7 Ways to Use Black Tourmaline for Protection

Black tourmaline

Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl, is often regarded as the world’s most powerful protective gemstone. It was first discovered around 1400 AD in a small village in Saxony, Germany, and has since been utilized in civilizations around the world to ward off evil spirits and provide personal healing. Continue reading to see how you can use this potent crystal in your own life.

Is Black Tourmaline good for protection?

All black crystals are considered to be protective in nature as the black color is thought to absorb negativity.

However, when compared to other crystals, Black Tourmaline has a composition that is distinct. It is formed deep underground as a result of hydrothermal activity and the presence of specific minerals. As a result, this stone has a high concentration of iron and manganese, giving it magnetic qualities that can provide potent psychological and spiritual protection.

Due to its electrical nature, tourmaline is also thought to be a very effective grounding stone, since it helps to form a barrier between you and any negative energies.

7 ways to use Black Tourmaline for protection

1. Place Black Tourmaline by your front door to block negative energy

Black Tourmaline is often placed by the front door as it prevents negativity from entering the home and shields the area in a positive light. You may also wish to recite a mantra over the crystal to charge it with a specific intention, such as harmony and happiness.

2. Use Black Tourmaline to create a defense grid for your home

Black Tourmaline is regarded as one of the most effective crystals for creating a defense grid. Simply place a tourmaline crystal in each of the four corners of your home, ensuring that they are upright or facing outwards. If your house is oddly shaped, you may want to use more crystals. This is the most basic grid you can make, but if you want something more advanced, there are various instructions for more complex grids online.

3. Keep Black Tourmaline in your bedroom for restful sleep

Black Tourmaline is an effective crystal for warding off nightmares as it is believed to be able to trap spirits. Just place one of these crystals at the end of your bed for night-long protection.

You can also try placing a tourmaline crystal on your nightstand or under your pillow. Having tourmaline in your bedroom will improve the vibration in the air and help to transform negative emotions, such as anger, into positive ones. This will aid in more restful sleep.

4. Carry tourmaline in your car for safe driving

Due to its strong protective properties, Black Tourmaline can be placed under the driver’s seat of your car to aid a safe journey. It will also help you to concentrate while driving and keep you calm in periods of heavy traffic.

5. Carry Black Tourmaline with you to protect from psychic attacks

Black Tourmaline is revered as a talisman for its ability to shield against psychic attacks and other forms of negative energy. Psychic attacks are often unintentional, caused by strong feelings of jealousy or resentment, and can manifest in several ways; both physically and mentally. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed or down, keep a piece of tourmaline in your pocket or wear it as a necklace, to rid yourself of negative energy and rebalance your emotions.

6. Use Tourmaline to shield your energy from radiation

This crystal is a powerful EMF shield so try placing it next to your laptop or by your phone at night. This will protect you from the harmful effects of EMF radiation which can manifest as anxiety, brain fog, and insomnia.

Having Black Tourmaline near you when you are working will also help you to achieve mental clarity and help with creativity. In addition, the potent grounding properties of this stone will help you to be more understanding and courteous of others.

7. Drink water charged with tourmaline to release negative emotions

Water is an excellent element to use alongside Black Tourmaline as they complement each other so well. Try charging your water bottle with the cleansing energy of Black Tourmaline to revitalize yourself in the morning, especially if you have a big day ahead.

To do this, place several tourmaline crystals around your water bottle and then sit quietly, concentrating on your breathing. Imagine the protective energy of the tourmaline crystals being absorbed by the water. As you sip it throughout the day, you will feel more energetic and empowered. This practice is thought to be especially useful for empaths since the water aids in the flow of emotions while the Black Tourmaline protects your energy from outside influences.

Note: It is not recommended to put Black Tourmaline directly into water as chemicals in the crystal can mix with the water which can be harmful when ingested.

What is the best way to cleanse Black Tourmaline?

It is important to cleanse all crystals regularly to rid them of any negative energy that has been absorbed. This can be done in a number of ways with Black Tourmaline. Perhaps the simplest way is to run your crystal under the tap for a few minutes. However, be careful not to do this for too long as it can damage the crystal. Alternatively, you can cleanse Black Tourmaline using incense (White Sage is considered to be the most effective due to its highly potent purification properties). Simply light your incense and wave the smoke over your crystal.

You can also cleanse Black Tourmaline by placing it out in direct sunlight for 1-2 hours. Depending on how often you use your crystal, you should aim to cleanse it roughly every two weeks.

What is the right way to charge Black Tourmaline?

After you have cleansed your crystal, you will need to charge it with your intention. You can do this by focusing on your wants or desires while holding the tourmaline in the palm of your hand. After this process, you should carry the stone around with you for a few days to enhance your bond with it.

What is the best time to work with Black Tourmaline?

Black Tourmaline can be used whenever you need emotionally grounding or when you need to focus. It is particularly beneficial when you first wake up in the morning, to set your mind for the day ahead. Simply hold a piece of Black Tourmaline in your hands and concentrate on exhaling all of your negative emotions, concerns, and worries. You will immediately feel lighter and stronger. It is also a good idea to keep a tourmaline stone in your bedroom to aid your sleep.

Other crystals to use alongside Black Tourmaline to enhance protection

Every crystal has its own unique energy. By pairing certain crystals together, you can enhance their effects and tailor them to a particular need.

1. Selenite

Selenite samples

Selenite is thought to be an excellent pairing for Black Tourmaline, especially in protection grids. The combination of dark (Black Tourmaline) and light (selenite) creates the perfect balance for when you need strong protection or when you wish to cleanse a space. Other crystals that work well with Black Tourmaline include:

2. Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is a brownish grey variety of quartz that has many properties similar to Black Tourmaline. It is especially beneficial for opening the upper chakras. If you are feeling depressed or anxious, this combination will work wonders to clear any blockages in your chakras and help you to let go of any feelings of anger or resentment.

3. Obsidian

Black obsidian
Obsidian is a powerful cleansing stone that can help with both mental and physical ailments. Pair obsidian with Black Tourmaline to help ground you and reach a sense of calmness. Snowflake obsidian is a particularly good pairing with Black Tourmaline when you require determination to achieve your desires. This stone will provide you with a sense of stability and insight while the Black Tourmaline will shield you from outside influences.

4. Citrine

Yellow Citrine crystal

Citrine is believed to harness the power of the sun to bring light into all aspects of your life. When paired with Black Tourmaline, citrine will work to balance your emotions and help you to find the inner courage to tackle any task while Black Tourmaline purifies your energy.

Points to bear in mind

When working with Black Tourmaline, it is important to remember that this is not a self-cleansing stone. Black Tourmaline is known as the ethereal vacuum cleaner of the crystal kingdom because it literally absorbs all negative energies from its surroundings. For this reason, it needs to be cleansed regularly to keep it working effectively.

You will also need to ensure you store your Black Tourmaline in a safe place away from children and pets, as the delicate striated layers of this stone can easily shatter.


Black Tourmaline is a crystal that should be in every person’s collection! In our modern world, we are constantly surrounded by electronic devices and negative energies that can affect our well-being. Having a tourmaline crystal will help to shield you from these, and therefore help you to feel stronger and more confident so you can focus on living life to the fullest!

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