68 Unique Stress Relief Gifts For The Overworked (2023 Updated)

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Do you have people in your life who are overworked and stressed out?

If so, you can help them out by giving them the gift of relaxation.

The following is a list of 68 highly rated products aimed at helping you destress and relax.

You can use these products yourself or give them as stress relief gifts to your harried friends and family.

Table of Contents

1. Rolling Massage Ball

Massage ball

This compact yet innovative device is ideal for both self-massage and providing others with a deep, relaxing massage.

It comes with a rotating ball that spins smoothly and glides over muscles giving you firm and consistent pressure. You can even freeze this device and use it to give a cold massage that can help reduce inflammation and muscle fatigue.

This device is safe to use with massage oils, essential oils or lotions.

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2. Comfy Foam Footrest

This lightweight, comfortable footrest makes an ideal stress relief gift for anyone who spend extended hours working or sitting at a desk. Crafted from high-quality memory foam, it provides a gentle foot massage and relieves back pain by alleviating pressure on the lower back and hips.

In addition to its use as a footrest, you can flip it over and use it as a rocker or place it under your knees for added support while lying down. Its portability allows you to take it with you wherever you go, ensuring comfort and relaxation on the move.

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3. Bluetooth Sleep Headband

Bluetooth sleep headband

Help your recipient in achieving peaceful sleep by gifting them this innovative Bluetooth headband. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys falling asleep while listening to sleep-inducing music (such as delta waves), white noise, binaural beats, sleep hypnosis, or soothing nature sounds (like the calming sound of rain).

These headbands are wireless (as they work using bluetooth and small built-in speakers) and are extremely comfortable to wear. Unlike traditional headphones, they won’t exert pressure on your ears, making them suitable for wearing to bed, regardless of whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach. You can even use them as a sleep mask to cover your eyes for better sleep.

They come with rechargeable batteries and are washable (after removing the bluetooth unit).

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4. TinyBuddha’s Gratitude Journal + Coloring Book

Tinybuddha's gratitude journal and coloring book

This beautifully designed journal by TinyBuddha is brimming with thought-provoking questions (journal prompts), coloring pages, and activities designed to nurture a mindset of peace and gratitude. It serves as a valuable tool for redirecting the user’s focus away from stress-related thoughts, encouraging a shift toward positive and empowering thinking.

If you opt to present this gift, consider pairing it with coloring pens, crayons, and watercolors for added enjoyment.

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5. EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation) Foot Massager Mat

This massage mat utilizes gentle electric stimulation to target various areas of the feet, effectively alleviating soreness, fatigue, and promoting relaxation. With multiple settings and adjustable intensities, it can be customized to your specific needs.

Its wireless functionality allows you to use it anywhere, making it a versatile and high-quality solution. This can make for a thoughtful gift for individuals who spend extended hours on their feet.

6. Massage Mat with 10 Vibrating Motors

Massage mat

This is an excellent massage mat that you can use to relax and unwind after a tiring day of work.

This mat has 10 vibrating motors located at various points to provide an even massage throughout your body. The motors vibrate at three different intensities and you have an option to select between 5 different massage modes. This mat also comes with heating pads to enhance the overall relaxation experience.

There is an auto shut off feature so you can even fall asleep on the mat without any problem. The mat comes with ultra plush fabric that feels amazing to lie on. Overall a great product for some instant relaxation.

Note: This is not a kneading massager and does not have rotating balls.

7. Deck of 100 Meditation Cards

Mindfulness is a powerful tool to bring more calm and relaxation into your life. This deck of 100 cards is thoughtfully designed to guide you on your mindfulness journey. Each card showcases beautiful graphics and presents mindfulness exercises categorized into seven areas: Breathing Techniques, Mindfulness Basics, Mindful Living, Metta/Loving Kindness, Stoicism, Zen, and The Idea Space.

These cards are made from high-quality card stock, making them durable and resistant to bending or tearing, making them an ideal choice for a holiday gift.

8. Mandala Coloring Book – 100+ Coloring Pages

Mandala Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are a craze these days and for a good reason. It has been seen that coloring can help reduce stress in adults and aid relaxation.

