12 Powerful Rev. Ike Affirmations On Self Belief, Success and Prosperity

Reverend Ike was an American minister and evangelist, but with a difference. He did not preach religion, he preached the science of success and prosperity by interpreting the Bible in his own unique way. His preaching was actually considered as ‘prosperity theology’ by many.

Rev. Ike’s core ideology revolved around the principle of non-duality, that God is not a separate entity and that God exists within each one of us in the form of infinite consciousness. He also strongly believed that the only way to bring about massive transformation in life is to discard limiting self beliefs held in the subconscious mind and replace them with positive and empowering messages.

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12 Powerful affirmations from Rev. Ike

This article is a collection of 12 of the most powerful affirmations from Rev. Ike that will help bring a massive transformation to your mindset by liberating your subconscious mind from limiting beliefs and thereby helping you attain all the success and prosperity that you desire.

To get the maximum out of these affirmations, read them in your mind, early in the morning after waking up and in the evening before going to bed. These are the times when your subconscious mind is most receptive to new messages.

It’s best to memorize some of these affirmations so you can bring them to your mind when required.

1. I see God multiplying back to me all of the money that I use, give or circulate in any way, in a never ending cycle of increase and enjoyment.

Rev. Ike money affirmation

This affirmation by Rev. Ike will help change your entire attitude towards money.

Rev. Ike was very particular about not using the word ‘spend’ in order to convey spending money. Instead, he preferred the word ‘circulate‘.

The word ‘circulate’ tells your subconscious mind that the money that is going out is going to circle back to you bringing with it more money.

This affirmation, completely changes your outlook from one of scarcity to one of abundance. This of-course does not mean that you become reckless with money; it just means that whenever you give money for any legitimate reason, you do not hold a scarcity mindset and instead give with an attitude of abundance knowing that this money is going to come back to you multiplied.

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2. I must become that which I say I am, therefore I boldly declare, I am Rich. I see it and feel it. I am rich in health, happiness, love, success, prosperity and money!

I am rich - Rev Ike positive affirmation

Your self talk as well as the thoughts you think create your vibration. And your vibration attracts your reality.

Positive self talk raises your vibration whereas negative self talk lowers it. Therefore, whenever possible, become conscious of the thoughts you are thinking and the kind of self talk you usually engage in and change them from negative to positive. This affirmation will help you do just that.

The most important thing about this affirmation is ‘seeing’ and ‘feeling’ that you are rich in all areas of life. Consciously tune into your body and feel the kind of vibration your body is holding. Now change this vibration by seeing yourself as having acquired all the success that you desire. And as you visualize this, consciously feel how it feels to have all this success.

Visualizing in this manner helps the message to get ingrained in your subconscious mind faster.

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3. I am the master of money, I tell money what to do. I call money and money has to come. Money must obey me. I am not the servant of money. Money is my loving obedient servant.

Rev Ike master of money affirmation

This is another powerful affirmation that will help you change your attitude (or relationship) towards money.

The default attitude that we hold toward money is that money is supreme. We hold money on a pedestal. But in reality, money is not a piece of paper, it’s an energy form that is part of you. It exists within you and not outside of you as is usually perceived. The Sun does not hold the sunlight on a pedestal. It knows that the sunlight emanates from within it.

Once you realize that money is an energy form that exists within, you know that you are the master of money. A simple way to attract more of this energy into your life is to match its frequency of abundance, belief, power and positivity. Repeating this affirmation is a great way to tune into this higher frequency.

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4. I am divine royalty, I deserve all of the Goodness of God.

Rev. Ike self belief affirmation

Rev. Ike did not believe in a God that is separate from creation. He preached that God or infinite consciousness exists within each one of us.

The infinite consciousness that exists within the sun, moon, stars, earth and each and every atom present in the universe is also what exists within us. This certainly makes you no less than divine royalty. All that you got to do is believe that you are divine and that you are deserving of all the good things in life.

