42 Quick Ways to Raise Your Body’s Vibrational Frequency

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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
– Nikola Tesla

A lower vibrational state feels heavy and constricted. A higher vibrational state on the other hand, feels light, relaxed and open. So one of the easiest ways to reach a higher vibrational state is to drop the baggage, let go and relax.

When you let go and relax, every cell in your body begins to rejoice and vibrates in coherence creating a higher vibrational state.

Considering this, here are 32 ways you can quickly elevate your body’s vibrational frequency.

1. Chant OM

Chant OM to raise your vibration - quote

OM is considered the supreme mantra in Hinduism and Buddhism. This is because, the sound of OM encompasses all sounds in the universe. Chanting this mantra fills your body with positive energy and increases your body’s vibrational frequency.

Research shows that chanting ‘OM’ brings down neural activity in the brain. With the neural activity down, the mind and body automatically enter a deep state of relaxation resulting in the body reaching higher vibrational states.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and utter the word ‘OM’. Start with the ‘O’ sound, slowly close your mouth and begin to hum so it sounds something like this – ‘OOOMMMMMMMM’. You can draw out the sounds as you feel comfortable.

Consciously feel the vibrations in your body (especially around your throat, chest, and head area) as you chant OM. Keep your body as relaxed as possible. It is only when the body is relaxed that the vibrations will permeate deep inside.

2. Connect with mother earth

mindfulness quote by Thich Nhat Hanh

Connect with mother earth by standing/walking barefoot for a few minutes.

Close your eyes and feel a deep connection to the earth. Feel yourself releasing all the negative energy through the soles of your feet into the ground and being filled with positive energy from the cosmos.

We are surrounded by electrical and magnetic fields that can disrupt our bio-electrical state and lower our frequency. When we connect with mother earth, we cleanse ourselves of these negative energies and naturally come into balance.

There are various studies that prove that being connected with mother earth this way for 10 to 30 minutes daily can have profound health benefits.

3. Move your body

Move your body to raise your vibration - quote

One of the easiest ways to raise your vibration is to put your body in motion.

You can jog, run, skip, jump, do hula hoops, stretch, shake, bounce, swim, do yoga or even dance to your favorite music.

Stay conscious of your body as you move. Once you come to rest, consciously feel the raised energy as every cell in your body vibrates at a higher frequency.

One really fun exercise you can try is the Qigong shake which involves standing in place and bouncing on your knees.

Here’s how to do it:

Here are 23 fun ways to move your body.

4. Consciously relax your body

Relaxation increases your body's vibration - quote

Stress lowers your vibration and relaxation raises it.

When your body is under stress, free flow of energy is restricted. Reverse this situation by shifting your attention within your body. Take your time to scan your body from head to the toe and Consciously relax parts of your body that feel stiff, clenched or under tension.

Pay particular attention to your glutes, abdomen, gut, head, neck and shoulder area cause these are the areas that are generally under stress.

5. Let go of past grudges

Holding on to past grudges will drain you lowering your vibration. Forgiveness is akin to letting go of all the baggage and thereby raising higher.

If you find it hard to forgive, do it momentarily. Forgive yourself for the wrong you did to others and forgive others for the wrong they did to you. Feel the amazing lightness as you are no longer holding on to these grudges.

6. Feel gratitude

Feel gratitude

When you feel gratitude, your vibration automatically shifts from one of lack to one of abundance.

In a state of abundance, low frequency feelings like self doubt, insecurity and anger vanish and get replaced by feelings of trust and love that everything is happening to help you grow and that all your needs and wants will be provided for by the universe.

7. Take a salt water bath

Salt water bath in natureImage credit – Robson Hatsukami

Salt water baths can help cleanse and relax your body. Simply add 2-3 cups of Epsom salt or Himalayan crystal salt to your bath and soak in it for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse off by taking a warm shower. Consciously feel the vibrancy and lightness!

You can also use salt to cleanse your home and thereby increase higher energy.

Even taking a regular shower can have a cleansing effect on our mind and body. Water has the power to clean your aura (energy field) by washing away all the negative energy.

8. Spend time with like minded people

Spend time with like minded people - quote

When similar energies resonate together, the energy becomes stronger.

When you spend time with people who have similar thoughts, likes and interests, who understand and value you, around whom you can be yourself and express yourself fully, you automatically increase your vibrational freqnency.

Conversely when you spend time with people who are not in the same level of consciousness, you are going to feel drained.

9. Visualize

As human beings, we have the power to make our thoughts seem more real than reality. Visualization is a way to use this power in the right way.

