25 Symbols of Patience To Help Bring More Patience Into Your Life

Patience symbols

If you are trying to cultivate more patience into your life, then symbols can be of great use as symbols speak directly to your subconscious mind.

This article is a collection of 25 powerful symbols of patience. You can choose a symbol or multiple symbols that resonate with you and use it in your life. Whenever you look at your choosen symbol(s), it will serve as a reminder to let go of restlessness, come into the field of now and practice patience. So let’s look at these symbols.

25 Symbols of patience

1. Camel


The camel is the ultimate symbol of endurance and patience. These animals spend their lives traveling vast distances across scorching desert terrain in search of food and shelter. They never waiver on their mission and they never give up. They remind us to keep working towards our goals, no matter what obstacles we face. Life can be difficult, but perseverance and patience are the keys to achieving our dreams.

2. Aster flower

Aster flower

The Aster flower (or star flower) has a long cultural history dating back to Ancient Greece and has been an integral part of many legends. According to Greek Mythology, these flowers were created from the tears of the Goddess Astraea because she was upset at the lack of stars in the sky. In Victorian times, aster flowers became closely associated with charm and elegance due to their delicate appearance.

Today, they are a strong symbol of love and patience. For this reason, they are considered the 20th wedding anniversary flower to symbolize endurance and dedication in a relationship.

3. Elephant

Elephants are gentle creatures, characterized by their large build and slow, steady movements. So, it’s no surprise that these magnificent creatures have become closely associated with patience and endurance. An elephant can cause a lot of damage if it wants to, but they never attack unless threatened.

If you dream of an elephant, it is often a sign that you need more patience in life or that you need to let go of something that is holding you back.

4. Pearls

Pearls have long been associated with wisdom gained through experience, as well as femininity, purity, and patience. Due to their stunning iridescent appearance, pearls are often associated with the moon. As a result, they are said to have a calming and protective effect on anyone who wears them.

So, the next time you are feeling frustrated, try wearing a pearl necklace or keep a pearl in your pocket to help you be more patient and achieve clarity of mind.

5. Seahorse

Sea horse
Seahorses aren’t known for being great swimmers! Instead, they bob around slowly in the water, using only their tails to anchor them when the sea gets rough. Call in the seahorse as your spirit animal when you need the strength and endurance to get through rough emotional times.

6. Japanese Ume flower

Japanese Ume flower
In the eighth century, the Japanese Ume flower (or plum blossom) was highly revered as a symbol of longevity, patience, and elegance. They are known to be resistant to temperature changes, flowering from mid-February through to the end of March, so are also regarded as symbols of strength and endurance. They remind us that no matter how bad life gets, spring (associated with growth and new beginnings) will still arrive at our door.

7. Koi fish

Koi fish
Koi fish live long lives and are known to be incredibly hardy. As a result, they have become closely associated with perseverance, strength, patience, and courage. According to Ancient Chinese mythology, a large school of Koi fish was trying to swim up the Yellow River. After 100 years, a single Koi was finally able to jump up to the top of the waterfall. The Gods were so impressed by the patience and endurance of the fish that they turned it into a golden dragon. Today, many people get tattoos of Koi fish to symbolize their resilience through tough times.

8. Emerald

The vibrant green color of emeralds reminds us of the birth of Spring and all that it entails. These gemstones are thought to bestow us with wisdom, compassion, and the ability to renew ourselves. When worn, they can help us to see things clearly so we can act rationally rather than impatiently. They are also thought to be great aids for meditation.

9. Japanese Maple

Japanese maple leaf
The Japanese Maple has a rich history of symbolism in Japan, China, and other Asian countries. In Japan, they are often called ‘Kito’ (meaning relaxation and rest), which refers to their natural beauty and peaceful nature. It is said that sitting in front of a Japanese Maple will promote serenity and keep your body stress-free. As a result, they are a popular feature in Japanese gardens.

10. Shuni mudra (Seal of patience)

Shuni Mudra
Shuni Mudra (also known as the seal of patience) is one of five sacred hand gestures used by Buddhist and Hindu cultures. Its name is derived from the Sanskrit word Saturn; a planet associated with self-discipline. When we use this hand gesture, we take accountability for our actions while remaining patient and understanding. To perform Shuni Mudra, simply press your thumb and middle finger together.

11. Chinese bamboo

Chinese bamboo tree
The natural world can teach you many valuable lessons. As the saying goes: “All things come to those who wait.”

Chinese bamboo is one of the best plants to demonstrate this because no growth is seen for the first five years of their life. Chinese bamboo begins to grow only after it has absorbed all of the nutrients, water, and sunlight it needs. This teaches you to be patient in your daily life. The road to success can be long but if you practice endurance, you will eventually reap the benefits of your efforts.

