10 Tips on How to Become a Calmer Person And Handle Pressure Better

Written by: Kesh M

It is well accepted that being a calm person under pressure helps you remain more mentally and physically healthy. Even your immune system works better when you are not under stress. A person who remains calm under pressure is also far more likely to deal with situations with more thought and efficiency. Being able to effectively deal with problems is a very necessary quality for someone who wants to be successful at whatever they do. A person who can remain calm is also likely to find more pleasure in life. There are few worse feelings than feeling highly stressed under pressure.

So it is really important in life to be able to remain calm when under pressure. It will make you healthier, more successful, and happier. That’s a pretty significant set of benefits I’m sure you would agree. Luckily being a calm is a skill that can be improved with a little know how. So for the benefit of the rest of your life, here are my top 10 tips on how to become a calmer person.

10 Tips on How to Become a Calm Person

1.) Accept that things will not go always go according to plan in life. Whenever you try anything it is inevitable that obstacles will get in your way. It’s how you deal with them that counts. Instead of referring to them as ‘problems’ think of them as challenges.

2.) When in a stressful situation, breath slowly and deeply. You will be amazed at how calming this is.

3.) If possible, leave the stressful situation for a while and allow your mind to calm. It will be far easier to find a solution after some time out. If you are talking about a subject that is stressing you out, change the subject for a while.

4.) Take regular exercise. Our bodies are designed to do far more physical work than most of us do. Exercise can help us burn off excess energy and frustration, leaving us far calmer generally.

5.) Eat a healthy balanced diet. Many studies have been done that show that childrens’ behaviour significantly improves when they are eating a healthy balanced diet. The same is true for adults.

6.) Try meditation and self hypnosis. Disciplines such as these can significantly help calm the mind. They also get our minds used to being calm, helping in both the long and short term.

7.) Consider yourself a calm person. Often what we tell ourselves is what we become. Why not tell yourself you are a calm person? People really admire this quality, and it is something to be proud of.

8.) Remember, most things that we worry about or get stressed about are almost never as bad as we first think. Don’t jump the gun and waste your energy worrying over nothing.

9.) Also remember that there is no point worrying over something that you cannot control. If the traffic is bad and is causing you to be late, worrying will not speed you up. You may as well turn up late and calm, rather than late and stressed.

10.) Remember, a calm mind can resolve almost any situation, whereas a stressed mind often makes things worse. Take the easy route and remain calm.

Read these 10 points a few times, and let them sink in. Perhaps even print them out and stick them on your wall or fridge, and re-read them regularly. Of course reading these tips is not enough. You must also practice using them in your day to day life. If you follow these tips then you will definitely become a much calmer person. People will probably notice a change in you, and may even compliment you for it. Very quickly you will be healthier, happier and more successful. What more could you possibly ask for?!

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