Close your eyes, relax yourself and visualize a moment in the past when you felt this natural high. You can also visualize a future scenario where you are living in alignment with your deepest desires. Hold these scenarios in your mind until they start to seem real. Just thinking about such moments can raise your vibration.

10. Come to the present moment

When you are in the present moment, you are no longer lost in your thoughts, and you become open to the power and intelligence contained in the present moment and this will automatically cause your vibration to raise.

One powerful technique is to go into nature and become completely present and you will consciously feel this energy permeating you and lifting up your energy field.

11. Sit around fire

Sitting around campfire

Sitting around fire, be it a campfire or a fire-pit relaxes you and produces feel good chemicals that raise your vibration. Research supports this fact. Fire is one of the five elements of nature and staring at fire is akin to gazing at the sun.

If this is not an option, switch off all artificial lights, light a candle and stare into the flame. There is a meditation technique known as the ‘Trataka Meditation’ that works using this same principle.

Also read: 54 Quotes on the healing power of nature.

12. Tap into the sun’s energy

Watching sunrise

Watching the sunrise or sunset is a great way to tap into the sun’s immense energy field. Even a few seconds of sun gazing activates your pineal gland and aids the production of serotonin – the happy chemical.

Many ancient civilizations have rituals that involve worshiping the sun for this very reason.

Please note: Make sure to look at the sun only during safe hours.

13. Be mindful of your inner dialogue

A thought comes to your mind and there is an auto-response to it known as the ‘inner dialogue’. For example, you think of a task at hand and your mind goes, ‘I am no good at this’, ‘nothing good seems to be happening’, ‘I don’t seem to be making any progress’, ‘I don’t think I deserve that’ etc. These responses happen on auto-mode and most times they slip our conscious reasoning.

Once you catch these thoughts by being mindful, you can change them into something positive, like ‘I am good at this’, ‘everything is happening for my good’, or ‘I deserve all the good in life’. Positive self talk creates a positive vibration.

14. Use positive affirmations

Looking at or listening to positive affirmations helps prime your mind towards feelings of love, trust, connectedness and positivity.

Keep a printed list of positive affirmations on your desk or hanging on the wall where you can look at whenever you need the energy boost.

15. Develop a deep trust in life

Trust is a powerful feeling that automatically raises your vibration. Trust in yourself and your abilities and trust that life is pure positive energy that is always working in your favor. When you trust, you let go of resistance and become one with the flow of life.

16. Practice conscious breathing

Deep breath

Become conscious of the invisible prana or energy (that we label as air) that surrounds you.

Take a slow deep breath, and consciously feel this energy entering you, cleansing and rejuvenating your body. Feel grace for this powerful energy as you hold it inside your lungs for a few seconds. Relax and let go as you slowly exhale.

Just a few deep conscious breaths will raise you consciousness to higher levels.

17. Shift your focus

If you engage with a negative thought (by activity thinking about it), the thought will drag you down to its lower frequency vibration. The same is the case when you force the thought to go away (or try to change the thought), cause that causes engagement in the form of resistance.

A better way to handle negative thoughts is to become neutral to them. Simply remove attention from the thought and shift your attention to a sense perception or your breathing. By doing so, you are not forcing the thought to go away, you are letting it be and merely shifting your attention to something else.

As you deprive a thought of attention, it withers away on its own and you raise above your thoughts and so does your vibration.

You can then shift your focus to think thoughts that align with your greater purpose.

18. Use the right scents

Rose flower

Have you ever sniffed a flower and felt that instant boost of rejuvenating energy? This is because the right scents have the power to boost your vibration. Any scent that you find invigorating is right for you (as long as it is natural).

Taking a walk in nature can give you access to a wide variety of scents. You can also use essential oils in a diffuser or simply spray it around your room.

19. Do intermittent fasting

Fasting helps your body cleanse. It also helps your body become lighter. Both of which help raise your vibration. One of the easiest ways to start fasting is to try – intermittent fasting.

This basically involves skipping one meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) on the day of the fast.

Here’s an example:

You can start by having dinner by around 8PM or 9PM and then stop eating. The next day, you would skip breakfast and eat lunch at around 1PM or 2PM. This way, you fasted for around 16 hours.

Remember, fasting is a time to relax. When you are fasting, make sure that you are resting or doing work that is not physically exhausting. Also remember, to keep drinking water at regular intervals as water helps in cleansing.

Fasting time is also a great time to do inner body awareness meditation (where you run your attention through your body) and get deeply in touch with your body.

20. Consume high vibration foods

Foods that make you feel light and energetic upon consumption are high vibration foods. These are whole foods that are easy to digest and provide your body with both macro and micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals). Conversely, foods that make you feel heavy, bloated or drained after consumption, lower your vibration.

