Stop Worrying With This Simple Secret To Predict The Future

Perhaps not those exact words, but certainly similar words with the meaning behind them. We all inherently want to know where we are going and what we are doing at some point.

Predicting the unknown to make it a known is what makes us feel safe, right? If I make a decision, I want to know it’s going to lead me to the land of joy, no matter what.

Can you actually predict the future?

As a professional counselor, I have the luxury of listening to people’s stories all day long.

I ride the emotional roller coaster with them while watching the events that transform their every thought and move at that time in their lives. I navigate the endless fears that come from the nonstop unknowns they face.

For me, it’s like watching an ongoing movie wondering how it’s going to play out, on the edge of my seat, holding out for the happy ending. My job is to help them see the life preservers that are slightly out of their view and the flowers that are waiting to be made into bouquets that grow right of the mud.

If you pay close enough attention, they are absolutely everywhere.

Because of my years of experience of watching and listening to others, as well as living my own roller coaster of a life, I have become quite adapt at predicting the future.

Sometimes the movies become so obvious to me, I want to fast forward and tell them how it’s going to end, but I know that’s not actually my role.

So we watch together, take the dark and windy turns, hold our breaths and exhale and laugh when we rewind and see all the parts where we questioned what would happen next. And I am always honored to be an invited guest in the portion of their life I’ve been included in.

I will share with you what I’ve learned over the years as fact. And I encourage you to consider this practice as you hone in on your natural predictive capabilities.

Decision making and fear of outcomes

As a human, you have likely questioned your decisions at times and included all the possibilities of what can go wrong and how to avoid them.

Your predictions may include “what if I lose all my money or security or get hurt or sick or am rejected or worst of all, am embarrassed in front of others!” And suddenly our minds run us into dark alleys with creatures from foreign lands that had nothing to do with our original concern.

The thought train of fear. We’ve all bought the ticket at some point.

We know fear is immobilizing. We know it stops us in our tracks. And yet often, we think of our fear as keeping us feeling secure, even if it makes us feel insecure. We’re funny like that.

We want a guarantee of the outcome so we can plan accordingly.

How can I make a solid, safe decision without knowing?

It’s simple, we practice knowing.

The one true knowing we can hold on to, that has never actually let us down. The act of Trust. Of employing Faith.

The knowing that no matter what, we are always going to be okay.That everything always, always, always works out. It’s simple, yes, but easy? Not for most.

We’re looking for proof of this fact. And luckily, that proof is available.

When you turn around in your life and look back at the times you worried and questioned the future, where you made all your predictions of what could go wrong, how often did those fears comes to fruition? Rarely, if ever.

And even the ones that did, what gain came from them? What positive outcome came from what you believed was going to be life shatteringly negative? And how much time and sleep did you lose swimming in the fear of what would never come to be rather than appreciating what is real and valid now in the present moment?

But here’s the other truth, when you look back again at those challenging times in your life that were heart wrenching and painful.

Would you have chosen them if you knew they were going to happen?

Would you have chosen that job if you knew you’d eventually be wishing you were anywhere else but there? Would you have loved another with all your heart if you knew the relationship would end? Would you have chosen to have your child if you knew you’d spend sleepless nights trying to mentally ensure they were going to be safe and happy? Maybe. Or maybe not.

If we knew the painful parts and outcome of all of our decisions and events in our lives that are meant to help us grow, we could easily choose to avoid all the discomfort that leads us to even more sustainable joy and happiness.

We would lose the opportunities that taught us our greatest strength and allowed us to face even more fears and become the most courageous version of ourselves.

Trusting In The Process Of Life

When we trust in the process of life, that no matter what comes next, we are going to be more than okay, what do we have to lose? If you need evidence, turn around and look at your past.

Look at the events that have guided and taught you all that you know. A knowing and understanding you wouldn’t have without them.

Trust is the antidote to fear

If we know and believe we are protected and that no matter what happens, something good will come of it, guaranteed, we are left with complete assurance that we are safe and cared for.

And isn’t that what we really are looking for? It’s available to all of us.

Trust is the antidote to fear. It always has been and always will be. And we know what it feels like. We go to sleep at night, trusting that we will wake up the next day.

It’s the knowing that all is well. The knowing we often feel for others, but slows down when it comes to our own life. Feel it, own it, it’s yours.

If you want to predict the future, you can. Follow your own senses, let go of the worst case scenarios and trust that whatever happens is for the absolute best.

Go right ahead, live your life with the knowing that everything always works out…and you get to live the life you choose.

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