8 Ways to Use Green Aventurine for Good Luck & Abundance

Dark green aventurine with mica inclusions

Looking for a new crystal to add to your altar? You may have heard of green aventurine, otherwise known as the “stone of opportunity”; this earth-toned crystal is perfect for those who feel lacking in optimism or down on their luck. Read on to find out how to use green aventurine for luck, joy, and opportunity!

What is Green Aventurine?

Green aventurine, a crystal that ranges from light to dark green and sometimes includes shiny flakes of mica, is primarily a heart chakra-aligned crystal. This is, of course, due to its green color! In addition, as a variation of quartz, green aventurine is a crystal, rather than a stone.

In addition to it being a heart chakra crystal, you’ll often see green aventurine referred to as the “luckiest crystal” or the “stone of opportunity”. Similar to the way that green candles are said to call in luck, green aventurine is known for its luck- and opportunity-attracting qualities.

Benefits of Green Aventurine

1. Heals and protects your heart chakra

Again, due to its green hue, this variation of aventurine both heals and protects the heart chakra (the one which sits below your breastbone). Some indicators of a blocked heart chakra include underactive empathy, excessive emotional detachment, an inability to forgive, or a refusal to love or to allow others to love you.

Working with green aventurine can help to heal these heart wounds. In addition, those with an overactive heart chakra (i.e. those who find themselves being too empathetic) could benefit from working with green aventurine, as well.

2. Reduces electromagnetic smog

Our modern devices are convenient, but they give off a type of pollution known as “electromagnetic smog”, which can cause brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, and energetic stuckness. Crystals such as green aventurine can help!

Place a green aventurine anywhere you keep technology in your home or office: on your desk, on your bedside table, or on your entertainment center, to name a few examples. The crystal will work to soak up that “smog” so that it doesn’t affect your energy.

3. Calls in luck and opportunity

As the “stone of opportunity”, green aventurine will help you to see an abundance of opportunities all around you. More so, this crystal will inspire the courage you need to go after those opportunities, whether that means applying for that job, starting that business, asking that person out, asking for that raise, or any other act of bravery!

4. Increases joy and lightness

Green aventurine is an energetically light stone, which means it will help you to feel light, free, and joyful. If you find yourself feeling tightly wound, heavy, or lacking humor, work with green aventurine to reconnect with your playful inner child! You may find that it helps you to see the bright side of things.

5. Soothes the emotional body

Feeling some difficult emotions lately? This crystal can act as a warm hug, soothing the heart and turning down the volume on stress, anger, sadness, and the like.

This ties in with the above point: working with green aventurine will help you to see how all things, even losses and setbacks, help you to become the best version of yourself in the long run. 

6. Promotes spiritual growth

Finally, if you’re hoping to grow spiritually, emotionally, or on a personal level (such as in your career), you may benefit from working with this crystal. Since green aventurine helps you to see opportunities, and also promotes optimism, you’re likely to make leaps and bounds more quickly than normal while working with this crystal. 

Can Green Aventurine help you attract good luck & prosperity?

Yes – if you hope to call in more prosperity, work with green aventurine! Keeping this stone with you, wearing it as jewelry, or placing it in a location where you’d like to attract more luck (on your desk at work, for example), can help you to see opportunities when they arise.

How does this work, exactly? Well, in fact, numerous opportunities pass us by on a regular basis– we often don’t even pay attention to them! For example, the opportunity for a better career may present itself, but because we don’t think we’re good enough to achieve this opportunity, we disregard it. Green aventurine can help to make those numerous opportunities stand out, so that you’re more likely to go after them.

In addition, many things fall to chance; for example, what if your potential employer reads your job application while he or she is in a bad mood? Green aventurine helps to tie up these loose ends by tipping the scales in your favor.

Ways to use Green Aventurine for attracting Good Luck & Abundance

Light green aventurine

1. Sleep with Green Aventurine

Depending on your situation, you may find that keeping a small piece of green aventurine under your pillow helps you to sleep more restfully. If you find that your emotions keep you from falling asleep at night, you may benefit from using this technique, as green aventurine helps to soothe and lighten the emotional body.

2. Carry Green Aventurine with you

Want to attract more prosperity into your life? Keep a small piece of green aventurine in your pocket, bag, or purse wherever you go. The crystal will work its magic to make sure that opportunities find their way to you!  

3. Hold it while visualizing/manifesting (intention setting)

One of the most powerful ways to use any crystal is to program it with an intention. As for green aventurine: you can use it to call in luck, heal your heart, or manifest more joy, but setting a specific intention will help the crystal to focus its powers on precisely what you want.

There are a few ways to program your crystal. Start by holding or wearing the crystal during meditation. Then, you can visualize what you want the crystal to help you attract: for example, a promotion, more money, or more peace and joy. On the other hand, you can use a verbal intention, such as “I am filled with peace and joy”; in this case, you would repeat the intention silently or out loud while meditating with your crystal.