We can only attract things into our life that we truly believe that we deserve. If your subconscious mind has limiting beliefs and thinks that you don’t deserve something, then that someone will elude you for as long as you don’t discard this limiting belief. Repeating this simple yet powerful affirmation will certainly help you dispel all your limiting self beliefs.

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5. I am worthy. I deserve all the good things in life. There is nothing too good for me.

Rev. Ike self worth affirmation

Have you ever wanted something but then consoled yourself saying that it was too good for you to have? When you think something is too good for you, you reaffirm the limiting belief inside that you are not good enough and that you are not deserving of the good things in life. In order to live the life that you truly desire, you need to dispel this limiting belief from within.

You need to affirm over and over again that you are worthy and that you deserve all the good that you desire in your life. Repeat this affirmation over and over again on a daily basis or frame it somewhere that you can see it constantly. This will start to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Another thing you can do is to stay wary of the thoughts in your mind and the resultant self talk that something is too good for you. As soon as you catch this negative thought, re-frame in your mind using this affirmation. Say that you deserve and that you are worthy.

6. Good health is my divine right.

Rev. Ike good health affirmation

In order to achieve something, you need to believe that you deserve it from the very core of your being. Believe with all your mind that you deserve to be at the peak of your health at all times. Use this affirmation to re-affirm your divine right to the perfect health.

7. Whatever good I can see myself having, I shall have.

There is nothing that you cannot have as long as you have a strong belief that you are deserving of it. The moment you know that you deserve it, you have broken all the shackles preventing you from bringing what you need into your reality. Such is the power of self belief. This powerful affirmation will help you re-affirm your self belief so you can attract all the good things that you desire.

8. I believe in the power and presence of God in me, right here, right now. God is the mastermind working through me in the now.

Presence of God - Rev. Ike positive affirmation

The intelligence that created the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets, the rivers, the air and everything else in this infinite universe is within you. This intelligence is working right in you and is present within every single cell in your body. And you can access to this intelligence at all times. This affirmation broadens your perspective on your divine nature.

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9. It’s not important what others believe about me. It is only important what I believe about myself.

Rev. Ike self belief affirmation

Your attention is energy. Where ever you focus your attention, you are investing your energy. When you focus your attention on what other people are thinking about you, you are wasting your energy as it really doesn’t matter what they think. Instead, divert your attention within you. This will help you become more self aware.

Find out what your real strengths are and focus all your attention there. Remove limiting beliefs that you hold about yourself and change them to empowering beliefs. This is the prudent way of using your energy to manifest your desires into reality.

So whenever you find yourself ruminating about what others think of you, repeat this affirmation in your mind. This will help you let go of such thoughts that drain you so you can refocus on thoughts that really matter.

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10. Surely God in me is able.

Surely God in me is able - Rev Ike Affirmation

When you start to believe that God exists within you and is not separate from you, you start to realize your true power. You realize the infinite intelligence that lies within you and the only thing that’s required to access this intelligence is to change your mindset.

11. I now recognize God in me as a guide and power of success and prosperity.

Rev. Ike success and prosperity affirmation

There is nothing that can strengthen your self belief more than the realization that God or the infinite consciousness is present right within you and will guide you to create the reality that you desire. Use this affirmation to program your subconscious mind to create a powerful self image.

12. God creates through my imagination.

God creates through my imagination - Rev. Ike affirmation

Your imagination is extremely powerful. In-fact, it is the basis of creation. Everything that was ever created was only a part of someone’s imagination. Which is why by using your imagination properly, you can bring into reality everything that you truly desire. Instead of using your imagination as a means to worry, you can use your imagination as a powerful creation tool.

This short affirmation by Rev. Ike will serve as a constant reminder of the power of your imagination so you always use it in a positive way to bring forth your desired reality.

Did you like these affirmations by Rev. Ike? Go through them again and again on a daily basis and they will easily get imprinted in your mind helping you bring about a massive transformation in your life. The limiting beliefs that you hold about yourself are what keep you stuck, it’s time to let go of them and embrace your true nature and start your journey toward success and prosperity that you truly deserve.


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