8 Goddesses of Protection (+ How to Invoke Them)

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The world is a tapestry rich with divinities. Each culture has its gods and goddesses, and each deity serves their purpose with a distinct personality.

In this article, we are going to specifically look at 8 powerful goddesses related to protection. You can call on these goddesses whenever you are on the lookout for strength, courage or protection. Whether you need strength for an upcoming event, emotional backup for a messy personal situation, or simply feel vulnerable in your everyday life, these eight goddesses of protection can help you weather the storm.

Let’s take a look at these goddesses and how you can invoke them to bring more protection into your life.

8 Powerful Goddesses of Protection

1. Green Tara

Green Tara
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Appearing in both Buddhist and Hindu belief systems, the goddess Tara is an ever-changing figure symbolizing many things as she shifts form. Commonly depicted in 21 forms on Tibetan temples, she is a feminine bodhisattva—one on the path to enlightenment. In her green form she is best characterized as a protectress. She watches over those traveling the spiritual path and those navigating earthly troubles.

The green Tara is a Tara of action. She may be called upon when you need protection and guidance when sick, traveling, or making decisions that can affect success and wealth. The green Tara also protects you from negative energies and negative feelings inside your own mind like jealousy, hatred, pride, and delusion.

How to invoke green Tara:

To invoke the green Tara, recite or listen to her mantra: om tare tuttare ture soha. You can chant (or listen) during meditation or simply as a prayer before a difficult venture. It is beneficial to visualize Tara as you invoke her energies to focus more strongly on the manifestation and ground your intentions.

2. Athena

Goddess Athena
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Athena is one of the most famous goddesses in the Greek pantheon. Known as a fierce protector and warrior goddess, Athena is also famous for her intellect and moral superiority. She can be invoked before battles and particularly rigorous tests, be they mental or physical.

Athena offers strength and protection to overcome difficulties in personal and professional relationships, like breakups or job changes. It’s also a good idea to connect with her before any sort of competition, sporting event, or solo physical challenge as well.

How to invoke Athena:

Athena has had many temples built in her name, and she is said to be particularly fond of this tradition. Because of this, it’s a good idea to create an altar for invocation if you can. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but setting aside a special space for her will go far in showing your appreciation and getting results. Burning incense and offering homemade crafts will display your respect and demonstrate your own intellectual capacity, which will help you make a connection with her.

3. Brigid

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Brigid is a Celtic goddess known for healing, protection, and guidance. She is worshipped in druid circles in Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. As Christianity swept the Celtic region, Brigid became a saint as well. She is a fierce protector of the warrior class and lover of the hearth and home, with a special spot in her heart for babies and unwed mothers.

Brigid is an ever-changing goddess and can symbolize many different things. She is a goddess of creativity, fire, fertility, and springtime. Praying to Brigid about domestic matters is highly beneficial, but artists, craftsmen, poets, and those who earn their living from the earth or fire (like smiths) should also see excellent results with her.

How to invoke Brigid:

As a protectress, Brigid is staunch and steadfast. She requires you to be the same, and invoking her is a lengthy process. Since 19 is her sacred number, spells of invocation take 19 days. Set your intentions each night, lighting a candle and praying to her for 19 moonrises. It’s best to use a white candle with three wicks, as Brigid is a triple-goddess and favors the virgin color white.

4. Kuan Yin

Guan Yin - Goddess of Compassion
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Also known as Guan Yin or Quan Yin, Kuan Yin is a Chinese Buddhist deity of compassion, protection, and mercy. Translated from the Chinese Guanshiyin as “one who hears the cries of the world”, Kuan Yin lives up to her name by delivering those trapped in Samsara — the endless cycle of reincarnation — from their earthly troubles.

Much like the green Tara, Kuan Yin is also a bodhisattva, and she gave up Nirvana to lead others to enlightenment. But whereas Tara is an active elemental goddess of sun and fire, Kuan Yin is a more subtle deity aligned with water and the lunar cycle. She is especially essential for sailors, women, and children experiencing hardships.

How to invoke Kuan Yin:

Since Kuan Yin is a lunar goddess, involving her in lunar rituals will strengthen your connection with her. Full moon ceremonies are an especially good time to invoke her, and you can do so by chanting or listening to her mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum. Recite the mantra during meditations and request specific aid upon completion.

5. Durga

Goddess Durga
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Durga is the Hindu mother-goddess of the universe and protector of all things within it. Also known as Shakti or Devi, Durga was created by other Hindu deities in order to fight the evil demon Mahishasura. When she vanquished him, she became a true warrior goddess with supreme powers to preserve humanity and destroy evil forces throughout the world.

