Stop Saying This One Word to Attract More Wealth! (by Rev. Ike)


What we say holds power. A lot of power!

When we utter something, we listen to our own words and hence we also program our subconscious mind with it. And when we keep uttering the same words over and over again, this subconscious program becomes stronger and stronger.

When a subconscious program is repeated over and over again, it becomes stronger and soon it turns into a belief.

And we all know that our reality is based on what we believe. If we believe in negative things, we see a negative reality and when our beliefs are positive, our reality changes to reflect that belief.

One can say that when we spell words, we are literally casting a ‘spell’ on ourselves and sometimes even on the other who is listening. This is generally the case when the person listening completely believes in you and hence takes whatever you say as the gospel truth. And because of this, his/her mind gets programmed by what you say. For example, a child listening to his parents.

The one word that you need to stop using

There are many words that we utter almost unknowing that keep programming our subconscious mind negatively about wealth. In this article, I am going to discuss one such usage.

I was listening to one of Rev. Ike’s speeches and in one of his speech he points out a negative usage that stuck a cord with me. This is because, we are all guilty of using this word in relation to money. And that word according to Rev. Ike is the word ‘Spend

According to Rev. Ike, when we use the word ‘spend money’, we tell our subconscious that the said amount of money is leaving us and is gone forever. There is no way it is going to come back. Cause that’s what the word ‘spend’ means. It means to ‘give away’.

Each time we think we are spending money, we are programming our subconscious to believe that the said amount of money is leaving us forever. Hence, this a negative way to look at money.

Using the word ‘Circulate’ instead of ‘Spend’

A better and more positive usage according to Rev. Ike is to use the word ‘Circulate’ instead of ‘Spend’.

The word ‘circulate’ implies going out and coming back to the point of origin.

circulate icon

So when we say ‘Circulate money’ we tell our subconscious that the money is leaving us temporarily and will come back to us multiplied. When we think in this way, our entire energy field in relation to money changes. The energy field is now of abundance and not of scarcity.

To feel abundance is also the basis of the law of attraction.

It’s amazing how making this simple change can give you a sense of abundance and take you out of the scarcity mentality.

Consciously changing your usage

A simple way to change our conditioned usage of the word ‘spend’ to the word ‘circulate’ is to stay mindful of the times you utter this word or think of this word.

The moment you catch yourself using ‘spend’, change it mentally to the word ‘circulate’. Once you correct yourself this way a few times, your mind will automatically switch to using ‘circulate’ instead of ‘spend’.

So the next time you are paying your bills, paying your employees or writing a cheque, don’t allow your mind to think that you are spending that money. Instead, think that you are circulating the money. Instead of saying, ‘I spent a lot of money this month’, say, ‘I circulated a lot of money this month’.

Rev. Ike give us the following affirmation to repeat many times over, “I don’t spend my money, I circulate my money and it returns to me multiplied in a never ending cycle of increase and enjoyment.

Money affirmation by Rev. Ike

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This usage also helps us cultivate the attitude of giving. Because as we give more, we automatically program ourselves to receive more. Giving is an attitude of abundance.

Of-course one should circulate money wisely but when doing so, thinking positively about money going out will help attract more wealth into your life.

Associating with money differently

Going by the same logic, it is important to change our beliefs about money as a separate entity. Instead, money should be looked at as a part of your being because money is not the physical notes that you see but simply a type of energy.

According to Rev. Ike one can use the words ‘I am Money’ as a affirmation to feel one with this energy instead of alienating it and looking at it as separate from us.

By making use of these words on a regular basis, we start to program our subconscious mind to attract massive wealth into our lives. Wealth not only in terms of money, but also in terms of good health, happiness, contentment and prosperity.

Check out Rev. Ike’s speech on this topic here.

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