5 Simple Gestures That Will Strengthen Your Relationship

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The happiness engendered in a harmonious and fulfilling relationship is the celebration of life itself, no wonder people from all walks of life are looking for that dream partner with whom they can share themselves.

Once you find such a relationship it’s important to sustain and nurture it. Here are a few simple tips on how to build, and strengthen, the bonds of your relationship.

5 ways to strengthen your relationship

All of us have the need to have that one special person in our life with whom we share ourselves completely.

It’s not just enough to find that special person, or even get married, what’s important is how you maintain the closeness and fulfillment in your relationship.

Here are a few simple tips to help you achieve this state.

1.) Find avenues to compliment your partner

Stop finding faults in your partner and look for avenues of appreciation. Do this consciously, in a dedicated manner.

Some minds are wired to find negatives more easily than positives, especially when they have been subjected to negative conditioning during childhood.

But now that you are an adult you need to come out of unconscious negative patterns in your conditioning, and work towards being a more positive person.

Love is rooted in appreciation, not criticism.

2.) Be as romantic as you can be

The relationships that stay the long course are the ones where the partners have a romantic inclination to their nature.

Some people are born romantics, and they are usually the ones who find themselves in harmonious relationships, but if being romantic does not come to you naturally then you can always work on developing this aspect into your nature.

It’s easy to romance your partner, surprise them with gifts every now and then, send them a love message frequently, express your love in words and just open out your heart to your partner.

3.) Bond with your partner at the emotional level

Many relationships, that break up quickly, are the ones that are stuck on the surface level, where the partners don’t make the effort to deepen their emotional bond.

We humans are emotional beings, with our sentiments, drama and dreams. Our emotions spice up our lives, for better or worse. There is a deep need within us to share our emotional space with another person, but we are also afraid of being hurt or rejected.

So it’s important to be open with your emotions in your relationship, and be willing to emphasize with the emotions of your partner.

Get to know the emotional space of your partner, and be the anchor that provides support and strength.

4.) Avoid manipulating your partner

Some of us got so used to manipulating our parents to get us the things that we wanted, as a kid, that we start using the same strategies, as adults, in our relationships.

In many cases we tend to manipulate people unconsciously to get them to meet our needs. As humans, we can sense integrity and authenticity in other people.

If your partner sense that you are being manipulative then he/she will lose respect for you, and this will dent your relationship in the long run. Be open and express your desires, you don’t have to use manipulative strategies to get your needs met.

5.) Don’t take your relationship for granted

Many of us tend to make the error of taking our relationships for granted, until we hit a situation of crisis after which we end up doing damage control.

A less stressful way of life is when you continually invest time and energy into sustaining, and harmonizing, your relationship. A relationship is a bond that needs to be nurtured through constant care. Be willing to invest time, money, and your energy, into strengthening your relationship.

Go out for dates, take vacations together, get to know each other deeply, work on your differences, sort out conflicts and strengthen your trust. Yes it needs patience and dedication, but it’s worth it.

The relationship you share with your partner is like a plant that needs to be continually protected and nourished. There is no substitute for genuine love and care if you want to sustain, and improve, your relationship.

The joy of a fulfilling relationship is well worth all the energy, and effort, you invest in it.

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