11 Poems to Heal Your Heart Chakra

Heart chakra symbol

The heart chakra is an energy center located in and around the center of your chest. This chakra is associated with love, compassion, empathy, understanding, forgiveness and healing. All of these qualities increase within you when this chakra is open. You also feel a strong sense of self love and self esteem which helps you connect with your true authentic self and reach your true potential.

On the other hand, when this chakra is closed or dysfunctional, you may experience negative mind states like hate, anger, jealousy, resentment, depression, anxiety, trust issues and victim mentality to name a few. You might also block yourself from receiving the blessings that you truly deserve. Therefore, if you feel that your heart chakra is blocked, it is in your best interest to work towards opening/healing it and bringing it into balance.

There are various ways to open this chakra which include spending time in nature, doing yoga poses associated with opening the heart, listening to or reading positive affirmations, journaling, doing shadow work, using healing stones, essential oils, etc.

Using poetry to heal and open your heart chakra

If you are a poetry enthusiast then a really powerful technique you can use to open your heart chakra is to read and meditate upon poems written with an intention to open this chakra. This falls in line with reading/listening to affirmations.

A great thing about poems is that they are concentrated and have the power to stimulate your imagination and emotions a lot more as compared to ordinary speech. They are also easy to remember. All of these make poems a great tool to reprogram your subconscious mind so you can let go of limiting beliefs and heal your heart chakra.

11 Poems to open and heal your heart chakra

Here’s a collection of 11 poems that have the power to open and heal your heart chakra. You can make reading these poems a meditative practice by giving each line your full attention as you read the poem. Make full use of your imagination and allow these poems to take you on a journey of deep spiritual healing. Let the essence of these poems enter you and fill you with the energy and emotions to reprogram your subconscious mind and body.

Heart chakra affirmations

1. Heart Chakra Metta Poem – by Beth Beard

Breathing deeply as I journey up the path
A gentle breeze caressing me,
The air flows through me with each breath I take.

Lungs expanding, heart expanding
breathing in compassion and purity
breathing out – releasing fears, self limitations

Sensing love, feeling connected
My soul is alive, no longer pulled back
fears transcended as I let go,

Let go of hurt, pain, the regrets
forgiving others, forgiving myself

May I be happy, May I be well, May I be at peace.

Choosing to embrace life and love deeply
Enriched with peace and compassion
A deep sense of centeredness

In full surrender, my energy flows more freely
The petals of my softening heart open
Connecting with my true self, the seat of my soul
Love being with my highest wisdom
My budding heart opening – opening

I can see the divine in everyone
We are all one. All is one
Eternal, complete balance

May we all be happy
May we all be well
May we all be at peace


2. Open My Heart Chakra – by Christina C

Melt the ice around my heart
melt the ice for a brand new start.
Open up my heart with glee
open up my heart to set me free.
For when my wounds are all cleansed
I can be free like a child once again.


3. Dear Heart – by Maria Kitsios

Today and every day,
I am grateful to my heart.
I am grateful its purpose is to keep me alive.
I am grateful for its subtle whispers
which guide me towards the path of Enlightenment.
I am grateful for its simple and humble knowing.

Dear heart,
I apologize if ever I ignored you,
or chose a rocky road –
one which tripped you up and bruised you.
I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.
I vow to follow your guidance
and live a life in service to you.

This poem has been taken from the book The Heart’s Journey (Chakra Themed Poetry Series) by Maria Kitsios.

4. Love is not a thing – by Sri Chinmay

Love is not a thing to understand.
Love is not a thing to feel.
Love is not a thing to give and receive.
Love is a thing only to become
And eternally be.

5. I love – by Tammy Stone Takahashi

I love. Oh, but I love.
Arching back, I raise my chest to the sky,
and I can feel our enchanted world
echoing in the chambers of my heart.
I have walked a million miles
and tasted all the joys and sorrows.
I have danced with pain
and crumbled from desiring so much,
all so that I could arrive at this,
a better understanding of love,
to live with love, to be love.
It is love that heals me,
taking heartache into its gentle fold,
soothing and nurturing it
so that I may open enough
to feel everyone’s suffering
and remain in communion with all beings
in our long and beautiful,
shared experience.
How alive I feel in our shared heartbeat,
this sacred awakened consciousness!
Oh, how we rise together!
I feel you within me,
and I within you.
I feel the rhythms of the Earth
beating in each and every one of us.
I hold your hand as you hold mine
as we feel love in the deepest
reaches of the compassionate heart,
transcending this one moment
and dwelling in all of eternity together.
May I always strive to honor
the empathy and joy within me.
May love be my greatest teacher.
May I allow universal love to heal me.
May we live with love and as love,

This poem has been taken from the book Yoga Healing Love: Poem Blessings for a Peaceful Mind and Happy Heart by Tammy Stone Takahashi.

6. My heart is a bird – Rumi

A strange passion is moving in my head.
My heart has become a bird
Which searches in the sky.
Every part of me goes in different directions.
Is it really so
That the one I love is everywhere?