Examples of high vibration foods include, fruits, berries, veggies, leafy greens, sprouts, herbs (like cilantro, mint, turmeric etc.) and natural probiotics (from fermented foods).

Low vibration foods include processed foods, fizzy drinks, salty/sugary/fried foods, dairy, excess caffeine and alcohol.

You need not completely stop eating low vibration foods, but the idea is to increase consumption of high vibration foods while reducing consumption of the other.

Stay in touch with your body and you will automatically be drawn to the right foods.

21. Stretch your body

Person stretching

Stretching helps release stagnant energy enhancing free flow of energy throughout the body. The best thing is that stretching can be done anywhere.

There are many stretching exercises, but try to find out 5 to 7 stretches that you enjoy the most and do them whenever you feel like it. Make sure to hold each stretch for a few seconds consciously feeling the tension and relaxation as you release.

22. Do Yin yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga where you hold each pose for 30 seconds to a minute while breathing deeply and being mindful.

This yoga not only helps you get a good stretch, it also helps you connect with your body both of which help you relax and raise your vibration.

23. Get a deep kneading massage

A deep massage helps release stiff muscles and along with it all the stagnant energy. And when there is free flow of energy, your vibration will be higher.

If a traditional massage is not an option, you can also give yourself a self-massage or use a massager. There are plenty of deep kneading massagers available on the internet these days.

23. Enjoy deep restorative sleep

It is only during deep sleep that your body heals and restores itself. And when your cells are fully restored and happy, they vibrate with higher energy.

The secret to a deep sleep is to relax your mind and body prior to sleeping. You can do this by engaging in relaxing activities like meditation, deep breathing, massage, reading, bedtime yoga or listening to relaxing audio about 30 minutes prior to sleeping. Here is a list of 38 relaxing activities before bedtime.

You can also listen to positive affirmations or read positive quotes to prime your subconscious mind before sleep.

24. Take care of a plant

Potted plant

Any activity that helps you connect with mother earth helps raise your vibration and gardening is definitely the first that comes to mind. When you plant a seed or take care of a plant(s) or a garden by watering, pruning, raking etc. you not only connect with earth but also get into a state of selfless giving which will raise your vibration.

24. Drink high vibration water

Water mason jar

Water has been shown to take on the vibration of its surroundings.

The simplest way to raise the vibration of water is to expose it to direct sunlight. Take a glass jar, fill it with water and keep it outside such that the water gets exposed to sunlight.

Also, before drinking the water, as you hold the glass of water in your hand, think of good thoughts or recite good words like peace, joy, happiness etc. This helps raise the water’s vibration which in turn will raise yours as you drink it.

25. Practice being balanced

Contrary to popular opinion high vibration does not necessarily mean living in a state of excitement. In-fact, it’s not practical to maintain a state of excitement as it takes up energy. Rather, high vibration in the true sense means to be in a state of balance or neutrality.

So whenever you feel excited, you bring yourself into balance and when you feel depressed, you again slowly come back to balance.

As we saw earlier, the present moment is a state of balance as you are neither thinking of the future nor of the past. You become neutral and this is where you vibrate at the highest frequency.

So stay conscious of your emotional states and keep bringing yourself into a state of balance. Remember, you need not force anything, simply becoming aware of your emotional state and feeling the emotion consciously is enough to help slowly discharge the emotion so you automatically come into a state of balance. No effort is required.

27. Meditate

Meditate in nature

Meditation can help you become more mindful of your attention (focus) so you can quickly catch yourself when you are excessively focused on the negative and refocus on the positive or even better, bring your focus to the present moment.

Becoming conscious of your attention also helps you become more aware of your thoughts and corresponding beliefs so you can start to let go of limiting/negative thoughts/beliefs.

Here’s a simple breath meditation technique that you can do:

Sit comfortably on your chair or bed, close your eyes and gently bring your attention to your breathing. Feel the sensation of the cool air caressing the tip of your nostrils as you breathe in and the warm air as you breathe out. If your attention wanders, acknowledge it and gently bring it back to your breath.

It is this act of bringing your attention back to your breath over and over again that helps you become more mindful of your attention.

In deeper meditative states, you reach neutrality and there is a feeling of mingling with the unlimited, the infinite. You feel one with everything.

26. Listen to 528Hz pure tone frequency

528Hz is one of the many solfeggio frequencies known to heal and rejuvenate the body. This frequency is known to work on a DNA level and heal and restore cells thereby increasing their vibration.

You can focus your attention on the tone while meditating. Use headphones and keep the sound a little low as you meditate.