Remember the time when you used to paint as a kid? How engrossed you got in this calming and creative activity. And how proud you were with the completed art wanting to share it with everyone. This is the exact sense of euphoria that will arise in your mind as an adult while coloring.

If you choose to give this gift, consider coupling it with coloring pens, crayons and watercolors.

9. Breathing Buddha

This beautifully designed ‘Breathing Buddha’ is designed to assist you in relaxation and soothing your mind through calming breathing exercises. It works using two simple-to-follow color prompts, gradually fading in and out, simulating the popular 4/7/8 or 5/5 ‘calming breath’ technique. The green phase signifies inhalation, purple indicates the holding phase, and blue represents exhalation.

This figurine serves as a gentle daily reminder to ‘pause & reset’ and can fit easily on a desk or nightstand making it a really unique gift idea.

10. Handheld Electric Scalp Massager

Portable scalp massager

This is a portable handheld massager that you can use to massage your scalp, face, neck, shoulders, back and pretty much any muscle in your body. This massager has 28 individual nodes that rotate to give you deep, relaxing stimulation that helps relive stress, improve blood circulation and release aches and sores.

This massager is also waterproof which means you can use it while taking a shower.

A warm shower and a gentle scalp massage before bedtime will melt all your stress away and prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

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11. Aromatherapy Stress Relieving Putty

This therapy dough is designed to provide relaxation through its soft, squishable texture and calming, aromatic scent. Kneading the dough helps you refocus, rebalance, and achieve a state of calm, making it a truly unique gift for relaxation and stress relief. The great thing is that this product comes in a variety of available scents to suit your preferences.

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12. Smart Neck Massager

Neck massager

This massager uses low-frequency electric pluses to gently massage and relax your muscles, reduce soreness and relive neck and shoulder aches. You also get the option of heat which is very soothing and adds to the overall effectiveness of the product. There are many speed settings and auto shut off feature to make this a really good relaxation product.

This can be a good gift for someone who spends a long time sitting in front of the computer as that can lead to stiff neck and shoulder muscles.

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13. Steel Tongue Drum (with 8 Notes)

Tongue drum

This tongue drum is easy to play and products clear resonating tones that are very relaxing to listen to. The sound is similar to the sound made by wind chimes and is ideal for relaxation, meditation and sound therapy.

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14. Sweet Ass Affirmations

Sweet affirmations

This is a set of 60 fun and uplifting affirmation cards designed to give you a quick boost of positivity anytime you need it. Each card has a fun graphic and affirmation on the front and further elaboration on the back.

Here’s an example of a card:

Hero in my own game

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15. Get Relaxed Tea (36 Count)

Get relaxed tea

The ‘Get Relaxed Tea’, from the ‘The Republic of Tea’ contain a blend of nerve soothing chamomile, passionflower, eleuthero root, organic rooibos, lavender and rose petals. All of these ingredients make this tea perfect for relaxation and stress relief.

Note: This tea does not contain caffeine.

16. Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock with Nature Sounds

Sunrise simulation clock

This alarm clock wakes you up in the most natural way possible using a combination of relaxing lights and sounds. Before the actual alarm goes off, the device emits a mild light which gradually increases in intensity forming a bright yellow light (simulating a sunrise). This way, your body has time to prepare itself to wake-up.

You also have an option to choose from a variety of soothing sounds to use as your alarm, for example, sound of birds chipping. You can also use this device as a night light, reading light or simply for decoration purposes making this a really unique gift.

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17. Lavender Based Heated/Chilled Eye Pillows


These eye pillows can used either heated or chilled. They offer gentle pressure on the eyeballs and help the user get deep relaxing sleep.

If you are planning to buy this gift, consider buying eye pillows that use lavender. Lavender is known to help sooth the nerves and cause deep relaxation. It is also known to aid sleep, reduce headaches and migraines.

18. Microwavable Neck Wrap for Deep Relaxation

Neck wrap

This shoulder wrap can be used warm or cold and provides soothing relief to stressed out muscles and tendons in your upper back, neck and shoulder areas. Made using natural materials and a soft comforting fabric, this wrap has added weight that provide deep pressure therapy for increased relaxation.

