7 Signs of Divine Timing Working in Your Life

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Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? That life will present you with the opportunities you need at the time you need them? This is the idea behind “divine timing”, or the idea that a divine guiding force (such as the Universe) is behind the scenes, orchestrating your life. How do we align with this heavenly guidance? Let’s find out!

What is divine timing?

Divine timing can occur in the smallest of ways– so tiny that you don’t always notice it. Divine timing is being “in the right place at the right time”. Divine timing is also the phenomenon of events unfolding in your life on a different timeline than you might have expected.

Some believe that everything happens in divine timing; in short, divine timing is the notion that the Universe is wise and loving, and that it gives you exactly what will expand your soul the most, at the perfect time.

Is Divine Timing real?

While some people believe that everything happens for a reason, others disagree. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide what you believe, and either belief is okay. Those with a deep connection to Spirit may find themselves sensing that the Universe and our spiritual teams are constantly working behind the scenes to bring us the experiences that we need. People like us believe in divine timing.

Below, you’ll find some real-life examples of divine timing; whether you believe that these are divine, or just matters of coincidence, is up to you to decide!

Examples of Divine Timing

Below are a couple of true stories of divine timing in action.

The Burning Building

In September of 2021, a New Jersey man named Sean Valle decided to take a different route to work than usual. On that route, he passed a house that was on fire. People were standing on the roof, crying out for help. Sean called the fire department, ensuring that those people were safely rescued, and the fire was extinguished. Had he taken his usual route to work, he never would’ve even known about the fire. Perhaps this was the Universe’s divine timing, nudging Sean to take a different route, and in effect, save people’s lives. (Read the story here.)

A Gentle Warning

Years ago, as a young adult, I wrote a short story about a girl who is involved in a car mishap. One morning last year, seven years after writing this short story, I spontaneously felt the urge to share the story with my family; they’d never even known that I had written it. So, I sent a link to the story in a family group chat.

Less than an hour later, my dad told the entire group that he’d had trouble sleeping– only the night before!– due to worrying about my mom. He felt that the route she’d been taking to work was dangerous, and he worried that she’d get into awful trouble. “Okay,” my mom replied. “I will take a different route.” Many may call this a coincidence, but I believe that the Universe nudged me to share that story with my parents, urging my dad to warn my mom of potential danger!

How does divine timing and manifestation work?

When you’re on a spiritual path, you must remember that the Universe gives you what you need only at the moment that you truly need it. In addition, the Universe gives you what your soul most needs in order to expand in every moment. The whole point of our lives on this Earth plane is to expand our consciousness and the collective’s consciousness, and only the Universe knows exactly how to make that happen.

Thus, divine timing is not something we have to make happen. It’s something we surrender to. Truthfully, divine timing might not look exactly the way you “want” it to– but it will always give you exactly what your soul needs. In short, divine timing is always happening, moving behind the scenes, bringing you closer to the people, places, things, and experiences that your soul needs most.

7 signs that divine timing is happening/working in your life

1. Deja Vu moments

You’ve been here already. No, really, you have.

Before you were born, you and your spiritual team loosely planned the path that your life would take, with plenty of wiggle room for free will, of course. In the spirit world, time does not exist; your higher self is watching all of your life unfold– from birth to death– at the same time. When you get Deja Vu, it may be because you’ve already witnessed this moment from your higher self’s perspective. That means that you’re on the right path; you’re aligned with your own divine timing.

2. Synchronicities

Have you ever thought about a person, and just hours later, they call you? Meaningful “coincidences” such as these are called synchronicities. Experiencing these strange coincidences is a sign that you’re on the path of divine timing!

3. Spotting angel numbers

If you constantly see numbers such as 1111, 222, 333, etc. on clocks, license plates, phone numbers, and so on, pay attention! The Universe and your spiritual team use these “angel numbers” to communicate with you. Each number sequence means something different, but in general, they all act as a “nod” from the Universe that you’re on the right path!

4. Spotting symbols

Symbols such as feathers, coins, and even animals can serve as messengers from the Spirit world. Often, these messages come from deceased loved ones, but they can also come from guardian angels or spirit guides.

When you start finding feathers or pennies in odd places, or when you see a certain animal that seems to follow you around everywhere you go (for example: a squirrel standing on your porch every time you walk outside), this is a sign of divine timing in the works! The Universe nudged you to go to the right place at the right time to see that symbol. That’s divine timing.

5. Intuitive guidance or gut instinct

Your intuition, which many also call the “gut feeling”, constantly speaks to you– you simply have to train yourself to stay open to it. Consider Sean Valle’s story above. On a whim, he followed a little voice within which told him to take a different route to work, and he ended up saving multiple people’s lives. How often do you get the feeling that you should do something (or not do something), but you’re not sure where that “feeling” comes from? That might be your intuition (and by proxy, divine timing) speaking!

6. Clairvoyant dreams

It’s a hair-raising experience to realize you’re witnessing something that you just dreamed about last night. Having dreams about things that later happen in real life is called “clairvoyant dreaming”, and it’s a sign that you’re precisely in tune with the Universe.

7. A deep sense of being guided

Finally, when you’re on the Universe’s path, you’ll often simply know. You’ll feel a sense of being guided; in other words, you’ll feel a calm knowledge that you will get everything that your soul needs in life, even if it looks differently than what you had envisioned. You’ll know that the Universe has your back. In truth, the Universe does always have your back, and you are always being guided– but when you feel that deep sense of oneness with the Universe, you’ll know that you’re in complete surrender.

11 ways to allow Divine Timing to work through you

Here are 11 things you can do to allow divine timing to work in your life.

