100 Calming Affirmations for Peace of Mind

Have you ever found yourself stuck in negative thought patterns, wishing your life looked different, wishing people around you would change, or just believing that you’re not good enough? Rather than searching externally for a new partner, new home, or greater achievements, you may find better results by simply changing the way you perceive your surroundings.

This is where affirmations come in. When you make a habit out of speaking and thinking positivity, your brain gradually rewires itself to form positive thoughts, rather than negative ones. If you find yourself regularly thinking negative thoughts about yourself or your life, try speaking any of the affirmations below which resonate with you. For best results, speak the affirmations daily and write them down somewhere you can see them every day (such as your bathroom mirror)!

Affirmations peace of mind

I feel deeply calm, relaxed and happy today.

I’m surrounded by the energy of calm, peace and positivity.

I am safe and protected.

I am resourceful enough to overcome any challenges.

I choose peace over doubt and fear.

I am at peace now.

I choose to release hurt and resentment.

I allow myself to be at peace with my past.

I forgive myself and others.

I am enough.

My life continues to be happy and peaceful.

I’m worthy of all the peace, calm and joy in my life.

I feel free from stress and anxiety.

Letting go of worry is becoming easy.

Every day I become more and more relaxed.

I am always safe, divinely guided, and protected.

I trust my decisions today. All my decisions will bring in positivity.

I release all tension in my body.

I breathe in the energy of peace all day long.

I release my shame and anger, and choose self-compassion and self-love instead.

Old energy is leaving. New energy is entering.

Only good things await me.

When I find my peace, everything falls into place.

Nothing can take away my love for myself.

I welcome miracles into my life.

I wish for all beings to be well.

I surround myself with positive thinkers.

No person, place, or thing has any power over me.

I am balanced.

I am worthy of respect.

I am worthy of my dreams.

I am grateful for every experience.

I live up to my potential every day.

I radiate positive energy.

I expect good news today.

I am firmly connected to my inner stillness.

I am safe and protected.

I am happy with my life.

I am surrounded by calm and serene energy at all times.

I give myself permission to let go, relax and be calm.

The energy of peace and love is all around me.

I am worthy of peace in my life.

Everything is working out for my highest good.

Wherever I go, I bring with me the energy of calm and peace.

I am deeply connected to the still and calm energy within.

I am feeling so profoundly peaceful and happy at this moment.

I attract peace and calm at all times.

I give out peace and attract peace at all times.

I am at peace and well rested.

My life is filled with peace, calm and joy.

I feel light, calm and peaceful.

My environment is filled with peace.

I am calm at all times.

I attract and give out the energy of calm at all times.

I breathe in peace and breathe out peace.

I live my life in peace.

Peace is all around me.

Every cell in my body is peaceful and calm.

Every cell in my body vibrates at a positive frequency of calm and joy.

My mind is filled with peaceful and calming thoughts.

My heart is filled with peace and calm.

My body is filled with calm and peaceful energy.

I choose peace at all times.

Being peaceful is a choice I make today.

I am safe and protected and so is everyone around me.

I am happy with my life.

I am relaxed, calm and carefree.

Every breath I take calms me.

My life is peaceful.

I have a peaceful aura surrounding me that keeps me safe and protected.

I always focus on the abundance of good surrounding me.

All my stress and tension is melting away.

My calm energy acts as a shield that protects me and my loved ones.

I allow myself to feel complete peace and serenity right now.

My mind is anchored in the powerful stillness and intelligence of the present moment.

I am tuned into the frequency of calmness and hence I attract calmness from the universe.

I am strongly rooted in my calm energy; nothing can alter my calmness.

The calm energy in and around me is so healing and uplifting. It fills me up with joy.

My calm energy helps me connect with higher realms of the universe.

Calmness is a powerful energy that surrounds me at all times.

I love relaxing.

I live effortlessly.

My life is filled with positive synchronicities.

I am deeply in touch with my calm inner intelligence and it guides me in the right direction.

I am self validated. Other people’s opinions do not bother me in any way.

I always come back to the serene state of balance.

I am deeply connected to my body and enjoy feeling my body from within.

I am deeply thankful for all the peace and calm I have in my life right now.

I am worthy of love, peace and joy in my life.

Each day brings me calm and happiness.

I focus only on happy and peaceful thoughts that raise my vibration.

I attract calm and loving people into my life.

I create a life based on peace and calm.

The energy of peace and joy surrounds me at all times.

I enjoy the feeling of calmness as it is so uplifting.

I vibrate at a higher frequency of love, peace and calm.

I am tuned into the intelligence contained in this moment.

There is a strong energy of calm that emanates through me.

I am at peace with my past, my present and future.

I am thankful to the universe for showering me with an abundance of peace, calm and joy.

Simply going through these affirmations will change your vibration and fill you with calm energy. This is because what you focus on grows. By consciously choosing to focus on thoughts of calm, you begin to attract an abundance of calm into your life. Not only for your own self, but also for your loved ones. To make this really effective, consider reading these affirmations right before going to bed as that will help imprint these affirmations in your subconscious mind.

You can also consider using these symbols in your life to attract inner peace.

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