A simple yet highly functional stress relief gift that your recipient is bound to fall in love with.

19. Shiatsu – Rechargeable Neck and Back Massager

Shiatsu neck back massager

One of the main areas of the body where stress accumulates is your neck, back and shoulders.

This shiatsu massager comes with 8 kneading nodes and two massage modes (clockwise and anti-clockwise) designed to effectively relieve stress and tension located in these areas.

This product is rechargeable and cordless which adds to its ease of use.

20. Foot Spa Massager with Rollers, Vibration and Bubbles

Foot spa

This foot spa comes with massage rollers and vibration that gently massage the soles of your feet. It also has a digitally adjustable temperature control and 3 acupressure pedicure attachments. There is also a feature to create bubbly water jets that can help relive pressure and pain.

You can even add essential oil or bath salts to the water for added benefits.

21. Set of 8 Essential Oil Roll-Ons

Essential oil roll on

This is a set of 8 relaxing essential oil blends (10ml each) that have rollerballs and hence are super convenient to apply. The oils are already diluted with Jojoba oil and hence can be applied directly to your skin. The scents are soothing and will relax you throughout the day.

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22. TheFube – Infinity Fidget Cube

Infinity fidget cube

This fidget toy contains 8 little cubes made from aluminum alloy that can be rotated in any direction continuously – hence the name infinity cube. The toy has weight to it and feels and rotates smoothly. Excellent fidget toy for both kids as well as adults.

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23. ONO Roller – Handheld Fidget Toy

ONO fidget roller

Fidget toys can help relieve stress, tension and anxiety while promoting focus and clarity. Hence they can make for perfect gift items.

This toy in particular from ONO is really simple and perfect for office environments as it is compact and does not make any sound. You can roll it around in your palms or between your hands and perform various other motions as the rollers are smooth and friction-less. This is a great alternative to stress balls or fidget spinners.

24. Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea from Yogi (Caffeine Free)

Yogi herbal tea for stress relief

This delicious tea from Yogi contains a combination of lemon balm leaf, passion flower extract, organic chamomile, lavender, honey and spearmint that help promote rest and relaxation. When you are feeling jaded from the day’s activities, a sip of this powerful herbal tea will give you instant relaxation and rejuvenation.

Comes in five different flavors and hence can be gifted as a single pack or a pack of 5.

Each pack comes with 16 tea bags. All ingredients are 100% natural and are non-GMO and caffeine free.

25. Aromatherapy Diffuser with 6 Essential Oils

Aromatherapy kit

This is a complete aromatherapy kit for beginners where you get a aroma diffuser (which is portable/compact) along with 6 pure essential oils. All you need to do to get this product working is add water and your favorite essential oil. The aroma is diffused in the air in the form of mist that also moistens the air that aids breathing.

The diffuser has the capacity to change between 7 colors, so you can even use it as a relaxing night light. You can use this product at home or in the office because of its compact built and noiseless functioning making this the perfect stress relief gift.

26. Natural Basalt Massage Stones (Set of 8)

Massage stones

These natural basalt rock stones are perfect for that deep relaxing massage experience.

The stones are 2.5 to 3.0 inches in diameter and are neither too rough or slippery which is perfect for a great massage.

One more good feature is that these stones retain heat very well which can be really useful for muscle relaxation using hot stone massage. They also work well with massage oils.

All in all, these stones make for a really unique relaxation gift.

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27. Hammock Chair Swing (Indoor or Outdoor)

Hammock chair swing

Lying on a hammock, reading a book, listening to music or simply taking a nap is the ultimate form of relaxation.

This particular hammock from ‘Hammock Sky’ is super easy to assemble and is made from spun polyester material making it flexible, cosy and relaxing. You can sit on the hammock or lie down as you feel comfortable. Similarly, you can use it indoors (in your bedroom) or outdoors (patio, porch or backyard).

28. Tibetan Singing Bowl

Singing bowl

Singing bowls produce a soothing resonating sound when played and can work as great tools for meditation and achieving inner peace. The frequency of sounds produced is said to have a healing effect and generates positive energy within the home.

