4 Secrets To Manifest Whatever You Want in Your Life

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Have you ever used Google? Stupid question right.

Asking if you have ever manifested before is also just as stupid a question.

Of course you have, we manifest every single day. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The problem is that most of us don’t know that we are manifesting, therefore we don’t know how to control it. Manifesting is just like using Google.

You type your desired outcome in Google, such as: “What is a good diet for hypothyroidism?”

Google translates your request into a binary code of 1s and 0s that we do not perceive.

Google then uses its algorithmic forces to find binary codes in the endless list of possibilities that match your binary codes and then you get whatever it is that you asked for.

That is exactly how our model of the Universe works, but until now, you did not really understand it.
We’re fixing all that in this article.

Here’s how manifestation works in the real world

Here’s a beginner’s guide to how manifestation works in the physical world that we live in. This will help you figure out the main reason why things are manifesting your life. We will then look at what you can do to change this and manifest things that you want.

1. Your thoughts are shaped by the society

Your family and society at large shape who you are, what you think and what you feel about the major experiences you will have throughout your life; your experiences surrounding money, success, love, and any and everything else.

Your thoughts and therefore your feelings around these topics are literally programmed by your family and society over time. You learn how to think and you learn how to feel.

For example, some people learn to think that money is scarce, money is the root of all evil, people who have a lot of money are snobs and the list goes on and on. By learning to think these things, these people learn what emotions to have about money. You learn to have fear and feel that it is hard to get money.

Your thoughts, which translates roughly into your emotions are like your Google search. You use your thoughts and emotions to request whatever it is that you want to create from the Universe.

Your thoughts and emotions are then translated into quantum particles. These quantum particles are mirrored by the Universal force which orchestrates everything in the Universe, and it brings you the physical life experience that matches the quantum particles you send out.

This is just like how Google sends you the binary code in the form of useful information that matches the binary code you searched for.

2. Your beliefs create your reality

Your mind, which can be divided into your conscious and subconscious mind, is directly connected to the Universal mind, quantum field of all possibilities or the Universal force which creates everything that exists and orchestrates reality.

Through your thinking and emotions, you engage with this powerful force, causing your dominant emotions to manifest in your life through the law of attraction. The law of attraction is merely the Universal law that the quantum field of all possibilities applies to pull the quantum particles emitted by your thoughts and emotions together towards the quantum particles of life experience which match.

You use this all the time. This is how you create everything that you experience in your life.

3. Your limiting beliefs block you from experiencing the life you want

Your life isn’t the way you want it because of limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are the thoughts and emotions programmed into your conscious and subconscious minds from your family and society at large about the things you will experience in your life.

For example, growing up thinking money is hard to get will only allow you to experience difficulty in making money. Growing up with parents who were not good relationship role models, normally has the effect of causing you to attract people and relationships into your life that mirror the relationship you saw growing up as a child.

These limiting beliefs limit our thoughts and our emotions, and therefore limit what we experience in our lives.

The limiting beliefs, coupled with the fact that we had no idea that we could control what we experience, is responsible for the undesired effects.

Often our conscious minds and our subconscious minds are out of sync.

For example, we may consciously want to be rich but subconsciously the belief that we don’t deserve to be rich is programmed deep into our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the aspect of our mind that is in direct contact with the Universal force that is needed to mirror our requests to bring about what we want.

If your conscious and subconscious mind aren’t aligned, you will not get favorable results. You will either get a mixed result, or you will get the result that is buried in your subconscious mind. In this case, more lack of money because you don’t think you deserve it.

Your life isn’t the way it is because of limiting beliefs, lack of education on this vital skill that you possess and misalignment of your conscious and subconscious minds.

What do I need to know about how this skill works?

Our physical reality which we have grown to know and love and believe, is only one side of our vast, immeasurable reality.

Our senses are very limited. They allows us only to see the part of reality they are designed to detect.

For example, we have used our cranial capacity to develop devices which can perceive elements of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum which we cannot readily detect such as radio waves and UV light.

If we only relied on our senses, we would deny the existence of this aspect of reality. This knowledge will help us to accept that there is a world out there which we cannot readily perceive but is the precursor for our perceived reality.

The quantum world, or the microscopic world of quantum particles such as atoms, electrons, quarks and bosons, is the inexhaustible, immeasurable invisible world which allows our physical world to exist and operate as it does.

From the view point of the quantum world, we are not separate from our environment. We are fundamentally made of the same quantum particles and these particles continue to communicate with each other through different frequencies of energy.

As it relates to bringing our creations to life using the quantum world, there is a quantum field of all possibilities through which we can bring anything into existence through our subconscious minds.

The quantum world is an everlasting invisible world made up of quantum particles which flicker in and out of physical existence. Everything in material existence at its most fundamental level is made up of particles from the quantum world, which means through our connection with the quantum world, we can bring anything we want into material existence.

How can I use this knowledge to deliberately create the life I want?

So here are the four steps that will help you manifest whatever you want and desire in life.

Step 1: Re-educate yourself

The first step is to re-educate yourself on our current model of reality and existence.

You have to now employ an open mind and accept the fact that the working model we have about our lives is largely insufficient.

Learn about the quantum world, what is, how it exists and how it shapes our physical world.

Step 2: Become aware of your limiting beliefs

The second step is awareness of our limiting beliefs.

When we analyze them and become aware of them, we can start to get rid of them. We can use subliminal audio, affirmations and video messages as well as subconscious mind reprogramming to erase and replace these beliefs.

Whatever you want to put into your mind, you can find a video on YouTube.

Listen to and watch these videos for 21 days at a time for best results. Remember, our brains learn by repetition.

50 powerful quotes on Rev. Ike on how to manifest wealth, health and positivity

Step 3: Realize that you already have what you desire on a quantum level

The third step is realize that you already have everything you desire on the quantum level. You just need to bring it across into our tangible world through the interaction with your subconscious mind and the quantum field of all possibilities.

You bring your desires across through your emotions, which are directly connected to your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is mostly responsible for your creations; it is what matters the most. The conscious mind will only try to create based off that which you have experienced already. It is limited. Your subconscious mind however is not. You must pay attention to cultivating feelings in respect to that which you desire, irrespective of negative thoughts and doubts you may have.

Step 4: Stop creating time resistance

Lastly, refrain from creating time resistance. The Universe created you. This means it knows more about you and more about what is appropriate for you and when it is appropriate for you.

When you manifest, do not force it to come across when you think it is best. Your perspective is too limited to know when the best time for you is. Enjoy your present moment and hold fast to the security you have from knowing that that which you desire is already in existence in the quantum form and the Universe is bringing it to you at the most appropriate time.

By becoming anxious and disappointed when it does not show up when you expect, you create time resistance by doubting and push your desires even further away from you.

Relax and let the Universe take its course.

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