Realizing and Unlocking Your True Inner Power

Written by: Sen -

Humans are gifted with a highly evolved mind, which sets them apart from the rest of the animal kingdom.

Mind is not restricted to the brain alone, and is actually a composite whole consisting of the intelligence of the entire body, including the brain. A human mind is capable of perceiving reality in a highly evolved manner, through the combination of its senses and conditioning, but what really makes it special is its ability to conceive realities, or in other words its power of “imagination”.

A human mind has the capacity to dream up, and imagine, intricate realities which pave the way for their physical manifestation.

As humans our true ability lies in our power to “dream” and imagine; in our ability to project a new reality in our minds. It does not matter what your IQ is, as a human being each one of us is capable of imagining realities that we desire.

Every child, every adult has unique preferences, unique points of view, unique wants, needs and desires. Humans have far more complex preferences and desires than other animals on this planet and so humans have the capacity to create expanded realities at a pace much faster than other creatures.

Unlocking Your Inner Power

In-spite of possessing such an advanced imagination, humans are suffering because they are not aware of their true nature as a “creator”.

We desire, and dream, and imagine, but very few of us really “allow” the physical manifestation to flower through because we have learnt to “resist” our own desires. In this article we will discuss on how to unlock your inner power by recognizing your true nature as a “creator”.

1.) You are Not Just the Body

Our body is visible and evident, so it’s natural for us to start associating ourselves with the body.

We have a “self image” of ourselves, which is mostly our past, our conditioning and our body image. The reason why we fail to unlock our inner power is because of our limited knowledge of who we really are.

We think we are just the “body mind” organism. We are so engrossed with our “form” identity that we forget our “formless” nature. We forget that we are the “manifested” body and also the “un-manifested” consciousness which is actually the container in which all manifestations come and go.

In essence we are the “source” that has created this physical reality, and we are also the temporary creation that takes a human form. We are so identified with the “created” that we completely forget our true nature, and essence, as a “creator”.

Recognizing these “two” aspects of who we are, is the beginning of living the wholeness of life.

2.) Allow and You Will Manifest Anything You Can Imagine

Most of us have heard about the law of attraction, in that we can attract any reality that we “think” about.

This is true, we can create any reality we want simply by imagining it and “allowing” the manifestation to unfold. The problem is that most of us have strong resistance patterns operating within us, which impedes the manifestation from unfolding.

You can allow any reality to manifest by believing that it will manifest, and by expecting it to manifest. To believe, and to expect, are the two ways in which the mind becomes allowing of the manifestation. If you don’t believe, or expect, a manifestation to take place, then it will not manifest in your physical reality.

Now you know why your dreams have not become realities yet, it’s because you don’t really believe that they will manifest, you don’t really expect them to manifest. Be honest with yourself and you will know this.

3.) The Universal Force is Here to Serve You

Actually the universal force, or the higher intelligence, is also essentially “you”. So you are here to help you.

The higher intelligence part of you and the “conditioned mind” part of you are the two aspects of “you” in reality.
When these two work in harmony, then your existence becomes truly joyful and benevolent.

The “mind” is here to imagine and conceive a reality, and the higher intelligence (the source) is here to manifest the reality. The mind does not have the job of making a reality “happen”, its job is only to imagine, dream, project and prefer.

It’s the higher intelligence’s job to manifest the reality and it uses the “law of attraction” to make this happen. But the mind has to “allow” the higher intelligence to bring forth the physical manifestation.

4.) Stop Resisting Your Own Abundance

The simple answer of how to unlock your inner power is simply “stop resisting”. It’s strange, but the only reason why you are not living your dream reality, is because “you” (the mind part of you) is resisting the manifestation in some way.

Why would you resist you own abundance? Because you have a lot of limited conditioning within you. You may feel you are not worthy, that you are not good enough, that miracles can’t happen or that life is not “that easy”.

These limiting thoughts keep you from allowing the higher intelligence to channel the new reality in place.

Start believing in miracles, start believing in luck, in coincidences, in angels and in the higher order of well-being. This is a dream reality that you are living in, and anything that you desire can be manifested in this reality.