If your recipient is spiritually inclined, they are bound to fall in love with this bowl!

29. Minipanda – Stress Relief Ball Bundle

Minipanda stress balls

This is a set of three stress balls each with a different firmness levels (and a distinct scent). They contain a TPR gel core (for durability) and a smooth touch fabric on the outside. Squeezing these balls
can be deeply relaxing along with offering other health benefits like improved circulation and hand strength.

A unique feature about these balls is that each one has a positive theme (gratitude, mindfulness, and positivity) that helps you refocus and shift your energy toward love and positivity.

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30. Aromatherapy Stress Relief Candles

Aromatherapy stress relief candles

This is a set of two non-toxic soy wax candles made from lavender and eucalyptus essential oils, the scents of which will relax and calm your mind and body.

Consider lighting this candle at night to calm down for a good night’s sleep.

These therapeutic candles come with lead-free cotton candle wicks and have a 80 hour burn time.

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31. Shiatsu Deep Massage Pillow With Heat

Shiatsu heat massage pillow

This amazing massage pillow has four massaging nodes that generate gentle vibrations and warmth to deeply relax your neck, shoulder and back muscles and lull you to sleep.

It has been specially designed to help relieve pain, aches, tension and knots. It mimics the kneading and penetration of a real massage therapist and can be used while sitting on a chair or lying down.

This pillow comes with a controller using which you can easily adjust the intensity of the massage to your liking.

This is definitely the perfect gift for anyone who is stressed out.

32. 2-in-1 Foot Warmer and Heating Pad

Heating pad and foot warmer

This innovative product can be used as a heating pad as well as a relaxing foot warmer (simply fold the pad and fasten using the provided buttons). As a heating pad, it helps relive back aches and cramps while providing comforting heat. Comes with built-in overheat protection and auto shut-off features making it safe to use.

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33. Lavender Pillow and Linen Spray

Lavender pillow spray

The calming scents of lavender is know to promote sleep.

This spray contains pure lavender essential oil (not artificial scent) which you can spray on your pillow (and linen if needed) to get a relaxing night’s sleep. The scent is soft and calming and not overpowering which soothes and relaxes your entire being.

This can make for the perfect gift for anyone who has trouble sleeping.

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34. Tiered Tabletop Water Fountain

Desktop water fountain

The sights and sounds of flowing water creates a sense of stillness within you. That’s exactly what this water fountain helps you achieve.

This water fountain produces a tranquil and soothing water sound that helps you let go of stress and relax. You also have the option to place tealight candles that can add to the experience.

This can make for the perfect table decor for your workplace or home. You can even considering keeping it by your bedside so you can go to sleep listening to the tranquil water sounds.

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35. Acupuncture Pen

Acupuncture pen

This is a really innovative pen shaped device that uses gentle electric pulse stimulation to relieve pain/soreness, improve circulation and deeply relax muscle tissues. The stimulation you receive mimics that of an acupuncture treatment which makes it really effective.

The pen shaped nature of the device makes it easy to hold and use anywhere on your body.

There are 9 adjustable intensities so you can choose to receive the stimulation (low or high) that you are comfortable with.

36. Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Aromatherapy diffuser necklace

This essential oil diffuser necklace allows you to inhale your favorite essential oil all day long. You can choose
an oil that relaxes you, add a few drops to the insert pad (these are reusable) and place it in the locket (which comes with a magnetic closure).

For stress relief you can use oils like Lavender, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot or Clary Sage.

This diffuser necklace (image above) comes with stainless steel locket and chain along with 9 washable micro-weave insert pads.

View on Amazon.com.

37. Empowering Questions Cards

Meditation cards

Collection of 52 beautifully designed cards each one carrying a thought provoking question that will help the user explore deep aspects of their personality. In doing so, the questions help take the user’s mind off of stressful thoughts and towards deep contemplation.

Each card is 3.5″ x 3.5″ in size and comes with rounded corners.

This would make for a great gift in combination with a reflective journal like the Instant Happy Journal by best selling author Karen Salmansohn.