Durga’s name translates literally from Sanskrit as “fort”. For her worshippers, she is the embodiment of that strength. Riding in on a lion, Durga is a sort of on-call savior who can be invoked during times of extreme danger, strife, or when outside forces threaten the harmony of one’s life. She is also the embodiment of motherly compassion, distributing wisdom and guidance as needed.

How to invoke Durga:

Durga does not seem to favor one gender, class, or type of person over another. She simply helps those who are weak, persecuted, or powerless. You can pray to Durga at any time, but it is especially beneficial to chant her mantras and make offerings during Durga Pooja, an autumnal festival dedicated to celebrating her. One of the most powerful mantra you can chant for protection is the ‘Durga Shatru-Shanti Mantra‘. This mantra helps protect you from all forms of negative energy. You can easily find this mantra and its meaning on the internet.

6. Yemaya

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Yemaya is an ancient goddess who first emerged in the Yoruba culture of modern-day Nigeria. Considered to be the oldest goddess in the Yoruban pantheon, Yemaya is a mother-goddess of the seas and protector of all women. She holds a special place for those associated with any waterways, and is often depicted as a mermaid.

Though Yemaya’s origins lie in western Africa, she has migrated across the seas to flourish in the Caribbean cultures as well. As a Yorisha or demi-god, Yemaya holds immense power and her devotees regularly make offerings to benefit from her strength and protection. To connect with her, offerings should be made with intention and the setting should be correct.

How to invoke Yemaya:

Yemaya’s power is the strongest near water, so heading to the ocean, a lake, or even to your kitchen sink is better than praying in a dry spot. Gather shells around you to further channel her energy, and light a blue candle to symbolize the ocean as you ask for her protection. Yemaya particularly enjoys sweets, so it’s a good idea to offer coconut cakes, honey, or various fruits for her enjoyment as well.

7. Freyja

Goddess Freya
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Freyja is an ancient Norse goddess of love, war, and battle. She is the most highly-renowned of all the Nordic goddesses, with amazing powers of strength and resilience. She rules over one-half of the afterlife in her hall Sessrúmnir, while Odin rules over the other half in Valhalla.

Freyja is often depicted riding on a boar or in a chariot drawn by giant cats. Since Freyja can see into the future, she is particularly helpful when requesting aid for a future event. As a goddess of love, Freyja can be called upon to help with matters of the heart, fertility, and connection. As a Valkyrie, she is one of the best goddesses to ask for protection. Especially in terms of domestic violence, Freyja is the fiercest protectress of women in the Norse pantheon.

How to invoke Freyja:

Freyja is incredibly generous with her blessings. You should set up an altar to invoke her, adorning it with daisy flowers or another flower of your choice. Brightly-colored altars are best for Freyja, so be sure to include her favorite hues like pink, red, and baby blue. Burn Myrrh or Sandalwood incense as you pray, and make offerings of strawberry, almonds, and honey.

8. Bastet

Bastet goddess
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Also known as Bast, Bastet is one of the most powerful goddesses of ancient Egypt. Bastet is known as a protector of hearth and home with an emphasis on women and babies. She also plays a role in guiding dead souls to the afterlife, and is known to help those at the end of their life’s journey have a peaceful transition to the other side.

How to invoke Bastet:

Bastet is depicted either as a cat herself, or as a voluptuous woman with the head of a cat. She is a lofty goddess and is known to be quite picky about who she works with—but if you associate with cats or have a cat of your own, Bastet will probably favor you over a dog person.

Bastet resides between spiritual and physical worlds, so it can be beneficial to work with her in dreams or meditative arenas as well as with a physical altar and offerings. While working within physical spaces, make offerings to Bastet without shame. To celebrate yourself is to celebrate her, and she appreciates devotees partaking in offerings of wine, tea, and perfumes along with her at the altar.

How to Choose a Goddess for Protection?

It’s important to keep in mind that this is by no means an exhaustive list. There are thousands more notable goddesses of protection, including Mesopotamian Ishtar, Egyptian Sekhmet, Roman Carmenta, Hindu Lakshmi, and Greek Soteria.

If you’re ready to get started, choose a deity who resonates with you. If you and your goddess share common goals, characteristics, favorites and personality traits, there’s a high chance you could form a strong connection. If you set your intentions mindfully and respectfully, you’ll be armed with divine protection in no time.

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