14 Spiritual Benefits of Patchouli (+ How to Use it in Your Life)

Patchouli leaves

Are you carrying around excess fear or worry? Or perhaps, you’d like an extra dose of motivation and confidence. Maybe you’re hoping to attract love or money. Patchouli can help you deal with all of these ailments and more.

A flowering plant in the deadnettle family, patchouli has been healing human beings since its historical use in ancient India. It possesses physical healing capabilities, as well as a multitude of spiritual benefits. So, if you participate in any kind of spiritual ritual at all, you just might find a good use for patchouli in your life; read on to find out!

What does Patchouli Symbolize?

Dating back to its origins in India, patchouli has been known to represent love and fertility. For ages, patchouli has been a known aphrodisiac. However, the people of ancient Asia also esteemed their patchouli plants for its anti-inflammatory abilities– thus, patchouli has come to symbolize physical healing, as well.

Historical Significance of Patchouli

In addition to its medicinal use in India– as a headache tonic, burn reliever, and insect repellant, among many other uses– patchouli was also used to make a delicious tea in its earliest contact with humans. Later, as the herb made its way to the West, patchouli became associated with the hippies of the 1960’s. In fact, countless signature fragrances of the psychedelic decade included patchouli oil.

Patchouli Scent Meaning

Smelling patchouli sends an instant, yet sweet and gentle wake-up call to your nervous system. Indeed, the scent of patchouli is awakening, bold, and uplifting– perfect for when you need a dose of motivation or a splash of confidence!

Patchouli and the Earth Element

Patchouli helps to call in the earth element, thereby healing the root chakra and providing a sense of groundedness. Professional herbalists and aromatherapists even prescribe this essential oil for those entrenched in fear (the number-one symptom of an unhealed root chakra).

14 Spiritual Benefits of Patchouli

Dried patchouli leaves

Let’s get into some ways that you can use patchouli in your spiritual practice.

1. Inhale Patchouli to Dispel Fear

Patchouli has a grounding scent, helping you to feel held and safe. Diffuse patchouli oil or rub some oil on your wrists, breathing deeply to repel negative feelings like fear and enhance a feeling of groundedness.

2. Diffuse Patchouli to Overcome Lazy Energy

Again, patchouli’s fragrance is bold and confident– perfect for those days when you don’t feel good enough, or don’t feel like doing anything. Diffuse or apply patchouli essential oil in the mornings to overcome laziness, and stay motivated and focused.

3. Use Patchouli for Speeding Up Manifestation

Spiritualists love to use patchouli in their manifestation rituals, whether they’re aiming at manifesting money, love, a job, or something else. Grab a bottle of patchouli essential oil, then rub some on your palms or wrists during your manifestation routine. You can also diffuse the oil into the air while setting intention and visualization.

4. Smudge Patchouli to Attract Love

Patchouli is known to symbolize love and fertility, so of course, this herb (or oil) can aid in your quest for a happy romantic relationship!

You may light patchouli incense and smudge your home with it– i.e., walk from room to room with the smoking incense in hand– to attract love. Additionally, try taking a ritual bath: run a hot bath and add a few drops of patchouli oil or a few patchouli leaves to the water. (Adding crystals such as rose quartz may help, too.) Then, soak in the bath for at least twenty minutes to allow patchouli’s loving vibration to soak into your spirit.

A quicker way to do this is to bathe with patchouli soap! Just ensure that you have soap which contains authentic patchouli oil, not a smell-alike.

5. Use Patchouli Spray to Keep Away Negative People and Bad Vibes

Smudging your home with patchouli– via incense or patchouli sprays– helps to clear negative energy, and can even protect your space from negative people.

Try dabbing patchouli spray on your front door, burning patchouli incense near the door, or even mopping your home with patchouli water to keep away unwanted energy and people. Be sure to use an intention! As you smudge, try repeating a phrase such as “I ask all unwanted energies and visitors to exit my space”.

Here’s a tip: to make patchouli water, boil patchouli leaves for about five minutes, strain the leaves from the water, and allow the water to cool. Then, pour the cooled patchouli water into a spray bottle or into your mop water.

6. Apply Patchouli on Your Belly for Balancing Your Chakras

As mentioned earlier, patchouli is most closely associated with the root chakra. However, as it’s also associated with love and feelings, patchouli can be used to balance the sacral and heart chakras. In addition, patchouli aids overthinkers to calm our minds – that heals the crown chakra, too!

To add patchouli oil to your chakra-healing practice, you might try diffusing the oil during meditation or journaling. Or, try rubbing diluted patchouli oil on your forehead or belly.

7. Apply Patchouli on Your Feet for Deep Sleep

Have an overactive mind? I’m willing to bet that you have trouble falling asleep at night! Patchouli oil can help. In fact, herbalists actually recommend massaging the diluted oil into your feet and toes! This can help to induce deep rejuvenating sleep and relaxation.