38. Lavender Massage Oil

Lavender massage oil

This therapeutic oil contains a blend of healing oils such as coconut oil (fractionated), grape seed oil, camellia seed oil, lavender oil and jojoba seed oil and is perfect for use during a home massage. The mild aroma will relax your senses and the properties of the oil will have a healing effect on your body.

The oil absorbs well and will not feel greasy/oily/sticky on your skin.

View on Amazon.com.

39. Relaxation Bath Soak (with Essential Oils and Sea Salts)

Relaxation bath soak

This bath soak from Thena contains the perfect blend of relaxing essential oils (peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus, thyme, arnica, etc.) and dead sea salts that will relax and rejuvenate your mind and body.

All you need to do is put some in a hot bath and soak for a good while to sooth aching muscles and let go of stress. This is a completely natural product that is free from chemicals, parabens, sulfates and other skin irritants making this a good gift item.

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40. Relaxing Cold/Warm Eye Mask

Reusable eye mask

If your recipient spends a lot of time in front of the computer (or any other screen), then this
reusable cooling eye mask would make for a really thoughtful gift.

This mask uses ergo beads and can be used hot or cold to relieve puffy/tired eyes, headaches and migraines. The best part about this mask is that it comes with eye holes so you can wear it while you go about your business.

You can cool this mask by placing it in the freezer (for approximately 1 hours) or heat it in a microwave (for 10 seconds) before use.

View on Amazon.com.

41. Bathtub Bed & Pillow (with Full Body Support)

Relaxing bath pillow

After a tiring day of work, nothing’s more relaxing than a soak in the bathtub. But sometimes the feel of the hard tub makes it hard for you to rest longer. You can change all that with this bath bed.

This bath bed comes with 3D airmesh technology for increased comfort. It also comes with powerful suction cups using which you can fix it securely to your bathtub. Plus it’s super easy to wash and maintain.

If your recipient likes to take long baths they will fall in love with this gift.

42. Woodstock Zenergy Handheld Chime

handheld Chime

This beautifully crafted hand-held chime produces powerful resonating sounds (that lasts for a long time) upon a gentle tap of the mallet.

The resonating nature of the sound helps calm your mind and bring you to the present moment making this a wonderful and unique gift for anyone dealing with stress.

The chimes are made of silver polished aluminum and come in a well finished ash wood frame.

43. Aromatherapy Sleep Oil Blend

Aromatherapy sleep oil blend

This product contains a blend of the most relaxing essential oils such as Lavender, Clary Sage, Copaiba Balsam, Marjoram and Chamomile that will have a deeply calming effect on your entire being.

You can add a few drops of this oil to your bath water for a relaxing bath. You can also use it in an aromatherapy diffuser to create an atmosphere of calming aromas that will uplift your spirit and promote relaxation.

For a good night’s sleep, you can place a few drops of this oil onto your pillow and/or bed sheets. You can also use this as a massage oil.

Link to purchase – Aromatherapy Sleep Oil Blend.

44. Magnesium Bath Flakes from Ancient Minerals

Magnesium bath flakes

Magnesium chloride flake baths can help reduce stress, heal sore muscles, improve circulation, lower blood pressure, reduce headaches, relieve cramps and improve sleep quality making them a thoughtful gift idea for anyone who is dealing with stress.

You can either add a few scoops (around 8 lbs of flakes) to your bathtub and go for a full body bath or simply take a warm foot bath by soaking your feet in magnesium water (around 1-3 cups in a foot bath massage spa or bathtub).

Please note that currently there is a lack of scientific evidence regarding the effectiveness of topical magnesium products, but a lot of people swear by its benefits.

45. Weighted Blanket

weighted blanket

Weighted blankets help relive stress, increase calmness and improve sleep quality by applying mild pressure on the body (also known as Deep Pressure Stimulation).

This particular blanket from Luna uses premium breathable cotton fabric and high quality glass beads to add weight to the blanket. These beads are odorless, hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

This blanket is available in various sizes and weights to suit your specific needs. The suggested weight is 10-12% of your body weight. So you might want to find out the recipient’s body weight so you can gift them the right size.