Stop being so “cynical” and stop being so “mindful” about everything. Your job is to desire and then allow the universe to bring forth the manifestation. You are not here to struggle and “work hard” to manifest your reality, you are here to just dream and allow the effortless manifestation. Who you are is an effortless creator.

Imagine how much human “effort” would be needed to build a star in the cosmos, which was so effortlessly created by the “source”.

Learning to Let Go

It’s such a paradox that all you need to do to unlock your inner power is to “relax” and let go of resistant thoughts within you.

You don’t have to do any visualization techniques or affirmations, you just need to let go of limiting thoughts. Any thought which tells you “this is not possible” is a limiting thought, any thought which tells you “this will take a lot of time to manifest” is a limiting thought, any thought with tells you “I can’t get what I want” is a limiting thought.

You are a powerful creator, start living your power by allowing your “formless” intelligence to show you how it can effortlessly manifest anything you can imagine.

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I sit down to write when there is an inspiration within to do so and then the words just flow through. These writings are not meant to create belief systems, dogmas, agendas or techniques. All these are just structures used by the "Me" to enhance itself. The real purpose of these writings, if any, is to awaken the recognition of your true nature. You don't need external guidance because it's already within you. All that's needed is that you become receptive to it. These writings are just meant to point you back to this place of receptivity. You can also...  visit author page.


  1. I think there’s something deeply wrong with the law of attraction idea. If I literally just sit back and imagine myself surrounded by awesome stuff and wait for it to happen, I will get evicted from my apartment, become homeless, die of exposure, etc. So on some level the law of attraction people have to admit that it is necessary to actually work and try to get what you want? But how much work? Should I just do the bare minimum to literally survive and spend all my extra time manifesting? With just a little critical thought the whole idea breaks down and becomes completely absurd. It seems to me that the people who have supposedly used the “law of attraction” to become wealthy or successful did so by literally selling hope (in the form of books, dvds, motivational materials, etc.) and even borderline scam health products of questionable value to other believers in the law of attraction, who will in turn try to do the same thing to a new batch of believers. It’s really a huge empty pyramid scheme. When I point this out I am accused of cynicism and negativity. Imagination and will power are an incredibly powerful combination, but will power is exercised by actually doing things, by encountering resistance and overcoming it. There is no possible way to manifest myself an engineering degree. The math is hard and it makes my brain hurt. The homework is so time consuming that I have to read my books while I ride the bus just to keep up. But at the end of it all I will have an enjoyable, extremely well paying job and the means to make many things happen in my life that are currently out of reach. I think the law of attraction people are in the business of selling hopes and dreams for cash, so they generally pooh-pooh anyone who pushes the ideas of hard work and sacrifice.

    1. You are right to a certain degree.

      But I guess you attract what you ‘feel’, not what you ‘want’. You cannot sit back and think of attracting great things if your internal state is one of lack. In other words, you ‘feel’ lack.

      So the general idea of manifesting is to work on your core subconscious beliefs (limiting beliefs) and change/reprogram them. Meditation is a great way to slowly start achieving this.

      Having said that, life is not fool proof and there is no end to the learning. Nothing here is a means to an end. We just keep learning and growing.

      “Problems are not stop signs they are guidelines” – Robert Scholer

    2. I believe my time is much better spent learning actual skills and facts about the world than daydreaming in a sort of vague haze. There is no “law of attraction”. It simply doesn’t exist. People who deal with cause and effect (the products of actual natural laws) on a daily basis don’t have time for this kind of infantile nonsense. Bridges don’t stay standing because we manifest them in place. Farms don’t manifest food for us. Pilots don’t keep their planes on course with positive vibrations. The idea that “Everything is the result of my perspective” is literally how an infant thinks. The law of attraction mindset is a reversion to infancy. No wonder nearly all it’s proponents work either in menial labor positions, are unemployed, or sell some sham product that provides nothing of actual use to humanity.

    3. But of-course! No one is suggesting that things happen magically. And everyone deals with cause and effect. It’s not limited to certain number of people (as you said, it’s a natural law – applicable to everyone).

