39 Short Morning Mantras for Strength Throughout the Day

A mantra is a word or a group of words that when recited repeatedly has the power to create powerful changes to your internal and external reality. The syllable, ‘man (pronounced mun)’ in Sanskrit refers to the ‘mind’ and ‘tra’, stands for a tool or instrument. So a mantra is basically a tool for the mind or a tool using which you can alter/program your mind with positive beliefs.

The article is a collection of 39 short morning mantras that will give you strength throughout the day. Even though these mantras are short (no more than 4 to 5 words), they contain powerful messages that will reprogram your subconscious mind.

How to use: Pick your favorite mantra and recite it in the morning or as and when you feel like throughout the day. The more you recite, the more the positive message gets ingrained in your mind.

As of now, while reading this article, repeat each of the following mantras five times as you slowly go through the entire list. Stay conscious of how each mantra makes you feel from within. Once finished, make a list of 5 to 10 mantras that you personally found to have resonated deeply with you. These are your personal mantras that you can recite whenever you want to, to get strength and positive energy.

Table of Contents

1. Another day, another opportunity.

Another day, another opportunity.

Make each day your masterpiece.” – John Wooden

This mantra will help take your mind off the past/future and anchor your attention to the present moment.

The present moment is where opportunities are. But you will never see them as long as you are lost in thoughts of the past. What has happened has happened, but today is yours and what you do today will bring positive changes in your life in the days to come.

2. Today will be a good day.

Today will be a good day.

This mantra programs your subconscious mind to see the good in all things and thereby attract all the good things toward you throughout the day.

3. I am enough as I am.

When you are constantly focused on pleasing others and seeking approval, you allow other people to run your life.

Use this positive mantra to remind yourself that you don’t need to prove anything to anybody or live up to anybody’s expectations. You do not need anyone to complete you or add to you.

The moment you realize this, you become liberated.

4. I deserve happiness.

Your deeply held subconscious beliefs create your reality. If deep down you feel that you do not deserve happiness, then happiness will always elude you. Even when you find happiness, you will feel undeserving of it and hence be averse to it.

So use this short sentence to reprogram your subconscious mind that you deserve happiness; you deserve all the good things in the world.

5. I’m on my own path.

I am on my own path.

It’s easy to get sidetracked looking at what everyone else is doing. Before long, you start to doubt yourself and feel that you should follow suit. But remember that you will never be able to discover your true self and live out your deepest passions if you follow others.

Use this mantra to reaffirm yourself that it’s perfectly okay that you have chosen a path that is different from others. Even though your path is unique, realize that a path is created by walking on it, as Zhuangzi puts it. In-fact, you are on the right track as opposed to someone who is merely a sheep following others.

6. Ease and flow.

Ease and flow.

This mantra will instantly bring a sense of peace and calm to your entire being. It helps you let go of resistance and ease into the flow of things.

It’s only when you are calm and relaxed that your body and mind can work at their highest capacity.

So use this short yet powerful mantra to let go of thinking and to get into a state of ease and relaxation first thing in the morning.

7. I choose to forgive and let go of anger.

“He that cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself; for every man has need to be forgiven.”
― Thomas Fuller

Holding on to negative feelings such as anger, resentments, hatred (either toward your own self or toward others) causes more harm to you than good. These feelings use up your vital energy and keep you from focusing on your real goals and objectives.

So use this mantra to let go of all these negative emotions and free yourself. Think of this mantra each time these feelings take over and let them go.

Refocus your energy on developing yourself so you can reach your true potential.

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8. I love myself the way I am.

I love myself the way I am.

It’s only when you love yourself can you love others. It is only when you understand yourself can you develop empathy to understand others.

Use this mantra to remind yourself to always be loving, compassionate and understanding toward yourself this day.

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9. May I be here now.

The mind generates over 60,000 thoughts a day and most of these thoughts are repetitive in nature. When your attention is lost in these thoughts, you miss out on the opportunities that lie in the present moment.

So use this short mantra whenever you want to come out of the pull of your mind and relax into the present moment.

The more you use it, the more your conscious mind will develop and more mindful you start to be.

10. Slow down, don’t stop.

Slow down, don't stop.

Haste makes waste and it’s always the slow and steady that will the race.

Use this mantra to remind yourself that it is okay to slow down, to take a break, to breath and relax as long as you do not give up. Don’t worry about how fast someone else is going. Do things at your own pace, but keep doing them consistently and you are bound to reach your goals.

11. Breathe in love, breathe out hate.

Breathe in love love, breathe out hate.

Fear, anger, hate and resentment are all low energy vibrations. Whenever you find yourself engaging too much in these emotions, use this mantra to refocus on your energy on positive emotions.

Become aware of your body and feel positive energy permeating your body with every in-breath and negative energy leaving your body with every out-breath.