46. Wooden Bamboo Wind Chime

Bamboo chime

Bamboo chimes create the most beautiful sounds that are so innocent, pure and relaxing.
These sounds help you come back to the present moment and let go of thoughts that stress you out.

Bamboo is also synonymous with health, harmony and balance.

This is what makes bamboo chimes a really good gift for relaxation.

View on Amazon.com.

47. Theraflow Foot Massager

Theraflow massager

Gently glide your feet on the wooden rollers and it helps relieve aches and cause relaxation by stretching and stimulating pressure points located on your feel. Anti-slip material on the bottom ensures that this massager stays in place and does not slip away. Also comes with an instruction booklet and a foot reflexology chart.

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48. Wonderful You – 100 Illustrated Inspirational Quotes

Wonderful you inspirational quotes

This book contains 100 beautifully illustrated, inspirational quotes and positive psychology facts that will boost your recipient’s mood instantly. This can make for a great addition to a relaxation gift basket.

49. U Shaped Full Body Pillow

U shaped pillow

This U shaped pillow is designed for full body support that is great for side sleepers as well as for stomach and back sleepers.

This pillow is available in three different sizes (55′, 61″ and 65′ inches) which you can choose based on your (or your recipient’s) height.

By the way, if your are looking for gifts that can help your loved ones get better sleep, then click here to check out our article on 37 thoughtful sleep gifts.

50. Cleaning Service

Cleaning is often just one more thing to do in our busy lives. Take away that additional stress with a cleaning service gift.

No matter if you give one or twenty cleaning sessions, you will be taking care of one of the many tasks on the recipient’s to do list, which can provide that precious amount of extra time to just breathe.

51. Wrap Around Sleep Mask

Wrap around sleep mask

A good night’s sleep can melt away all your stress. Made from plush fleece this sleep mask is super soft and wraps around your head doubling as a sleep mask and a ear plug. Plus, the soft material is great even for side sleepers.

View on Amazon.com

52. Lava Lamp

Lava lamp

Lava lamps are a visual treat. Looking at colors and patterns created as the wax slowly rises and falls inside the lamp can be very relaxing.

Perfect for the work desk.

53. Claw Head Massager

Claw head massager

This claw shaped scalp massager has 5 spindles that produce over 8000 vibrations per minute to deeply stimulate your scalp and induce relaxation. It has rubber bead attachments at the ends to make it easier to run through your hair. This can also be used on other parts of the body.

View on Amazon.com

54. Aurora Night Light Projector

Aurora night light

This product projects mixed colors on the ceiling creating a soothing bedroom atmosphere.

The product comes with an auto-shut off which can come in handy. Another useful feature is that the product comes with six built-in nature sounds which include white noise, ocean wave, summer night, thunder, brook, and rain. You can even use it as a Bluetooth speaker (to play music from your phone).

Makes for a great stress relieving gift for both adults as well as children who have difficulty falling asleep.

55. 12 Prong Manual Head Massager

12 Prong Manual Head Massager

This product comes with 12 prongs each with roller balls that glide smoothly across your scalp and help massage and stimulate pressure points causing relaxation. This simple product can be really useful to anyone who has tension headaches or migraines and prefers a manual massager rather than an electric one.

View on Amazon.com

56. Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

Indoor herb kit

This all in one beginners kit will help your recipient grow an indoor herb garden with ease. The kit includes stress relief herbs like basil, mint, cilantro and chive.

View on Amazon.com

57. Stress Relief Body Lotion + Foam Bath

Stress Relief Body Lotion and Foam Bath

This gift set comes with a body wash and lotion both containing Eucalyptus & Spearmint essential oils. Both these oils can help clear the mind, uplift your mood and aid relaxation.

View on Amazon.com

58. Siastu Foot Massager

Siastu foot massager

If your recipient sends a lot of time on their feet then this foot massager would make for the perfect relaxation gift.

Unlike other foot massagers, this one uses heat, compression as well as stimulation (using a rotation ball and rolling sticks) to deeply massager your feet. This helps improve circulation, stimulate reflex points, relieve pain/cramps and promotes relaxation.

Based on your preference, you get to choose between 3 kneading intensities and 3 compression levels.