      The bridges that you speak of were once just a part of someone’s imagination. Their existence is the imagination brought to life. Of-course imagination in itself does not serve a purpose, you need to put in the effort. That’s the basic logic. Law of attraction does not suggest that bridges can be built using imagination or farms can grow on their own. This is not some paranormal x-men type stuff.

      The sham that you talk about happens in every single industry on earth. It’s not limited to the spiritual industry. There is always good and bad in everything – Where there are roses, there will be the thorns. You need to use reason and inner intuition to figure out what is good and bad for you.

      If something resonates with you, go for it. If not, drop it, it’s not for you.

  2. Thank you very much. You rescued me from bad situation. I have a narcissistic mother who made me weak. But I can understand this and I am trying a new life again.

  3. I am in love with what I just read. If we all could just lead with the heart and follow our intuition on a second by second basis where would we all be? In our visions and dreams perhaps? I think so; living and breathing abundance consciousness into all aspects of our beings. We all deserve this, every single one of us has a special light that needs to be rocked and cradled into their higher self. What is your higher purpose? Let us now merge with our higher self. Free us from the mind. Let us be free to manifest all that is for our highest good. I feel so strongly about this. Thank you for letting me share. In gratitude.

  4. I feel like this is all Gods gift to us. The bible tries to explain to us how to find this “inner power” but it’s our jobs to find this.

  5. Hi Sen, I am a very positive person and I believe in limitless happiness. Why, when I believe and live like this do negative events occur in my life?

    1. Because You are letting people bring you down or in your subconcus you really beleave these negative things will happen

  6. Truly, it’s a beautiful thing to plunge the depths of our organic nature and discover our “selves”. Life is indeed a perception of your own reality. Wonderfully written, Sen.

  7. Thank you for the article. I was wondering what exactly it meant to let go. Your writing gave me a clear insight on how to do it. I am letting go and allowing all that I dream of to manifest itself. Thank you.

  8. This will seem kind of silly but I already saw I have a large amount of energy but usually I can only use it in cases of distress like when I am in danger or someone I like is getting hurt. I am gonna try and release it without the need of external forces.

  9. On auto-pilot, looking forward to every adventure life deals. This article is very inspiring and reassuring. The law of attraction is very real. I find sitting in my comfortable recliner for about 30 minutes with my eyes closed each day while mentally visualizing is therapeutic and productive. My hypothesis is this: Even though it’s all imaginative, when I open my eyes, it’s as if I’ve been practicing my life in another dimension, only to return to the present and convert my thoughts into actions. Try it sometimes, dreams and long-term goals will become gifts!

  10. Hi, thanks a lot for this article and sharing with us. I am right now very upset with my life then suddenly an idea came in mind that I shall be positive and I came across your article and while reading I felt like I am flying. I got energized from each single word you mentioned and my mind relaxed. Thanks a lot!

  11. Hi, I have enjoyed reading this. I am trying to lose weight but have tried so many times and failed because I have had other things which I will call barriers to let me concentrate and believe in myself that I can achieve this. I would also love to be able to drive but the thought of actually doing it terrifies me. I have other issues which hold me back in living my life to the full like phobias. I have allowed all these things to rob me of my life for years and years. I want the courage to claim back what is mine. Thanks for posting.

  12. Abhishek – The pointer here is that you don’t have to struggle at manifesting your desires, because the movement of your life stream is already taking you towards it. Your job is to align with your joy/passion/excitement and allow life to orchestrate the events that lead to the manifestation of your desired reality. The right action will always be inspired in you when you are aligned with positivity. If you have a desire to manifest a particular reality, you just need to believe in life’s ability to make it happen, and then just allow it to happen without subjecting yourself to any fear-based/lack-based action.

  13. Hi Sen, this is an exemplary piece of work. Really many thanks for putting this up! But I want to inquire here. Wouldn’t this lead to a loss of ardor feelings on some potential issues of life. It’s definitely good to remiss thoughts. I am in dilemma whether this would hinder the human quest of doing something flabbergasting, which is probably not known to human domains? Wouldn’t the rationality that life would itself take us to true potential, deter us from what we might deserve?

