31 Symbols of Optimism to Inspire You

Optimism symbols featured

Optimism for the most part is the ability to look at things from a different perspective. It is about acknowledging the challenges, but also choosing to focus on the positive. Optimism is powerful because with an optimistic mindset comes the energy and motivation to push through hurdles and achieve what you truly desire.

This article is a collection of many symbols that relate to optimism that will inspire you to look at things differently and change your outlook to positive so you can begin to turn things around. So let’s have a look.

1. The sunflower

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The sunflower is a wonderful symbol of optimism as it always turns around to face the sun. This is a beautifully symbolic metaphor for optimism as it means that when life is challenging and you feel that there is no light, simply by changing your perspective, you can turn around and see the light that guides you in the right direction.

Apart from optimism, the sunflower is also symbolic of joy, happiness, faith, worship, guidance and spiritual knowledge (because of its unending desire to seek the light or the truth).

2. The hummingbird

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Hummingbirds are amazing creatures that are full of color and life. They are a symbol of optimism because of their ability to fly in all directions – forwards, backwards, up and down. They remind you that sometimes in life you need to get on the back foot temporarily so you can move forward.

Also, as a spirit animal, seeing a hummingbird represents that trying times are over and that better things are on their way. Hummingbirds also symbolize joy, happiness, good luck, healing, enjoyment and lightness of being.

3. Lotus flower

Lotus symbol
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The lotus flower is a symbol of optimism because of the way it grows with vigor and energy despite being in muddy waters. The lotus flower reminds you that when life gets challenging, you can still be optimistic and see beauty in what you are facing.

4. Peacock

Peacock symbol
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The peacock is a beautiful bird that is often associated with the concept of optimism. The peacock is one of the only birds that is not afraid to display its colorful feathers in full glory, which is a symbol of confidence and optimism. When you feel that you are not living up to your full potential or feel nervous about what others might think of you, the peacock reminds you to embrace your true nature and not be afraid of being your best self.

5. Lemon tree

Lemons with leaves
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The lemon tree is one of the most widely used symbols of optimism. The fruit of this tree has an uplifting citrus fragrance, which inspires optimism and happiness. Similarly, the fruits have a beautiful yellow color and in contrast to the green leaves they look vibrant and cheerful. Simply looking at a lemon tree with ripe lemons can elevate your state of mind. Lemons are also a source of Vitamin C and iron, which are known for their ability to improve mood and make people more optimistic.

Lemon trees also symbolize freshness, cheerfulness, cleansing, healing, happiness, and light.

6. Flying bird

Flying bird
One of the most widely used symbols of optimism is the flying bird. The bird is said to represent the ability to rise above the storm and make the best of things. Also, as the bird flies high, it gets a completely different point of view. Hence, a flying bird represents the ability to look at things from a different angle or perspective which is the basis of optimism.

A flying bird also symbolizes freedom, peace, love, change and prosperity.

7. Dolphin

Dolphins are known for their joyfulness, playfulness and lightheartedness; three aspects that make them symbols of optimism and positivity.

8. Sacral chakra

Sacral chakra
The sacral chakra (also known as the Svadhisthana chakra) is an energy field located in the abdomen. This chakra is symbolized by a downward-pointing red triangle and is associated with the color orange. The sacral chakra dictates creative expression, emotions and relationships. This is why, when this chakra is active, you feel positive emotions as your creative energy begins to flow and your outlook toward your life changes. Similarly, the color orange (associated with this chakra) represents optimism, abundance, creativity, expression and new beginnings.

9. Yellow zinnia flowers

Yellow zinnia flower
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Zinnia flowers come in a variety of vibrant shades and colors. The yellow zinnia flower in particular represents the sun. So, it’s considered a symbol of warmth, optimism and happiness.

10. Sun

Sun symbol
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The sun is a strong symbol of optimism because it brings us light, warmth, vitality, energy and life. The sun also rises every morning with the same intensity and vigor that suggests optimism and a positive outlook toward life.

11. Orange osmanthus

Orange osmanthus
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The orange osmanthus is a fragrant flower native to China. It is a symbol of hope and new beginnings. It is believed that growing an orange osmanthus in your home or work space will bring more optimism into your life.

12. Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha
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Often depicted as a chubby and happy-looking monk, holding his stomach and laughing heartily, the laughing Buddha is a symbol of joy, abundance, prosperity and optimism, and is often used as a lucky charm to bring more happiness and good fortune in one’s life. Simply looking at this symbol can bring a smile to your face and encourage you to let go of worries and look to the future with optimism.

13. Orange fruit

Oranges are symbols of optimism not only because of their bright colors and uplifting citrus scent but also because of the fact that they are a rich source of Vitamin C, a vitamin that has been linked to reducing feelings of stress and promoting positive feelings.

14. Oil Lamp/Diya (Hinduism)

Oil lamp
Oil Lamps are a common inspirational symbol that are often used to represent optimism. This is because they give off light while consuming very little fuel themselves. In Hinduism, oil lamps are used during Diwali as a celebration of optimism and as a way to welcome the new year. This is because the lamps illuminate the darkness, which then allows people to see what they might otherwise miss. Oil lamps, therefore, represent the optimism of looking for the good and seeing the potential that is present in every situation.

15. Spring Equinox

Spring equinox
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The spring equinox is a time of renewal and rebirth. It is a time when optimism is at its highest. This is because the end of winter and the beginning of spring represents a change in season. This change in season brings new life, new opportunities, and new optimism. It’s a time when anything seems possible. Things that seemed impossible just a few weeks before suddenly seem within reach.