12. Today I will judge nothing that occurs.

There is a verse in the Bible the says, ‘Judge not, or you will be judged’. This verse points to the fact that, when you judge others, you also start to judge yourself. And in all cases, judging and throwing blame is a sheer waste of your energy.

Instead of being judgmental, try to be more curious (more understanding and empathetic). This mantra will remind you to do just that.

13. The privilege of a lifetime is to become who I truly am.

The most important relationship is the relationship you have with yourself because knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

This is a powerful personal mantra to remind yourself that your ultimate objective is to realize your true nature – to become who you truly are. This mantra will help you remove focus from others and shift your focus inwards so you start to learn and understand who you truly are.

14. Life wants the best for me. I am OK with where I am right now.

We often feel that we are not where we are supposed to be. But irrespective of the truth in that feeling, it does create a vibration of lack within. When you create from a place of lack, you attract lack, but when you create from a place of abundance, you attract abundance.

By using this mantra, you can change your vibration from one of lack to one of abundance. By accepting your current reality you open yourself to receive positive inspiration to create a reality that you desire.

15. Good things come to those who wait.

Good things come to those who wait.

Everything happens at the right time. One cannot force a tree to bear fruits; it happens only when the time is right. This is why patience is such a powerful virtue.

Use this mantra to reaffirm your belief that everything that you desire will come to you as long as you keep working toward your goals, believe in yourself and have patience.

16. I am aware of my thoughts.

If your thoughts control you, you become a slave to your thoughts. But if you start controlling your thoughts, you become a master of your destiny.

Thoughts get generated on their own, but your attention is in your control. You can choose which thoughts to pay attention to and which ones to ignore. By paying attention to empowering thoughts, you begin to grow.

Use this mantra to remind yourself that you are in-charge here and not your thoughts.

17. I choose to focus on the solution.

In life, there are some things that you cannot control and some that you can. When you focus on things that you cannot control, you waste your energy. But when you focus on things that you can control, you start to pave pathways and solutions begin to reveal themselves.

Use this short mantra to remind yourself to always focus on finding the solution rather than wasting your energy focusing on the problem.

18. I focus on what I can do instead of what I cannot do

It is not what you cannot do, it is what you can do.

What you focus on the most, decides the course of your life. A simple change of focus from what you cannot do, to what you can do, can bring a massive difference to your outlook. You begin to attract solutions and get back on track.

So whenever you encounter self defeating thoughts, use this mantra to change your mindset from negative to positive.

19. I always put myself first.

If you are constantly putting other people first, you burn yourself out. Therefore it is imperative that you always put yourself first – your health, your goals, your wants and needs. Even though it may appear selfish to do so, putting yourself first is the most selfless thing you can do. This is because, you cannot serve others from an empty cup. You need to ensure that you are hale, healthy, happy, rejuvenated and filled with positive energy, so you can pass it on to others.

So use this mantra to remind yourself to always put yourself first. Learn to say no to things that do not serve you and start giving priority to what you want to do.

20. I am strong, I am capable, I am kind.

This is a simple straightforward mantra to remind yourself that you have what it takes to achieve all your dreams. All that you got to do is believe.

21. I radiate and attract positive energy.

Life is a mirror, what you give you is what gets reflected back to you. If you give out positivity, you will attract more positivity.

Use this mantra to always feel positive, so you infuse everything around you with positive energy.

22. Everything is always working out for my highest good.

Use this mantra to remind yourself that life is always trying to help you reach your true potential. The obstacles that come your way are here to help you grow.

Even though it is not immediately apparent, time will reveal that they are for your highest good.

23. Peace and calm, inward and outward.

Eventually, we are all looking for this deep inner peace and stillness. But this inner peace and stillness exists right within you. You need not look for it anywhere.

Repeating this mantra while feeling your body will help you connect with the inner peace and stillness within.

24. Work smarter, not harder.

Many of us are busy being busy. This is because, we need to convince ourselves that we are indeed busy and productive. But in reality, to be busy for the sake of being busy is a waste of your energy.

Use this mantra to remind yourself that it’s not hard work, but smart work that counts so you always use your energy wisely.

25. We can only become what we believe.

Your subconscious beliefs dictate your life. Therefore it is imperative that we purge negative and limiting beliefs from the subconscious on a regular basis.

This mantra will help you stay conscious of your negative thoughts and self talk so you can start to find out the beliefs in your subconscious mind that are responsible for them.

Once you are conscious of these beliefs, they lose their control over you.

26. One kind word can change someone’s entire day.

If you wake up feeling purposeless, as if your life has no impact on the world at large, repeat this mantra every morning.

Think of this like a ripple effect: your kindness, even towards a stranger, may just give them the strength to make someone else’s day better. And so on, and so forth. Even if all you’re doing is passing along kind words towards those you encounter every day, your life is not meaningless, and you’re here for a reason.