Here’s a video with 528Hz pure tone:

27. Think of the infinite universe

Infinite space

Thinking of the vastness of the universe helps your mind come out of shallow thinking and expands your consciousness helping you raise your vibration.

Close your eyes and think of yourself as someone observing the solar system from a distance. Start by visualizing the massive sun that is burning non-stop since eternity. Think of earth, the size of a tiny rock revolving around this giant star (you can fit around 1,300,000 earths inside the sun to give you some perspective). Now slowly expand your perspective and see all the planets, the milky way with millions of stars (all burning just like the sun and some even a 1000 times massive than the sun). Think of all the other millions of galaxies out there with their millions of stars and so on and on. It just keep going and going to infinity.

28. Declutter your space

Just like you do intermittent fasting to cleanse your body, remember to declutter every once in a while to cleanse your surroundings. Dispose or give away stuff that you no longer use, clean/organize stuff and make your surroundings more spacious and vibrant.

Do this for every room in your house taking special care for the room(s) you spend the most time in.

29. Do body awareness meditation

Your body loves your attention. Every cell in your body begins to vibrate at a higher frequency when you shine your attention on it. The fact is that most of our attention is focused on our thoughts and seldom do we take time to refocus it within the body. The best way to bring this attention within your body is to do body awareness meditation.

Here’s how you can do this:

Lie down on your bed/floor, close your eyes, and begin to slowly shift your attention to your inner body by consciously feeling your body from within. Start with your breath. Follow your breath as it enters your nostrils and to your lungs. Feel your lungs inflate with this life energy. Place a hand on your chest and feel your heartbeat. Feel the inside of your palms, your soles, and run your attention throughout your body. Let your attention run free within your body, let it go where it wants to go.

Be conscious of the sensations that you feel within. If you find that a particular area is stressed or clenched, take a few seconds to relax this area.

30. Hike up a mountain

Hiking up a mountain can not only be a great exercise, it also helps elevate your vibration.

Mountains are considered sacred by many cultures across the world as they indicate transcendence, stillness and spiritual elevation. This is also the reason why ancient yogis considered mountains as their ideal meditation spot.

31. Spend time near a water body

Flowing river

There are so many life lessons hidden within water. Lakes represent stillness, rivers teach us to go with the flow and the ocean waves teach us the ever changing nature of existence. This is why sitting near a water body, be it a lake, river, waterfall or ocean can be a highly elevating experience. Even better if you could take a dip in the water or stand under a waterfall.

32. Do body tapping

Body tapping involves tapping various parts of your body using your finger tips while breathing consciously and being mindful of the resultant sensations. The tapping helps release tension and free circulation of energy throughout your body that helps elevate your vibration. You can do this any time of the day and all you need is 10 to 15 minutes.

Here’s a video demonstrating the process:

33. Use crystals

Clear crystal

Crystals are known for their wide array of healing properties. Depending on how you’re feeling on a given day, you may choose different crystals to carry around with you. In addition, strategically placing crystals in your home or office spaces can help to raise the vibration of the space, and thus, raise your vibration as a result.

Here are a few vibration-raising crystals and their benefits:

Black tourmaline: helps to cleanse negative energy

Citrine: helps to clear negativity and manifest positive energy and joy

Clear quartz: helps to bring clarity and peace of mind

Rose quartz: helps you to open to all forms of love, including self love

Selenite: helps to purify and cleanse your vibration or the vibration of a room (Note: do not get this stone wet! This is a soft stone and water will damage it.)

In order to get the most out of your crystals, it’s important to keep them energetically clean. You can cleanse your crystals every now and then by bathing them in moonlight, smudging them with sage or Palo Santo, or burying them in salt or in the ground, to name a few examples.

34. Practice shame resilience

Shame is the lowest vibrational state a human can carry; as such, shame is not beneficial to improving ourselves, even when we have made mistakes.

To be clear, shame is not the same thing as guilt. Shame is a feeling of “I am bad,” while guilt is a feeling of “I did something bad”. If you experience shame, it helps to move from shame into guilt or into love.

In order to practice shame resilience, we must separate our core selves from our actions. If you make a mistake, notice your self-talk: do you tell yourself that you ARE a bad person? Or do you separate yourself from your actions by simply acknowledging that you DID something bad, but that you are still a lovable person?

For more on shame resilience, Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly offers an in-depth guide to navigating this tricky emotion.

35. Laugh, play, have fun

Letting loose and allowing ourselves to laugh raises our vibration without us even needing to try. This may be one of the easiest ways to raise your vibration, as there are so many ways to laugh and have fun.