  14. I have been researching on the “Laws of attraction” for a long time now and it never really worked. I have also been reading the bible for as long as I can remember and I felt as though this life the Bible speaks of sounds easy to live but I couldn’t do it and that frustrated me a lot. I love your explanation because it has a lot of things that are written in the Bible. You have simplified the Bible quite a bit and have blessed me with a new understanding as to how God wants me to live my life. Thank you.

  15. It’s really interesting how we are finally developing so fast to understand who we are. Logically speaking, even if the skeptics object to the truth of our power and freedom; time and our advancement in science and technology will prove them wrong. Though, I’m an ordinary man with an ordinary level of education and un-trained in the habit of logical thinking, I trust and believe that we human beings are too powerful and resourceful but unfortunately have been manipulated in a certain way in order to remain with our power un-stretched. I’m so grateful to anyone out there who is contributing to free us. The truth WILL defeat falsehood.

  16. I used to believe this things, have a joyful life and positive thoughts, but lately things have gotten slow and somehow the easy have become hard. At the beginning I thought this was some sort of test; now I don’t know what to think neither what to believe in.

  17. This was really enlightening. I never realized that we have so much energy locked inside of us. Thank you!

  18. Gary, The times of adversity are a gift, an act of grace from life, because they help you realize what lies beyond the mind’s story. When the story of the mind becomes intolerable, it’s only then that we start looking beyond it and what we see is our true nature, our true potential, our beingness, our inner power, we realize who we are is not a story character but life itself. So it’s grace that’s happening in your life right now, don’t worry about it, just allow it to unfold and show you who you are. Life just wants to know itself as itself, not as a limited “pseudo” story character. Who you are is life itself, not a story character, not a “person”, but the one being that’s the power behind existence. Your life will become extremely benevolent, and abundant as you start letting go of the mind and its stories, and start living “empty handed” just allowing life to move through you. Let go of all strategies, and just allow life to live through you as it wants to. Life takes care of life, and your heart inherently knows this truth and that’s why it’s always singing, while the mind lives in fear because it does not trust life. Stop paying attention to the mind and it will fizzle away, and become very silent. Simply ignore the fearful stories of the mind, stop making effort, stop struggling, and relax into a simple state of “surrender” or letting go. Be like a leaf that moves with the wind and does not make any effort of its own. Life will move you and take you to your true potential. I cannot emphasize how much love there is in what’s happening right now in your life. Don’t believe the mind and its stories, it’s always projecting the worst scenarios. Life is benevolent, its full of grace, it’s not what mind makes it to be. You have an opportunity to see the grace of life, so embrace it, and let go completely into it. Don’t resist anything, let it happen.

  19. Thank you very much for providing these lines of encouragement. I have felt something within me my whole life, something extremely deep within my soul that really cant account for. This something has lead me to believe that not only are miracles possible but that I am something much more than what I’ve been told by religion and science.

    These realizations have been manifested in my life by what I have over time recognized to be a form seeing the future. I am often reluctant to talk about these things as most simply can not relate to them and therefore poo poo them. All the while I am extremely confident in what my experience has been.

    Currently I am faced with two very difficult life situations. One: I have recently been diagnosed with a condition called sarcoidoses. An auto immune condition which has many symptoms, and has made life a little more difficult than I’m used to (although I’ve been diabetic most of my life and so have been dealing with health issues somewhat effectively for quite some time). The other which is more of an issue for me is that I am technically homeless as all sources of revenue have exhausted themselves.

    As I mentioned before I have always had an inner sense of great ability and in that a knowledge that I can’t really account for, that being that I will be alright. Even now as I am remaining in the apartment that I haven’t paid rent for this month my heart remains unusually steady while my mind is continually fretting over what seems like an impending stay on the streets.

    I’m very grateful for this article as it inspires me to let go of the doubts of the mind and to embody the breadth of this body/mind that we are.

    I’m going to make every effort to bring forth the reality that I’ve known my whole life, that being one of abundance and hope to write to you again to describe how the miracle unfolds itself this time.

    Again, thank you for sharing and if possible a response and encouragement would be greatly appreciated. Take good care.

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