27. Keep pushing. Don’t stop.

Keep pushing, don't stop.

Persistence is the key to success. When you keep pushing, slowly yet steadily, the solutions are bound to appear.

28. I deserve more love, not less.

Matt Kahn is credited with creating this short yet powerful mantra. These words remind us that, even if we’re imperfect, even if we’ve messed up, even if we haven’t completed everything on our to-do list, we always deserve to receive MORE love, NOT less.

Speak these words to yourself every morning if you have a harsh inner critic, or if you struggle with feeling unworthy or unlovable.

29. I could never be less than lovable.

Once again, it’s imperative that you remind yourself on a daily basis of your inherent worth. When you struggle to believe that you’re worthy and lovable, you’re actually more likely to act out of integrity and hurt other people.

Thus, reminding yourself every morning that you could never be less than lovable will serve as your anchor into your divine worth. This, in turn, will fill your cup so that you’re able to give graciously to other people, rather than taking away from other people.

30. I am me, and that’s enough for today.

Often, we experience instant anxiety as soon as our eyes open in the morning. We habitually begin our days by criticizing ourselves for not getting enough sleep, or by stressing over everything we have to get done that day, already worried that we won’t complete every task.

In short, we often start our days by feeling like we’re not enough, causing us to feel demotivated and disempowered. What if you reminded yourself, as soon as your eyes open, that you are enough, because you exist? How much more motivated would you feel as a result?

31. Keep looking where the light pours in.

What are the tiny things that bring you joy? What do you appreciate the most about yourself? What do you appreciate the most about your partner, your family, your kids, your friends, or even your coworkers? What do you love about your life?

When you remind yourself to “look where the light pours in”, you remind yourself to notice what you love, to notice what brings you joy. This is gratitude. Remind yourself to keep looking where the light pours in every morning to live a more joy-filled life.

32. Focus not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

How many times have you woken up in the morning already thinking about what you don’t like about your life? You dread interacting with your difficult coworkers, dealing with your anxiety, or arguing with your spouse about the same old thing.

As a result, you may habitually push back against all those aspects of your life that you don’t like– but this doesn’t do much except drain your energy. Instead, try waking up each day thinking about what new, joyful, exciting things you’d like to cultivate today– don’t fight the old, but rather, build the new.

33. Good energy is contagious.

Remember that time that you had a terrible day, and yet, when the kind bus driver smiled at you, you felt a little better?

Perhaps you went home that day and you were able to love your spouse, kids, or pets a little more than you otherwise would have. That tiny bit of good energy kept you going– and you can do the same for others. Remember every morning that each smile, friendly word, and act of kindness goes a long way, even if you don’t see the result.

34. Making mistakes is better than faking perfections.

Don’t start your day expecting yourself to be perfect at all costs. When you put this undue pressure on yourself, you may actually end up covering up our imperfections at an attempt to fake perfection.

When you constantly cover up your flaws, you cut yourself off from growth. So today, remind yourself that when you make mistakes, you’re able to learn and grow as a person, and there is no greater strength than the ability to learn.

35. Wake up in anticipation something great is going to happen today.

Sure, it might be just another day at work, just like any other. It might be the most mundane morning ever– but when you anticipate something beautiful happening, you’ll actually look for it.

This doesn’t mean you’ll get a raise or meet your soulmate today (maybe you will, though!). However, what you’ll notice is that you start to see the tiny beautiful things throughout your day, such as the sun peeking through the clouds, or your favorite song playing on the radio.

36. You are always stronger than you think you are.

It’s common for some people to feel a wave of anxiety almost instantly upon waking up. If that sounds like you, this quote is here to serve you.

Remind yourself every morning that, even if you wake up feeling defeated, you still possess the strength you need to make it through the day. After all, you’ve made it through all of your worst days so far, right?

37. Be a voice, not an echo.

It’s human nature to want to “fit in” and be accepted– as a result, though, you can often tend to mask your true, authentic power and your unique gifts.

You possess incredible wisdom and capabilities that nobody else on the planet can replicate. When you try to become less like yourself and more like somebody else, you cover up what’s amazing about you. So, remember: the world needs you as your most authentic self. Don’t waste energy trying instead to copy somebody else.

38. The sun will rise, and I will try again.

Again, you’ve made it through every single one of your worst days so far, right? You’re capable, you’re resilient, and you’re still breathing.

If you often wake up feeling nervous that something could go wrong today, or still regretting whatever went wrong yesterday, use this mantra to bring yourself back to an empowered mindset. Remember that, even if you completely fail at something today, tomorrow is still there for you to try again.

39. Thank You.

Thank you.

‘Thank you’ is an extremely simple mantra but at the same time extremely powerful.

When you say ‘thank you’ first thing in the morning you automatically change your vibration to love, peace, abundance and positivity and that’s exactly what you will attract throughout the day.

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