This massager can be used at the end of a busy day or to relax and unwind before bedtime.

View on Amazon.com.

59. Kalimba – Relaxing Musical Instrument

Kalimba musical instrument

If you are looking for a really unique gift then a Kalimba can be a good choice. Kalimba is a 17 keys thumb piano that produces extremely soothing tunes (similar to a music box) when played. The keys in this instrument are marked so you can easily play a song as long as you know the notes. Even otherwise, the instrument is easy to learn and fun to play.

View on Amazon.com

60. Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

Shiatsu massager with heat

Simply place your aching feet on this massager and its six massage heads will deeply massage all the pressure points on your feet helping relax not only your feet but also your entire body. This is considering that all major nerve endings of your body are located in your feet. In addition, the massager has a soothing heat function that can be turned on to enhance the massage. This can make for a good gift for someone who is on their feet all day.

61. Aromatherapy Dough

Aromatherapy dough

This dough feels super relaxing to play with and contains pure lavender essential oils that smells amazing and adds to the overall relaxation effect. It stays soft for over a year (according to the manufacturer) and is made with all natural products.

View on Amazon.com

62. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Salt Lamp

Salt lamps are made from salt crystals found in the Himalayas. These salt crystals tend to emit negative ions into the air when heated and hence aid in purifying the air.

Negative ions are essentially oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron and have been known to clear the air of allergens, in addition to having a lot of beneficial effects on a person’s health.

In addition to this purifying effect, the Himalayan lamp emits a smooth glowing light which can create a relaxing ambiance.

Both these factors make this lamp a great gift for someone with a stressful lifestyle.

63. Calming Wooden Wick Candle (Burns With a Crackling Sound)

Calming woodwick candle

Wooden wicks create a soothing crackling sound (similar to a fireplace) as it burns that can in itself be very relaxing. This woodwick candle in particular has three different calming perfumes in a beautiful hourglass container.

View on Amazon.com

64. Hand Crafted Bath Bombs

Essential oil bath bombs

This is a set of 12 bath bombs with exotic fragrances. Some of the scents include Black Raspberry Vanilla, Kiwi & Strawberry, Lavender, Lemongrass Green Tea, Mango papaya, Melon Ball, Shea & Coconut, and Victorian Rose.

You can add the bath bomb of your choice to the bath tub and enjoy a deeply relaxing bath. These bath bombs are natural, skin friendly and easy to clean after use.

Overall a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys taking baths.

65. Essential Oil Shower Steamer Set

Relief shower steamers

This is a set of 15 mint and eucalyptus scented steamers. Place a tablet on the floor of your shower and it will start to dissolve and release the relaxing scents as you take a hot shower. The scents are mild and last for a long time helping you relax and soothe your senses. These can even be used in a bathtub and can make for the perfect addition to a gift basket.

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66. Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

Acupressure mat for stress relief

This is the perfect mat to relax and unwind after a long day of work.

This mat contains 6210 pressure points (plus 1782 points on the pillow) that can give you relief from back aches, muscle spasms, knots and headaches by stimulating pressure points in your body.

You can lie directly on the mat for around 25 to 45 minutes to get maximum benefits. You can also stand barefoot on the mat for a few minutes to stimulate the pressure points on your feet.

67. Warmies – Microwavable Plush Toys

Warmies plush toy

Warmies are microwavable plush toys that are filled with natural grains and French Lavender. Keep them for a minute in the microwave and you have a heated toy that gives off a mild and soothing lavender scent. They can be placed on aching muscles or you could simply cuddle them to feel peaceful and relaxed.

They can be used by kids as well as adults making them a really cute gift idea.

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68. Your Time

Time is the one thing no one ever seems to have enough of but always needs. Give the gift of time by taking care of some of the receiver’s daily duties. Perhaps they always feel rushed to prepare a healthy dinner and then don’t feel they have time to really enjoy what they made. Pre-make some healthy meals that they can just heat up and eat.

Maybe they have to chauffeur their kids to a million and one activities and never have time to do things for themselves. Offer to be the kid’s taxi for some time. Giving a friend or loved one just a  bit more time in their day for themselves is often the greatest gift you could give.

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