use clear quartz to cleanse other crystals in the same way that you’d use a selenite wand, by placing a smaller crystal on top of a piece of clear quartz. On the other hand, though, clear quartz is a hard stone; you can get it wet.

3. Celestite

Despite their similar appearances, celestite and angelite are actually not the same crystal! Celestite is, however, another crystal which opens the crown chakra, as well as the third eye and throat chakras. As well as facilitating a connection with spirits, celestite can also enhance meditation by increasing mindfulness and focus.

4. Black Tourmaline

Both black tourmaline and selenite both have powerful impacts on empaths and highly sensitive people. These crystals are known for their energetic protection, meaning that they banish unwanted, negative energies from your energy field.

Is your heart feeling called to bring a selenite wand into your crystal collection? Trust your gut on this one. If you read this article and envisioned a more positive version of yourself working with selenite, it may be time to purchase one. Treat it with the utmost reverence and care, and you’ll receive bountiful energetic protection in exchange!

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