7. As I Speak With My Heart – by Maria Kitsios

As I speak with my heart,
I tell no lies.
I’m a seeker of Truth
and thus, I will rise!
Growth is uncomfortable-
it hurts, and it pains,
but unless you go through it
only the old you remains.
I find strength
in the here and the Now.
If ever I feel weak,
in prayer I bow.
I trust in the most High
to guide me through,
and I rise from my ashes,
born anew.
As I’m leaving behind
attachments I’ve held,
I know pain is an indicator
of the depth which I felt.
To move forward
I can’t look behind.
It is in uncertainty
my Self I will find.
Healing isn’t easy.
You cry and you bleed.
Be kind to yourself
and continue to feed
your heart with light,
love, and positivity.
As I speak with my heart,
I tell it to be patient, courageous and fierce.
Shedding old skin,
conditionings of previous years-
it takes time to change
and evolve in this way.
So, I choose to trust my vision
and guidance today.

This poem has been taken from the book The Heart’s Journey (Chakra Themed Poetry Series) by Maria Kitsios.

8. Tender Heart – by Zoe Quiney

My tender heart, it feels so much.
It fills and flows and leaps and jumps
It surges and pounds and aches and breaks
It determines decisions that I must make

My tender heart, my precious source
My sweet serenity, my deep remorse
It answers questions not yet asked
A house of truth, it wears no mask.

My tender heart, it beats and bleeds
To satisfy the soul it feeds
It loves so much, I’m sure it’ll burst:
An overflowing cup, to quench infinite thirst.

My tender heart I give you peace
On days when hurt appears not to cease.
I offer you strength, a place of calm
A gentle wisdom, amid the storm.

My tender heart, please speak your truth
Your knowledge from within the ego’s sheath.
I’ll offer you sweetly with trust and grace;
So that I may know eternal solace.

Written by Zoe Quiney.

9. Heart Hugs – by Krista Katrovas

Let us, “Undress the World,”
Untie the knots
Wrapped around our hearts.
Let’s loosen those ties, extend
A warm glance, a friendly smile,
And even if we don’t seem
In need of one,
Let’s reach out and hug others.
Let’s press our hearts to theirs,
Overlap them, hearts talk in this way,
They console, listen, and live as one,
‘Cause heart hugs
Are kin to fire,
And too can burn away
That which we no longer need.
And when we embrace one another,
Let’s inhale deeply,
Take in what needs to be healed,
Exhale what needs to be freed.
Through our breathing in unison
Let’s place that which no longer serves our
Highest Selves
Into universal love
Where all and everything that enters
Dances into fullness.
Then whisper into their ear,
As you consciously press your heart to theirs,
“Hearts know how to hear,
They hear, even when our heads
Forget to listen.”
Let’s bring our mind and heart
Closer to one another,
Create less distance between them.
And when we hold one another
In this way,
We know we are in the midst
of heaven.

Written by Krista Katrovas.

10. To live is to love – by Mozhdeh Nikmanesh

To live is to listen
To love is to hear
As I listen to the river inside of you
I become you
Feeling your pulsation and vibration inside of me
As I listen carefully
I flow in your vessels all around your body
Then I return home
To your heart
To my heart
To our hearts
To The Heart
And it’s only then that I can hear
I can hear your love
Our love
The love
Inside of you
Inside of me
Inside of us
And honor it by listening carefully
To hear the message the universe has for me
To live is to listen
To love is to hear
To live is to love

Written by Mozhdeh Nikmanesh

11. It All Begins in Your Heart – by Crystal Lynn

Trust in the Mystery…
Let go I say…
History is ours for the making,
We create it each and every new day.
Emotions are fluid,
they come and they go…
but you are so much more,
Much more!…
didn’t you know?…
Above the horizon,
as far as the stars…
the oceans reflect the depths of our scars.
The waters are churning,
and thrashing about…
and as time always passes,
the waters… level out.
So, let go of the happy…
let go of the sad… let go! Let go!
Before we all go Mad!
Life is a journey, with bends and twists…
valleys and caverns, clear skies and mists….
A dreamy and complex, spiral mix, far too much, for me to list…
but you get the jist!
Really, it’s all, so simple you see….
it’s all in your head, this world…
you, and me.
It begins in our Hearts,
which leads to our Heads…. which turn into thoughts, and create the path ahead.
If we leave out the Heart,
right from the start…
we are lost in the dark,
with nowhere to chart.
Along the path, you’ll come to discover and know,
you are never alone…
No matter where you go.
Always near,
and whispering in your ear,
Are your angels and guides,
To remind You…
You can do this, We are Here!
Your Heart is the Key.
The answer, the way.
Your Heart is the Power,
to Show You the New Day!
It will lead you to wealth, beyond riches sublime….
Beyond boundaries, and limits… beyond space and time.
Trust in your Heart,
it’s there for a reason.
It’s waiting for you…
because Truth…
is always in Season.
Say Yes to your Heart!
So Today, you can start…
Begin to watch your fears, as they all fall apart…
and just like that!
You will Know…
Just where your meant, exactly to Go.
It All Begins in Your Heart.

Written by Crystal Lynn.


Was there any poem(s) on this list that you were specifically drawn to? If so, make a note of such poems and use them in your life as an affirmative practice by reading and meditating on them on a regular basis. This can be a great exercise to open and heal your heart chakra.

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