What Does Deja Vu Mean Spiritually? Is It a Good Sign?

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A French phrase for “already seen”, Deja Vu is that chilling feeling of familiarity that you can’t quite put your finger on. You think you may have experienced this moment before, but you can’t remember when. What does this mean? Is it a good sign, or a bad one?

Rest assured that Deja Vu is not a bad sign! Deja Vu can be a symbol of spirit communication, heightened intuition, or vibrational frequency. Below, we’ll dive into the how’s and why’s of Deja Vu.

What is Deja Vu?

We’ve all felt the eeriness of Deja Vu – that feeling that you’ve already been here, already seen this, already had this conversation, but you’re just not sure when and where it occurred previously.

For example, imagine you’re on vacation in a new place. You’ve never been here before, and yet, when walking down the street in this brand-new city, you suddenly feel absolutely positive that you’ve walked these streets before.

Sometimes, on the other hand, Deja Vu can happen in more familiar circumstances. For example, you may be having a conversation with your partner. Suddenly, you find yourself asking: “Have we talked about this already?” Whatever you’re talking about feels strangely familiar, even though you have no tangible memory of having a similar conversation.

Why does Deja Vu happen?

Deja Vu can happen for a myriad of reasons: some spiritual, some otherwise.

Science tells us that Deja Vu occurs when your brain tries to connect a present experience with a past one, and fails. This is likely true in many cases! At the same time, though, your intuition may be trying to communicate with you through the feeling of Deja Vu.

For example, you carry the energetic imprints of your ancestors from seven generations back– all the way back to your great-great-great-great-great-grandparents! These ancestors passed down experiences and wisdom to you through your cells. When you experience Deja Vu, your present experience may have just triggered ancestral patterning or intelligence. We’ll dive into this more below.

In addition, Deja Vu can point to past life experiences, evidence of a clairvoyant dream, or matching vibrational frequencies. In all of these cases, experiencing Deja Vu occurs because you’re perceiving something with one of your five senses that you have experienced before, somewhere, at some time– it may have been in this lifetime, or in another one!

Let’s get into the how and why down below.

What does Deja Vu mean spiritually?

1. You’ve Experienced This Moment in a Past Life

Your soul has actually been in existence for hundreds, possibly even thousands, of years. You’ve inhabited countless bodies and walked in countless corners of the globe. It makes sense, then, that Deja Vu can occur in any moment of our life.

Experiencing Deja Vu can mean a few different things in the context of past lives: perhaps you’ve walked this very same ground in another life, or perhaps you simply visited a place that looked similar to this one in a past life. Or, you may have just met someone that you knew in another lifetime.

2. Your Ancestral Memories are Being Triggered

As mentioned above, you carry cellular memories passed down from hundreds of your ancestors. One (or many) of your ancestors may have learned something in their lives about what you’re experiencing or will soon experience.

For example: let’s say you get that feeling of Deja Vu in a moment when you’re stressing about your finances. It’s possible that one of your ancestors lived through the Great Depression in the USA– which was not that many generations ago!– and that ancestor’s money wisdom is now being activated in you.

3. You Had a Clairvoyant Dream About This Moment

It’s possible that you possess clairvoyant abilities without even knowing it; clairvoyance means “clear seeing”, and it occurs when you mentally “see” something that is to take place in the future.

This often occurs in dreams, sometimes which you don’t even remember! Therefore, sometimes, when you get Deja Vu, it’s because you have actually previewed this moment in a clairvoyant dream.

4. Your Vibrational Frequency Matches a Person or Place

People, places, and things all carry an energetic vibration, and it’s possible that your vibration can resonate with another vibration– similar to a tuning fork.

This means that your frequency is an exact match to another person’s, to an object’s (such as a crystal), or to a physical place. Experiencing such frequency resonances can trigger feelings of Deja Vu.

What does it mean when you have Deja Vu a lot?

Experiencing frequent feelings of Deja Vu is not a bad thing– so don’t worry if you constantly feel like you’ve “already been here”! There are a few spiritual explanations to why you may experience Deja Vu often.

For one, frequent Deja Vu can simply mean that you’re on the right track and following your soul’s divine path! You laid your own path out in front of you before you were born, and you’re now making your way through that maze with the help of your spirit guides. Feeling Deja Vu is similar to seeing angel numbers (repeating numbers like 111 or 222). It’s a nod from the universe, encouraging you, reminding you that you’re doing great.

Secondly, Deja Vu can be a positive symptom of heightened intuition and a blossoming crown and third eye chakra. When your intuition is strengthened, you’re better able to see past lives and to have clairvoyant “visions”; thus, it makes sense that Deja Vu may happen more regularly.

Summing it up

If you experience Deja Vu often, remember not to worry! Rather, next time you experience this uncanny feeling, send a prayer up to both your spirit guides and your ancestors, thanking them for subtly guiding you along your path.

Deja Vu is a reminder that you are, indeed, far more than just this physical lifetime in this physical body; you’re a compilation of all of your ancestors’ lives and all of your own past lives.

Be sure to show some reverence to yourself and your deepening intuition today!

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