8. Keep Patchouli Under Your Pillow for Good Dreams

Those who strive to lucid dream often create a “dream pillow” including sweet-smelling patchouli leaves. Patchouli will, of course, help to quiet your mind, thus ensuring that your dreams are sweet rather than worrisome. And, yes, some claim that patchouli will help you to control your dream world! To try this, place patchouli leaves under your pillow, place a sachet of patchouli inside of your pillow, or keep a bowl of dried or fresh patchouli leaves near your bed.

9. Use Patchouli Incense for Deeper Meditation & Insights

As mentioned earlier, patchouli’s musky scent works well to ground a worrisome mind. Thus, you may want to use patchouli if you’re prone to overthinking during meditation. Try diffusing patchouli oil or incense, or dabbing patchouli oil on your wrists, to clear your mind before and during meditation.

Patchouli can even help you attract amazing insights and solutions to issues as you meditate. Keep a pen and notepad handy to jot them down whenever they occur to you.

10. Inhale Patchouli to Remove Headaches and Find Clarity

Have you ever been to a yoga studio in which warm, smell-good towels were passed out at the end of class? These towels likely contained a generous dose of patchouli oil! This oil is known for relieving headaches and calming overthinking.

How to create a patchouli towel: To create a patchouli towel, put 4-5 drops of patchouli oil in lukewarm water. Soak a washcloth in the water, place it over your head while lying down, and inhale deeply for up to 5 minutes.

11. Carry Patchouli With You to Attract Money

Patchouli is traditionally associated with the planet (and God) Saturn, who doles out rewards for one’s hard work. Thus, working with patchouli can call in Saturn, therefore aiding in wealth manifestation. To call in Saturn, set a sacred intention to attract money. Then, you can carry patchouli leaves in your wallet, or perhaps smudge your house daily with patchouli water or incense. You can also add a few drops of patchouli oil to a green candle and light it for a money-attracting ritual.

12. Bath with Patchouli for Cleansing

In addition to using patchouli baths to attract love, you can also bathe in this fragrant plant to cleanse your energy. If you’ve been carrying extra stress or worry lately, try a patchouli cleansing bath: add 10-20 drops of patchouli oil to your bath water. If desired, you can also add epsom salts and/or crystals (NOT selenite! Selenite will dissolve in water.). Alternatively, you may add a handful of dried patchouli leaves to your bath or bathe with patchouli soap instead. Soak for 20 minutes or more, and feel your spirit’s energy becoming lighter.

13. Use Patchouli to Overcome Anger

If you are feeling angry and frustrated, patchouli will help you relax and let go. Consider diffusing patchouli essential oil as you listen to some calming music to reduce negative feelings such as anger and enhance positive feelings and your vibration.

14. Drink Patchouli Tea for Raising your Vibration

The quickest way to raise your vibration with patchouli is to ingest it as a tea. Boil about a cup of water, then remove it from the heat. Add about a teaspoon or two of dried patchouli leaves, steep for five minutes, then strain through a fine mesh strainer. Enjoy your tea as you feel your vibration lifting!

You can also add a few fresh/dried patchouli leaves to your drinking water so its raises the energy of the water molecules.

Crystals to Use with Patchouli

No matter which purpose you’re using patchouli for, there’s a crystal that can tag along! Here are some crystals which work well with patchouli’s multiple uses.

1. Rose Quartz for Love

Of course, as mentioned above, rose quartz can help in attracting love! Use rose quartz alongside patchouli in your love manifestation rituals.

2. Black Tourmaline for Protection

Trying to cleanse your energy or keep negative vibes from entering your home? Add a black tourmaline crystal to your ritual. You might place black tourmaline in your cleansing bath, place a black tourmaline near your front door after smudging with patchouli incense, or even place a tiny black tourmaline inside of your patchouli spray bottle.

3. Amethyst for Meditation

If you’re using patchouli to ease your meditation routine or clear away racing thoughts, try using amethyst! Holding an amethyst crystal during meditation can open your crown chakra, which helps to heal overthinking and opens you to deeper spiritual insight.

4. Citrine for Confidence and Manifesting Wealth

Citrine heals the solar plexus chakra, which can help if you’re using patchouli to feel more confident and motivated. Try meditating with or carrying a citrine crystal if this is the case.

Also, for those who are manifesting wealth via patchouli, you get added benefits– citrine is known as “the money crystal”, so it can help in those manifestation rituals, too!


In conclusion, you can use this musky herb for anything from manifesting money to keeping away unwanted visitors– it’s that versatile. Even a little action such as diffusing patchouli oil in your home can raise your vibration, but if you want to go deeper, grab some patchouli leaves and make a cup of tea or a patchouli bath! You may find yourself surprised by the ways this delicious plant will uplift your mood and power up your vibration.

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