Normal Is Whatever You Are – Leo The Lop

Normal is whatever you are - Leo the Lop

Normal and abnormal exist purely within our minds. In reality, there is nothing that is normal or abnormal. Everything just is as it is.

This concept is explained beautifully in Leo the Lop, a children’s book by Stephen Cosgrove.

Leo the Lop – story in a nutshell

The story is about a rabbit named Leo whose ears won’t stand up like the rest of the rabbits. This makes him feel really insecure. Leo starts to feel that his ears are not normal and tries all he can to get his ears to stand up but in vain.

One day, Leo gets a thought, thanks to his possum friend, that may be his ears are normal and it was the other rabbits who had abnormal ears. He presents this idea before the other rabbits and they all brood over it.

Eventually the rabbits reach the conclusion that everything is a matter of perception and that normal is whatever you are.

Here’s the exact quote from the book:

“The rabbits though and thought. “If we’re normal and Leo is normal, then normal is whatever you are!”

Perfection and imperfection exists only within the mind

Leo the Lop is a beautiful and inspirational children’s story that contains a powerful message of self acceptance.

It encourages you to accept yourself as you are and not to judge yourself based on predefined arbitrary standards.

In reality, there are no imperfections; there is nothing that is not normal. Everything just is.

It is our mind that perceives things as normal and abnormal based on comparison. But this perception exists purely within the mind, it has no basis in reality.

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