Here are some easy ideas to get you started:

  • Watch a funny movie.
  • Play with animals or children.
  • Dance.
  • Have a family game night.
  • Engage in an activity you enjoy, even if it’s not “productive”.
  • Plan a trip.

36. Detox from technology

Our lives these days revolve around technology. There’s not much we can do about that. However: if you spend most of your waking hours inside an artificially lit office building packed with computers, phones, and copiers, you might notice yourself feeling drained or joyless.

This may be a result of technology lowering your vibration. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to reverse this.

First, you might use your next weekend or day off to do a “technology detox”. Let your friends, family, and coworkers know that you’ll be away from your phone for a day or two. Then, turn all electronics off, put them away, and spend at least 24 full hours without taking them back out. (This means leaving the TV off as well!)

Sound boring? Don’t worry, there are plenty of vibration-raising activities you can engage in during your detox period! Try going for a hike or meditating. You’ll feel much more clear at the end of your detox.

Quick Tip: You can counteract technology’s vibration-lowering effects when you go back to work, too. Try placing smokey quartz near your computer; this crystal is known to soak up electromagnetic smog. Another crystal to consider is Amazonite. Just be sure to cleanse them every now and then!

37. Hug someone

Physical touch is one of the quickest ways to raise your vibration, as long as there’s somebody around you who feels safe to hug.

With that said, be careful not to hug just anyone. Stay physically distanced from people who feel toxic, passive-aggressive, or negative in their intentions towards you; physically touching these people may actually lower your vibration.

Try hugging someone who feels loving, kind, and sincere. These people likely carry a high vibration, and hugging them will raise your vibration as a result.

You can even consider hugging a tree, this will help transmit the tree’s loving vibration into your body.

38. Compliment someone

Love and kindness will always raise your vibration. So, next time you’re feeling low, look to the person next to you (if you’re around anybody) and point out what’s amazing about them. Or, reach out to a friend (or even someone you haven’t spoken to in a while) and let them know what you love about them.

Here’s a hint: This also works with yourself. Tell yourself how amazing, beautiful, strong, smart, and capable you are; in fact, practice this daily, and your vibration will soon be sky-high.

39. Smudge yourself and your space

Sage smudging

Sacred herbs and incenses such as sage, palo santo, frankincense, and myrrh – to name a few – are known to clear negative vibrations and amplify positive energy.

You can (carefully) burn these in your house to cleanse your space’s vibration; this is especially beneficial after you’ve had company over. Everybody who crosses your home’s threshold brings in their own vibrations, and you don’t want any negative energy lingering in the air after they leave.

Furthermore, you can also smudge yourself – again, do this carefully! After lighting your sacred herbs and blowing out the flame, wave the herbs around your body as if you were “bathing” your body in the smoke. This will remove bad vibes from your energy field, which will then increase your vibrational frequency.

Check out this article for a list of mantras and tips for effective smudging.

40. Do a chakra visualization

You have seven main chakras, or energy wheels, located from the top of your head to the base of your spine. These energy centers can become blocked with negative vibes, so clearing your chakras will aid in raising your vibration.

Each of your seven chakras corresponds to a color of the rainbow. By visualizing that color in the area where that chakra is located, you’ll begin to clear any negative energy out of that chakra. Check out this article for a full explanation of where each chakra is located, and which color it corresponds to.

41. Take a cold shower

Did you know that taking a cold shower every morning– even if only for five minutes– can help to raise your vibration?

Cold water puts a small amount of stress on your nervous system. This allows your nervous system to gradually become more resilient in the face of stress.

What does this imply? Taking a cold shower daily can help you to feel more grounded the next time stress arises in your life. Less stress = higher vibration!

42. Use or listen to singing bowls

Tibetan singing bowls, often used in yoga or meditation classes, carry sound healing properties when played– this means that the vibrations in the sound of the singing bowls can cleanse negative energy from your being, and raise your vibration as a result.

You can buy Tibetan singing bowls online, or simply listen to a recording. Try playing the following video while you’re meditating, sleeping, working, or even getting things done around the house. You’ll raise your vibration in no time without even noticing!

In addition, you may consider attending a sound bath, where a skilled practitioner will “bathe” attendees in healing sound by playing a variety of instruments, usually including singing bowls. Sound baths can be a transcendental experience; you’ll likely leave feeling lighter, more joyful, and more at ease.


These are just some of the many techniques you can use to increase your body’s vibration. Choose the technique(s) that resonates best with you and do them whenever you feel that your energy has dropped. These techniques will instantly lift your energy and thereby help in advancement of your life in the right direction.

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