12. Baobab tree

Baobab tree
The Baobab tree is highly regarded in many African cultures as a symbol of life, resilience, and positivity in adversity. These trees grow in harsh arid environments, eventually towering over neighboring flora. In fact, these trees can live for up to 5000 years and reach heights of 30 meters! They teach us to push through hard times and remain patient, no matter how hard life gets.

13. Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the world’s most popular medicinal herbs. It is commonly brewed as a tea to help with nerves, anxiety, and restful sleep. Due to their bright yellow centers, they were also closely associated with the light and positivity of the sun in Ancient Egyptian times. Thanks to their rich history, chamomile flowers are now universally recognized as symbols of peace, rest, and patience.

14. Nya Abotere

Nya Abotere
Nya Abotere is an Adinkra symbol from Ghana’s Akin tribe. The meaning of the symbol is to be patient when faced with challenges or uncertainty. Nya Abotere is commonly used to decorate fabrics and pottery as a symbol of wisdom, peace, and strength.

15. Mandalas

Circular mandala symbol
Mandalas are elaborate geometric patterns that form a circle. In many cultures, particularly Buddhism and Hinduism, the multiple layers are thought to represent the spiritual journey to enlightenment. They are primarily used as aids in meditation practices because the repetitive patterns are said to induce a state of serenity and focus.

Mastering the intricacies of a Mandala requires patience and endurance, both of which are essential for spiritual enlightenment.

16. Pelican

Pelicans are known to sit and wait for an opportunity (such as a tasty dinner!) to present itself. Since Ancient Egyptian times, this trait, combined with their peaceful and social natures, has solidified them as one of the world’s most powerful animal symbols.

Pelicans appear as spirit guides when everything seems to be going wrong. They serve as a reminder to be patient and persevere until the time comes to seize that elusive opportunity – timing is everything!

17. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is known to be an incredibly resilient plant that can withstand droughts for months at a time. The Ancient Egyptians even named it the immortal plant for its ability to heal itself. Native to Arabia, the word aloe simply means ‘patience’ and serves as a reminder to stay strong and practice endurance throughout your life. When you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed, this plant is ideal to have in your home because its healing energy will work to purify your aura and create a sense of internal peace.

18. Ants

Ant with leaf
Ants are patient and selfless insects that have appeared in many legends throughout history. In one North African legend, they were said to have taught the first man and woman on Earth how to grow wheat and make bread so they wouldn’t go hungry.

Ants spend months working as a team to gather food for the colony and only eat what they absolutely need. When food becomes scarce, they leave the nest to find more. They may appear to be simple creatures but the strength, patience, selflessness, and work ethic they exhibit are all valuable qualities that can be applied to us as humans.

19. Praying Mantis

Praying mantis

The beautiful green color of the Praying Mantis serves as a constant reminder to reconnect with nature, being calm and living in the present moment. The Praying Mantis also symbolizes patience because of how it stands still without any movement for many hours waiting patiently for its prey.

20. Trout fish

Trout fish

The trout fish symbolizes patience, diligence and success. This is because trout live in rivers where there is constant flow of water making it difficult to catch food. To overcome this problem, the trout fish waits patiently for its prey along the banks of the river where the flow of water is minimal. This way, they can easily catch small fish that make their way over there.

21. Olive tree

Olive twig

Olive trees are symbols of peace, friendship, serenity, tranquility and patience. They symbolize patience because they are some of the oldest trees on plant earth. In many parts of the world like Croatia and Italy there are many olive trees that are over 3000 years old. These trees have witnessed wars, diseases and natural disasters yet are still bearing fruits to this day!

22. Mulberry Tree

Mulberry Tree

Mulberry trees symbolize abundance, faith, wisdom and patience. They represent patience because they live in harsh conditions, and have the wisdom to wait till the frost is over before they start budding. And once they start budding, they do so very quickly symbolizing abundance.

23. Cactus

Potted cactus

Cactus plants symbolize adaptability, endurance and patience. They live in the harshest of weathers and have the wisdom to store and use as little water as possible to survive until it rains again allowing them to replenish their resources.

24. Honey bee

Honey bee

Bees for the most part symbolize activity, work and discipline but they also symbolize humility and patience. This is because bees are contented and focused on their daily endeavors. They keep collecting honey and wait till the time is right to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

25. Caterpillar

The caterpillar is a symbol of transformation, change and evolution. They also symbolize trust and patience as the caterpillar has to be extremely patient and show extraordinary levels of trust during the process of metamorphosis that coverts it into a beautiful butterfly.


Patience is a virtue but it can be difficult to achieve in our busy modern world! When we look around us, there are countless animals, plants, and symbols reminding us that patience brings spiritual, emotional, and physical rewards. It is an attribute that allows us to think clearly and keep moving forward towards our goals – no matter what it takes!

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