3 Secrets To Reach Happiness Anywhere, Anytime

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“Happiness… You have to choose it, commit to it, and want to BE it.” — Jacqueline Pirtle Author of “365 Days of Happiness

Are you happy right now?

Take a minute and really think about that question. If your answer is no, or anything other than yes, keep reading – because I have 3 secrets to help you become happier, right now.

Happiness is not something you do, it’s something you feel. Once felt, you shift into a state of feeling good — you and happiness become one.

I believe that being happy is everyone’s natural state — that you ARE happiness and that happiness IS you. Happiness is always present in you and with you – you just have to choose it.

To be happy, you have to commit to happiness, choose happiness, practice happiness, and then become one with it, fully and completely.

Below are my 3 secrets to being happy:

1. Practice finding happiness in the little things

Throw out any expectations of how your happiness has to be, because it shows up in many different ways, shapes, and sizes. So be ready!

It is also different for everyone and changes in a split second. So stay flexible!

  • If you practice conscious breathing, that right there is happiness, because every breath you take is a celebration of life.
  • If you gift someone with a smile or receive a smile, that can make you feel happy.
  • If you indulge in a cup of tea, it can be happiness for you.
  • If you have a good cry, that great release can be happiness.
  • or if you clean your house while being angry, that powerful “getting it done” energy can make you happy too.

If you feel good, it IS happiness!

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2. Be and stay resistance-free

I accept…
I respect…
I appreciate…
I thank…
I love…

…everyone that is in my awareness and everything that is happening for me. Yes you read that right, everything and everyone always happens FOR you (never to you).

Those 5 sentences release any resistance you have towards anything or anyone. As a resistance-free being you are open to receiving happiness anywhere at any time.

3. Create a “happiness environment” for your body, mind, soul and consciousness

Create a healthy “happiness environment” for every element of your being; your body, your mind, your soul, and your consciousness. When your elements as a whole are happy, then you will be happy.

Let me explain:

For your physical body: eat clean food, drink plenty of water, rest when needed, sleep enough and then some more—and exercise in a perfect way for you. A healthy physical body can be and live happy.

In your mind: recognize any thoughts of yours that do not feel good, mindfully shift them into thoughts that feel good for you, from “ugly to beautiful”, from “not enough to abundant”, from “hard to I can do this.” Practice this often and good feeling thoughts become your normal way of thinking. A healthy mind can be and live happily.

To nourish your soul: consciously acknowledge and feel anything that touches your heart — your breathing, giving and receiving a kiss or hug, holding a furry friend, smelling a decadent scent, listening to beautiful music, or indulging in a delicious treat. A nourished heart provides a healthy center for your soul to be and live happy.

To expand your consciousness: The power of your consciousness is in your “NOW.” Whether it is a deep breath you are taking right now, a glass of water you are enjoying, or a smile you receive, there is always something you can feel happy about right now. When you are mindfully present in your NOW you can be and live as happy as you wish.

In conclusion

Enjoy becoming a happiness pro with these 3 secrets. Practice them every day and be ready to reach happiness anywhere at any time.

As a result your health will peak and success and abundance will come to you. Plus you will gain a deep connection to yourself that will be rich in clarity, understanding, and wisdom.

Life will simply go right for you — because that is what being happy will do to you or anyone.

365 days of happiness

With the happiest wishes,
Jacqueline Pirtle

To learn more about Jacqueline, visit her website Freakyhealer.com and check out her latest book – 365 Days of Happiness.

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