10 Spiritual Benefits of Star Anise (Chinese Anise)

Star anise

Star Anise, also known as Chinese Anise or Badiana, is a popular spice known for its unique star shape. Native to China and many parts of Asia, Star Anise can repel negative energy and attract good luck into your life due to its close association with the planet Jupiter (the planet of wisdom and abundance). It is also a great spice for heightening your spiritual awareness as it works with the third eye and crown chakras. Read on to find out the many spiritual benefits of Star Anise and how you can use it in your life!

8 Amazing spiritual benefits of Star Anise

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1. Keep Star Anise under your pillow to promote good dreams

Star Anise powder
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To promote good dreams and ward off negative thoughts and nightmares, keep a whole Star Anise under your pillow. Alternatively, you can also crush and sprinkle Star Anise powder. As an added bonus, Star Anise is known to have sedative properties so it can help you get a good night’s rest!

In addition, if you are seeking answers to your problems then placing Star Anise under your pillow can help you with that as well. As Star Anise empowers the Third Eye Chakra (which is connected with intuition) it can induce prophetic dreaming which is believed to provide answers to your problems within three to seven days of doing this. The answers will either appear in your dream or when you wake up. To make this more effective, hold the Star Anise in your power hand and charge it with your intention by thinking about the problem and feeling that the right answers will come to you.

2. Use Star Anise for clairvoyance, psychic awareness and creative energy

Star Anise is one of the most popular spices for raising psychic awareness because it is believed to awaken your mind and bring clarity to any situation. This makes it an excellent spice to use when you are working on a creative project! All you need to do is clear your mind and inhale its heady scent.

Traditionally, Star Anise is burned as incense using a charcoal disk. However, you can also fashion it into a charm necklace to repel negativity and encourage a positive outlook on life. This is best done on Samhain (usually beginning of winter), when the veil between our world and the spiritual world is at its thinnest.

Alternatively, you can stand a quartz crystal in the middle of a bed of Star Anise to encourage clairvoyance and help you connect with your higher self.

3. Place Star Anise on the Altar to increase good luck and spiritual connection

Star Anise is a wonderful addition to your altar for heightening your senses during divination work. Simply put the spice in a fireproof bowl and burn it. Similarly, you can increase the power of any spell you perform by placing whole Star Anise seeds at each of the four corners of your altar.

By having Star Anise on your altar, you are also raising positive spiritual vibrations and spreading them through your entire home.

4. Use Star Anise for cleansing and protection

Star anise bowl
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Star Anise is a favored herb in Buddhism, as it represents the eight-fold path of enlightenment. Especially when combined with cloves. Star Anise is frequently planted around Buddhist temples to ward off evil spirits and is also commonly burned as incense during consecration, cleansing, and protection rituals. You can burn Star Anise powder for the same purpose.

Vastu Shastra is an early form of Hindu architecture that incorporates spiritual beliefs into the structure of buildings to promote peace and harmony within. According to the scripture, placing Star Anise in each of the four corners of your home will remove all negativity and increase positive ones. You can also make a garland out of full Star Anise seeds and hang them above your door to create a protective barrier around your home.

5. Use Star Anise for New Moon work and manifestation

Star anise moon
Star Anise is known as a ‘moon herb’ because its unique shape is believed to symbolize a moonless horizon. As a result, it is an excellent addition to any new moon spell or ritual, particularly divination. The new moon is a symbol of new beginnings so it is the perfect time to reflect on your life and focus on what you want to achieve in the coming months.

Here is a simple New Moon ritual using Star Anise that you can use for manifestation of your desires:

Step 1: Choose a colored candle that represents your intentions. Purple (empowerment), white (purity), and black (protection) are all good options. Then, cleanse your candle by burning Sage, Palo Santo, or Star Anise.

Step 2: Now it’s time to think about your goals! It may be easier to write your wishes down on a piece of paper or in a journal. Alternatively, you can simply hold your candle, close your eyes, and concentrate on infusing it with your intentions.

Step 3: When you are ready, anoint your candle with your chosen herbs; Star Anise, flax seeds (for lunar energy), and vervain (for psychic awareness) all work well together.

Step 4: Light your candle on the night of a new moon and recite a few words that encompass your intentions. Try to allow the candle to burn down on its own if possible. Alternatively, you can snuff out the flame but you should never blow out a candle as this will blow away your wishes!

6. Carry Star Anise for good luck & positive energy

Star Anise is a wonderful herb to attract good luck and positive energy! You can add it to charms, necklaces, sachets, wallets, or mojo bags to carry around with you.

If you have a particular worry or a specific goal, you can consider charging your Star Anise with your intention using a simple chant or prayer. To do this, hold the Star Anise in your power hand. This is usually your dominant hand but it isn’t always! Luckily, there is a very simple test you can do to work out which is your power hand. Clasp your hands together on your lap so your palms are touching and your thumbs are overlapping. Your power hand is the one attached to the thumb that is on top!

While holding the Star Anise, close your eyes and visualize a bright orange light surrounding your hands. When your hands feel warm, recite your chant (out loud if possible) to charge it with your intent. Here is a simple example that you can adopt:

Earth and Fire, send me my desire.
By wind and sea, bring good luck to me.
As I will it, so mote it be!

Carry this charged Star Anise around with you to attract good luck.

7. Use Star Anise for divination (to seek answers to your questions)

Star Anise can be ground using a pestle and mortar or burned as incense to increase the success of any manifestation spell you perform. Due to its ability to raise psychic awareness, it also makes a great pendulum for divination. Find a large robust Star Anise and attach it to a purple, yellow, or black cord made from natural fibers. If you are finding it difficult to secure the Star Anise pod, you can try drilling a small hole in the center and passing the thread through it. Then cut the thread so it is the same length as the space between your little finger and your thumb. Your pendulum is now ready!

To use your pendulum, hold it in your power hand and ask the universe a simple yes or no question. If the pendulum begins to move in a circular motion, the answer is yes. If it moves back and forth, the answer is no. If the pendulum does not move, it means that you do not need an answer to that particularly question, or you already know it!

8. Use Star Anise in protection & good luck spell bottles

Star Anise,  Cinnamon and Cloves
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Star Anise can be used in protection, money, and good luck spell jars with great success! Small bottles are ideal for carrying around with you, but larger ones are great for the home. Spend some time researching the best herbs, crystals, and additional materials to include in your jar to make sure they clearly represent your intent. For example, herbs such as Star Anise, bay leaves, Chamomile, and Aventurine crystal chips are great for protection spells. Cinnamon, cloves, and Star Anise work well for money and luck spells.

Always place the heavier items on the bottom of your jar to prevent the ingredients from sinking into each other. As you are creating your spell jar, try burning Star Anise incense to induce a sense of calm and emotional balance.

9. Diffuse Star Anise essential oil to promote happiness in your home

Star anise essential oil
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Diffusing Star Anise essential oil or steaming the herb in the western portion of your home will promote happiness and health for all the residents! Additionally, Star Anise is also great for any meditation practice to heighten your awareness.

10. Bath with Star Anise to purify your mind

As a protection and cleansing herb, Star Anise can be added to bathing rituals to rejuvenate and purify your mind, body, and spirit. Add both Star Anise and bay leaves to running bath water for a full cleanse! Alternatively, you can mix Star Anise with honey and cinnamon to promote self-love.


Star Anise is a magical spice with a wide range of uses, from attracting good luck to strengthening your connection with the spiritual world. It is truly a powerful, versatile ingredient that should be in every person’s home!

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