3 Ways to Use Rose Quartz to Attract Love

Rose quartz crystals

Looking to attract “The One”? There are many crystals that you can use to manifest love in your life, but one of the most prominent among them is – Rose Quartz. In-fact, Rose Quartz is known as “the love stone”, as it is filled with magical properties that can heal your heart chakra and help you attract the perfect person into your life.

In this article, let’s look at 3 ways you can use this beautiful pink crystal to find your perfect soul mate.

Can Rose Quartz help you attract love?

Yes, it most certainly can! Here’s how.

1. Rose quartz aids mental & emotional healing

Rose quartz is great for anyone carrying a love wound (and almost all of us have one, right?). If a past romantic betrayal has made you distrustful of new relationships, for example, rose quartz can be a friend in your healing journey.

It won’t erase heartbreak and trauma – what it will do is soften those hard, frayed edges, helping you to open to self-love and self-compassion. In turn, as you gradually allow yourself to let self-love back into your heart, you’ll likely feel more open to reach out to others, or to allow a gentle, caring relationship past your initial defenses.

2. Rose quartz heals your heart chakra

The color pink is associated with love, so it goes without saying that this pink crystal is number one for healing your heart chakra. This is the chakra that sits inside your chest and governs matters such as self-love and empathy.

A blocked heart chakra can lead to avoidance, distrust, and a lack of empathy, whereas an overactive heart chakra can cause one to be enmeshed or dependent on relationships. It’s clear that either of these heart chakra states– blocked or overactive– can prevent love from entering your life!

Thus, healing your heart chakra is essential if you want to attract a healthy, balanced relationship. Rose quartz can help in this journey. In this case, wearing rose quartz daily, close to your heart, is the best approach. Consider purchasing a beautiful rose quartz pendant!

3. Rose quartz helps you connect with feminine energy

Being in a healthy romantic relationship requires a balance of masculine and feminine energies, on both sides, no matter which gender you’re attracted to, or which gender you identify with.

To elaborate, if a relationship is ruled by primarily masculine energy, neither partner will be willing to listen or hold space for the other partner’s feelings. There will be a lack of gentleness and affection. Opening to feminine energy can help you to attract a healthy relationship, one which will support you mentally and emotionally– and rose quartz can help here, too!

Meditate while holding or wearing rose quartz daily, or as often as you can, and imagine your heart space softening and opening.

3 Rose Quartz Rituals for Attracting love

Single rose quartz crystal

The following are 3 Rose Quartz rituals for love.

1. Monthly moon water and intention-setting ritual

During every full moon, you can craft potent love-blessed moon water at home; all you need is a clear glass jar, rose quartz, and a pen and paper! This monthly ritual will help you to set your sights on what type of partner you want to attract. Here are the steps to do this the right way.

Step 1: Start by setting your intentions with pen and paper. You could try writing down the qualities of the partner you want to attract, for example.

Step 2: Then, fill your jar with water, and place the rose quartz inside. In addition, you could also try adding a few different crystals depending on your intentions; see the following sections for crystals which vibe well with rose quartz!

Step 3: Next, hold the jar with both hands and repeat your intentions out loud, as you visualize the water absorbing your intentions.

Step 4: All that’s left is to place a lid on your jar, and place it outside on the night of the full moon. Try to place it in direct moonlight. This will charge your intention-blessed water with the power of the full moon, as well as the vibrations of the crystals inside of it.

For the next moon cycle, read your intentions every day as you drink an ounce of your moon water.

2. Weekly rose quartz bath ritual

To infuse your body with the loving power of rose quartz, try taking a rose quartz bath! Doing this ritual weekly is a good start, but feel free to adjust the frequency as you see fit.

You’ll need your rose quartz and any other crystals you’d like to use, as well as some Epsom salt or sea salt. For added ambiance, feel free to light candles or incense, and/or play gentle music.

Simply run your bath at a comfortable temperature, then add a cup of salt, stirring the bath water with your foot. Place your crystals in the bath; this will infuse the bath water with the crystals’ vibrations. Then, all you have to do is get in and relax! This is a great way to work with rose quartz and relax your nervous system at the same time. You may also infuse the bath water with love herbs like Patchouli, Rosemary, Basil, Lavender and/or Bay Leaves for added benefits.

3. Daily rose quartz morning ritual

If you’d like to try an active, daily ritual with your rose quartz, try this brief self-love morning meditation.

Every day when you wake up, grab your rose quartz, and find a place to sit comfortably. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Then, still holding the crystal, repeat this affirmation silently or out loud: I am filled with love for myself.

Allow yourself to feel a warmth of love in your heart while you repeat your affirmation. You can continue this meditation for five, ten, or even twenty minutes– or as long as you see fit. When you’re done, be sure to thank yourself for caring for yourself in this way!

Other crystals to enhance the power of Rose Quartz

1. Clear quartz for amplification

Clear quartz works well with any crystal in existence for one simple reason: it acts as an amplifier to other crystals’ vibes, and it helps to clear negative vibrations from other crystals! Feel free to include clear quartz with any rose quartz ritual to give the ritual an extra boost.

2. Citrine for confidence

Citrine crystal

If you struggle to put yourself out there romantically, you’ll likely have trouble attracting a partner, but you’re not alone! Citrine can help. Its golden hue helps to boost the solar plexus chakra, which is the center of confidence, and confidence is key when attracting a healthy relationship.

3. Green aventurine for luck and heart chakra healing

Green Aventurine crystal

We’ve all heard those stories from couples who’ve been married for decades– they go a bit like this: “Something told me to get coffee at a different shop that day. I didn’t know it then, but the person I struck a conversation with in the coffee line became my wife three years later.” Sometimes, meeting that “someone” just means being in the right place at the right time.

Good thing green aventurine can provide a little bit of luck! In addition, this crystal’s green color also provides heart chakra healing.

All things considered, looking for love requires deep inner work. It takes recognizing that you deserve a partner who will treat you right! This process can sometimes require coaching, meditation, a spiritual practice, and maybe even therapy– but, crystals can serve as the perfect tool along the way. Add any of these sacred stones to your spiritual practice, and you may just find yourself with the one you’ve been looking for!

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