1. Develop patience & trust

You don’t control divine timing; that’s why it’s called “divine timing”, not “your timing”. Even if things aren’t working out on the timeline you’d planned out for your life, this does not mean that divine timing isn’t at play.

In fact, divine timing often looks nothing like your own personal plans. Remember to be patient. Trust that your spiritual team does, in fact, have a plan for your life, and that the plan makes perfect sense from Spirit’s perspective.

2. Stop micro-planning everything

If you try to force everything in your life to go exactly the way you want it to, you leave no room for divine timing to work its magic.

In modern society, we’re taught to plan out every single aspect of our lives– and it often leaves us disappointed. That’s because divine timing has a better plan, one that will further your soul’s development during your time on Earth. It’s great to plan a little bit, but remember to leave room for the Universe to do its work.

3. Focus on your work rather than the end goals

Setting goals is fine and healthy; what interferes with divine timing, however, is trying to force an outcome to happen in exactly a certain way. What if, instead, you focused on the doing rather than the end result? In focusing on the work in front of you, rather than constantly thinking about where you want to be in a year (or ten), you allow the Universe to work through you. You allow divine timing to have a say in what you do, and when; then, your life starts to line up with the Universe’s plan.

4. Set an intention and let go

This follows from the point above. Rather than planning how you’d like every single goal or project to turn out, try this instead: ask yourself how you’d like to feel once you meet that goal. Then, let go of exactly how you want every step along the way to look. What’s likely to happen is that the path towards your goal may look much different than how you envisioned it.

In fact, the goal itself might even look different once you get there– but the Universe knows what will best aid your soul’s expansion much better than you do. Thus, once you let go, you’ll be more likely to find yourself on the path of divine timing.

5. Follow the Universe’s signs

Again, if you’re noticing numbers (such as 1111) or symbols (such as a particular animal or plant) everywhere, follow up on those signs! If you see a sign or symbol frequently, you may intuitively know what that symbol means. In this case, trust your intuition! If you don’t know what the sign means, however, try Googling it! Look up “keep seeing 1111”, for example, and you’ll learn what the Universe may be trying to tell you. As always, follow your intuition, take what feels right, and leave what doesn’t.

6. Work with crystals

Certain crystals can provide a powerful aid in surrendering to the Universe’s plan. Moonstone, for example, helps us to connect to our intuition and live in a state of flow. Living in flow, rather than in rigid resistance, allows divine timing to smoothly take the wheel. Try carrying a crystal such as moonstone with you daily– making sure to keep it charged and cleansed– to assist you in surrendering to divine timing.

7. Practice relaxation/mindfulness meditation/deep breathing

When you practice mindfulness or deep breathing, you’re quieting your thinking mind, and allowing your soul to communicate with the Universe. Our racing thoughts often get in the way of listening to our soul’s deepest wisdom.

Society conditions our mind with rushing demands, such as “achieve this by a certain age” and “look this way in order to gain approval”. These thoughts dominate our waking hours, leaving hardly any room for the Universe to speak its guidance to us. When you meditate and breathe, thereby quieting these thoughts, you surrender to divine timing as a result.

8. Get in touch with your body to develop intuition and self awareness

Do you listen to the outside world’s shouting demands all day long, or do you listen more to your body and soul’s wisdom? When you listen too much to what you hear via gossip, the news, or social media, you can’t hear the Universe speak. However, getting in touch with your body with a simple activity such as walking outside or practicing yoga can help you drop back into deep, present awareness. This allows the Universe to guide you with ease.

9. Be open to learning and growing

Developing what behavioral psychologists call a “growth mindset” can help you in your spiritual journey, too! As you develop a growth mindset, you start to believe that your behavior, intelligence, and capabilities are not “fixed”; i.e., they are changeable. You learn that you are capable of incredible growth. Furthermore, when you stay open to learning and growing, you stay open to allowing the Universe to use its divine timing to teach and to shape you.

10. Develop gratitude

We can be in such a hurry to “manifest” what we want, that we ignore what the Universe has already provided for us. As Matt Kahn says: “You are in form. You’ve already manifested everything.Every little thing in your life has significance, and learning to show gratitude for all that you love in your life can help you to realize that you are already on a divine path to all you could ever need.

11. Raise your vibration

Finally, raising your vibration can help you to hear the Universe’s advice in order to align with divine timing. Raising your vibration doesn’t have to mean forcing yourself to be happy when you feel sad or angry! In fact, allowing yourself to feel these emotions raises your vibration more effectively than if you were to shove them down.

Several of the other items in this list can raise your vibration, namely: carrying crystals, practicing meditation, or practicing yoga. In addition, you might try walking in nature, practicing an act of kindness, or healing your chakras, to name a few possibilities.

What does the Bible say about Divine Timing?

Several Bible verses outline divine timing, or “God’s timing”. This can be a synonym to “the Universe’s timing”, if that feels right for you; indeed, I believe that the Universe and God are one and the same.

For example, Eccelesiates 3:1 states that “There is a time for everything”. This tells us that God (or the Universe) is working behind the scenes, planning the greatest opportunities to help you to grow. Christians will delight in the scripture’s evidence of divine timing, but non-Christians can take this advice to heart, too! No matter which spiritual or religious tradition you follow (if any), it’s always okay to take any pieces of spiritual advice which feel good to you and leave the rest.

In conclusion

To sum it all up, you’ll know if you’re aligned with divine timing; the Universe has potent ways of showing you! However, you can rest easy knowing that a divine force is always working behind the scenes in your life, even if you don’t feel “in alignment”. Finally, you can always increase your ability to listen to the Universe’s guidance– just follow any of the points above which feel great to you, and the Universe will be more able to clearly speak to you throughout your days, leading you to the path you were always meant to be on.

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