Attract Prosperity By Improving Your Home Interiors (Here’s How)

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Our brains are attuned to appreciate beauty. This is not an external conditioning, rather the inbuilt conditioning in the human brain.

You can see this inbuilt conditioning in the way an infant reacts to beautiful colors – it’s as if we are given an innate aspect in our brain to appreciate, and enjoy, beauty in the form of colors, shapes, texture and shine.

Your brain associates beauty with goodness and prosperity

One of the most basic conditioning, that’s present in a human brain, is to naturally associate beauty with goodness.

Whether we like it or not, there is no denying the basic conditioning in our brain; it’s not something you can ever change – at best, you can try to suppress it, but nothing good comes out of suppression. Your natural reaction to beauty is always going to be one of attraction, admiration and amazement.

We associate feelings of goodness, purity and prosperity, with beauty just as we associate feelings of squalor, disdain and horror, with ugliness.

Try as you will, you can’t change these reactions – you are bound to feel a sense of repulsion towards something that your perceive as ugly, and attraction towards beauty.

Considering this, here are 5 things you can do today to change your room’s interiors and start attracting prosperity.

1. Become aware of your room’s interiors

Look around your room, and get a sense of what your brain feels. (This could be the room that you spend most of your time in – your work room, bed room or living room)

Look at the elements in your room, don’t just gaze through them, but really look and be aware of what your reactions are. The elements can be the colors in your room, the shape of your walls, the lighting, the furniture, the fabrics used for the curtains, the carpet, the bed-sheet – you get the idea?

For each element that you audit this way, get a sense of your brain’s natural response. Does it feel good? Does it feel a sense of attraction towards the elements present in the room? Does it feel inclined to admire or does it feel repulsed?

a. Elements that create a good feeling: The elements in your room that generate a good feeling are the ones that your brain perceives as beautiful. You want to keep these elements.

b. Elements that create a neutral feeling: The elements that create a neutral feeling are the ones that your brain is not really impressed with but doesn’t mind, you can leave these elements around if you have no choice.

c. Elements that create a negative feeling: The ones that create a sense of gloom, disdain or repulsion, are the elements that your brain associates ugliness with. You must look to do away with these elements, either re-decorate it or get rid of it.

If your brain does not associate goodness with an element in your room, it will have a subconscious impact of creating a sense of negativity in your brain.

This process which can be looked at as a “conscious auditing” of your interiors; it’s like taking a very “aware” account of your reaction to the elements in your room.

2. Start with the declutter

You should start with just cleaning up and removing the unnecessary elements that don’t contribute to a sense of goodness in your mind.

Give away the things that you don’t really need, and which don’t contribute towards creating a good feeling.

You can either give it away for free or for a nominal amount, think of it as an act towards prosperity instead of feeling stingy about giving something away.

3. Visualize the positive changes

You may ask – what if I don’t like some elements in my room, but can’t afford to change it.

The point is that you don’t really have to go on an impulsive shopping binge. Instead, take your time with redecorating your interiors – slow and steady is the short mantra.

Over-excited endeavors don’t always produce good results, a dose of patience goes a long way in creating quality.

If you don’t like an element in your room, which you can’t afford to change presently, then just spend some time envisioning the changes you wish to make.

Your brain has a very powerful ability to attract what it desires, if you would only stop hampering it with negativity.

While you hold this thought in your brain, you will start getting some ideas on how to make some “temporary” changes, while eventually moving towards the ideal that you wish for – sometimes you can’t get to your ideal without making step-by-step, small and gradual, changes.

4. Prime your brain for prosperity

Anything beautiful always creates a sense of prosperity within.

The easiest way to put your brain in a mode of prosperity is to ensure that you are always looking at beautiful elements. Sights, sounds, tastes and texture (touch) are the aspects that influence our feelings – when these aspects are beautiful the feeling is one of goodness and prosperity.

All these aspects can be deemed equally powerful, but one would not disagree that images are the easiest to work with.

If your home interiors “look” beautiful, the image of it will allow your brain to hold a feeling of prosperity effortlessly which in turn will get reciprocated towards the attraction of further beauty which brings further prosperity into your home.

5. Make a conscious effort to let go of elements that do not serve you

It will take some effort to consciously audit your interiors, and do away with elements that don’t contribute to the feeling of goodness. Don’t give in to a mindset of “whatever”. This mindset is rooted in lethargy, cynicism and a blah attitude stemming from an inner sense of gloom.

Every human being is innately attracted to beauty, and we owe it to ourselves to experience this feeling of goodness that beauty brings, which in turns brings prosperity. Anyone who says that they don’t desire prosperity are either lying or just disconnected with their innate being.

The quote below does a good job of capturing the essence of owing up to your inner drive towards self growth.

“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anyone or anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.”– Robert Tew

Your home is where you wake up and its interiors present the first image to your brain. You will see the immense difference it makes to your sense of well-being when you wake up in a beautiful setting.

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