4. Place it at your home, meditation room or office

Simply keeping green aventurine near you can help you to utilize its opportunistic powers, too. As we mentioned earlier: if you’d like to call in luck, place the crystal in the area of your life where you want the luck to appear. This means bringing it to work if you want a promotion, putting it in your home office if you’re starting an online business, and so on.

In addition, since green aventurine is a powerful growth stone, you may try placing the crystal in an area of your home or workplace where you’re about to begin a new project. This could literally mean placing it in a room where you’re planning to begin some home improvement work, for example. 

Finally, if you’d like to call more joy into your life, place green aventurine in either your living room or meditation/yoga room. The former option can infuse your day-to-day activities with a sense of lightness, while the latter can help you to access that sense of joy as you undertake your spiritual rituals.

5. Wear aventurine jewelry – ring, bracelet, pendant etc.

Wearing crystal jewelry is a beautiful way to absorb any stone’s healing properties on a daily basis. You can find gorgeous pieces of green aventurine embedded into rings, bracelets, and pendants, allowing you to keep the crystal with you all day long. When you wear green aventurine as jewelry, you may want to infuse the jewelry with an intention, as described above.

6. Use it for chakra meditation

In need of a little heart chakra healing? Try using green aventurine during a heart chakra meditation! All you need to do is hold the crystal, either in your hand, or against your heart space. Then, close your eyes, get comfortable, and take a few deep breaths. When you feel relaxed, start to visualize a glowing, green ball of light in your heart center. Keep visualizing that image for a few minutes. This simple meditation will help to heal, balance, and open your heart chakra, with the help of your green aventurine.

7. Using Green Aventurine in your bath

Placing any crystal (except for soft crystals, such as selenite and calcite) in the bath with you will infuse the bath water with that crystal’s properties. In this case, you may want to bathe with green aventurine if you’re in need of more luck, joy, or emotional wellbeing. You can also use it when making a spiritual cleansing bath.

8. Keep Green Aventurine in your wallet

Finally,  you may want to keep a tiny piece of green aventurine in your wallet! This will, of course, assist you in calling in more financial abundance and “opportunity” in the area of your finances.

How to cleanse and recharge Green Aventurine?

Like most crystals, green aventurine needs cleansing every once in a while. You may have to cleanse green aventurine more or less often, depending on how hard the crystal is working for you; for example, if you use or wear it more often, you’ll need to cleanse it more often. 

There are plenty of ways to energetically cleanse this crystal. You can place it on top of a piece of clear quartz or selenite for a few hours, bathe it in Sage or Palo Santo smoke, bury it in salt or in the Earth, or even bathe it in salt water. 

Additionally, there are a few ways to “charge” your crystal; this means giving your green aventurine an extra energetic boost. The best way to charge green aventurine is to bathe it under a full moon. This will not only energetically charge your crystal, but it’ll cleanse it of negative energy, too.

Who can use Green Aventurine?

Anyone can use green aventurine, especially if you’re in need of a little luck or joy in your life. With that said, however, certain zodiac signs may be a little more in need of green aventurine’s magic!

First of all, Taureans may find green aventurine particularly comforting. Those born under a Taurus sun tend to love material comforts, and green aventurine is a prime crystal for calling in success and abundance.

In addition, Virgos tend to be notorious self-saboteurs due to their perfectionistic nature; green aventurine can help Virgos to strike up enough courage to go after those big opportunities, rather than shying away from them.

Where can you buy real Green Aventurine, and how can you verify its authenticity?

Green aventurine crystals
Green aventurine is a common crystal, found in almost any spiritual goods store which sells gemstones. In addition, you can easily find green aventurine online by searching craft marketplaces such as Etsy.

How do you know if you’ve found a real green aventurine, though? While you’ll find some subtle sparkles in some natural green aventurine pieces, you’ll be able to spot a fake by its overwhelming glitteriness– fake aventurines are extremely sparkly. Look for the ones with just a few glittering mica inclusions instead.

Other crystals to use alongside Green Aventurine

1. Clear quartz

Clear quartz is actually perfect to pair with any crystal; in addition to cleansing a crystal when it’s placed on top of clear quartz, this crystal also amplifies the properties of any crystal it’s near. Using any of the methods described above, with a green aventurine in tandem with a clear quartz, will help to double the effects!

2. Green or pink crystals such as rose quartz, amazonite, or malachite

Using green aventurine alongside any other heart chakra healing crystal can double your benefits, if you hope to open and clear your heart space. In this case, look for green or pink crystals; a few examples are rose quartz, amazonite, malachite, rhodochrosite, or green calcite.

3. Citrine

Many refer to citrine as the “money stone”; in addition, citrine is known for its bright, joyful energy. So, of course citrine is a perfect pair for green aventurine! Use citrine and green aventurine together if you hope to call in financial opportunity or to manifest more joy. 

In conclusion, if your life needs an extra boost of optimism or opportunity, get your hands on a green aventurine crystal! Whether you keep a large piece of it on your desk, wear it as jewelry, or take a small piece of the crystal in your pocket wherever you go, you’ll likely find that you’re more open to abundance, joy, and positivity as a result!

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