16. Japanese Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossoms
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The cherry blossom is an important part of Japanese culture, with the cherry blossom festival being one of the most celebrated events of the year. The cherry blossom is a reminder that spring is on its way and will bring brighter, warmer days with it. It’s a symbol of optimism as it represents the change in season from winter to spring.

17. Dogs/puppies

Resting dog
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Dogs (especially puppies) are known to be loyal and optimistic creatures. They are optimistic in the sense that they look for good in everything and everyone. This optimistic and friendly approach to life is what makes dogs so special.

18. Eagle ready to take flight

Eagle in flight
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Eagles are famous for their ability to soar in the sky. They are often depicted as rising above their problems or circumstances rather than getting lost in them. This represents optimism that is focused on the future and on what can be achieved rather than the problems of the present.

19. Yellow chrysanthemum

Yellow chrysanthemum
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The yellow chrysanthemum is a beautiful flower that closely resembles the sunflower. And just like the sunflower its perfectly round shape and bright yellow color makes it a symbol of happiness, friendship, wellbeing, rebirth, positivity and optimism.

20. Green grass

Green grass
The sight and scent of lush green grass with the backdrop of bright blue skies is sure to inspire optimism, freshness and positivity in anyone’s heart. This is why green grass signifies optimism, resilience and abundance.

21. Elephant with raised trunk

Elephant with trunk raised
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The raised trunk of an elephant is a symbol of optimism because it represents the ability to raise one’s spirits and stay optimistic in the face of hardship. The raised trunk of an elephant is also a symbol of good luck, prosperity, victory and optimism.

22. Orange bird of paradise flower

Bird of paradise flower
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Bird of paradise is a stunningly beautiful flower that looks similar to a flying bird. This is one of the reasons why this flower symbolizes optimism. Also, these tropical flowers are either bright orange or yellow in color, both of which represent joy, happiness, vitality, courage and optimism.

23. Crescent Moon

Crescent moon
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The crescent moon is a symbol of optimism because it represents hope and new beginnings. You can use it as a reminder to stay positive and hopeful that things will improve. In fact, the word Crescent comes from the Latin word “crescere”, which means to increase or grow, signifying an increase in good as time passes.

24. Gye W’ani (Adinkara symbol)

Gye wani symbol
The Gye W’ani which translates to ‘Rich Living’ is an Adinkara symbol that represents the joy of living. It encourages you to take life lightly, to do what makes you happy and to rejoice in the present moment as things always improve with time.

25. Yellow Dragonfly

Yellow Dragonfly
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The color yellow represents warmth, joy, sunshine, optimism, creativity and wealth. And this is why seeing a yellow dragonfly (or a yellow butterfly) in your dream or in real life is said to represent optimism, joy, abundance and good luck. The yellow dragonfly as a spirit animal reminds you that you have everything within to achieve your deepest desires. It encourages you to focus your attention on your inner energy to overcome all the hurdles and come out stronger.

26. Planet Jupiter

Planet Jupiter
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From an astrological standpoint, Jupiter is said to be an auspicious, compassionate, and benevolent planet that brings optimism, hope, good luck, wisdom, spirituality, abundance, learning, guidance and expansion. This is why Jupiter is associated with hope and optimism.

27. Yellow sapphire

Yellow sapphire
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The yellow sapphire is the stone of optimism. It is said that the energy of a yellow sapphire can create harmony and balance in your life. This stone is also called the stone of friendship because of its ability to encourage forgiveness and make people more optimistic. It is also said that keeping a yellow sapphire in your pocket will make you cheerful and optimistic.

28. Calendula

Calendula flower
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In many cultures across the world, the calendula flowers with their bright, vibrant yellow colors are used to represent sunshine and fire. Also known as the pot marigold, this plant is often used to promote healing and recovery. In other words, it’s a perfect symbol of optimism, since it suggests that things will get better. These flowers also represent joy, grace and happiness.

29. Golden Marigold

Marigold flower
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If you’d like to boost your positivity, you should consider growing a golden marigold plant in your home. Known for its sunny yellow flowers, this plant is a powerful symbol of optimism. In fact, the golden marigold is often used to treat depression, which is another way of saying that this plant can lift your spirits and shift your mindset.

Like many yellow flowers on this list, Marigolds also represent the power, strength and vitality of the sun. They also represent the inner light or inner power that exists within you connecting with which you can change the direction of your life.

30. Yellow rose flower

Yellow rose
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If you’re looking for a way to express optimism, consider using a yellow rose in your next bouquet. This flower is known for its sunny color, which makes it a powerful symbol of optimism. In addition to brightening up your surroundings, the yellow rose can also lift your mood. Simply smelling these flowers has been shown to increase levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that’s linked to feelings of happiness. Yellow roses are also thought to promote feelings of appreciation, making them a good choice for expressing gratitude.

31. Euphrosyne Goddess

Euphrosyne is the Greek goddess of cheerfulness, good humor, and optimism. She represents a lighthearted, carefree and positive approach to living life. Her name means “joy” or “merriment” and she is often depicted with a cornucopia of flowers or a bag full of flowers.

Like many other optimistic symbols, Euphrosyne represents the concept of optimism by looking for the good in a situation. This is why she is often depicted with flowers, which are one of the most common optimistic symbols.

We hope you found many symbols in this list that inspired you to stay optimistic about the future. Always remember, that the only aspect of reality that is permanent is change. Things will turn around, all you need to do is have the right mindset to focus on the positives and keep moving forward.

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