7 Birthday Rituals for Good Luck & Positive Energy

Birthday candles

In most western cultures, birthdays are celebrated by making a wish before blowing out candles on a cake. This custom is believed to have originated in Ancient Greece when people would bring candles to the Goddess Artemis in exchange for her granting their wishes. However, this isn’t the only birthday tradition. Continue reading to learn about the many additional birthday rituals and how you can use them to bring good fortune into your own life.

What is the significance of your birthday?

Your personal energy levels are thought to be at their peak on your birthdays (also known as the time you return to the sun). Just as you make resolutions on New Year’s Eve, you have the power to shape your future and attract good fortune for the year to come on our birthdays.

They are also considered to be an excellent time to let go of any negative feelings or habits, so you can start the year anew.

Many cultures around the world believe that the alignment of the stars (astrology) and the spiritual powers that surround us on this planet shape our existence. Simply put, your birthdays are a reminder of your humanity and all that distinguishes you as an individual.

7 Birthday rituals for good luck

1. Letter writing ritual

Letter writing
Credit/Kat Stokes

The day before your birthday is an excellent opportunity to reflect on your life. Consider what you’ve learned, how you have changed over time, and how you’d like to progress in the future. Writing down your thoughts can be a powerful release for your brain and has also been proven to boost memory.

So, as your birthday approaches, consider drafting a letter to your future self. What has happened to you since your previous birthday, and what are your feelings on the year? What do you want to achieve before your next birthday? Don’t forget to include words of empowerment and consider including flowers or crystals that correspond to your wishes. When you are done, seal your letter and open it on your next birthday.

2. Decluttering & cleansing ritual

Smudge stick

You should cleanse your home before your birthday just as you would cleanse a space before any ritual. Firstly, you will want to do a general declutter. Is there anything you are holding onto that you no longer need, such as clothes or ornaments? Then chuck them! This process can be a very effective way to get rid of negative energy and allow you to move forward in the coming year.

Once your home has been cleaned and cleared, smudge your space with any herb that feels right to you (You can also use incense if you prefer that). Simply light the end of a smudge stick (making sure you have a heatproof bowl to catch any ash) and walk carefully around your space, ensuring that the smoke reaches into every corner. Then open a window to allow the smoke to be released. It is believed that the smoke absorbs negativity so you will want to make sure it does not linger in your home!

Cleansing before your birthday (or even on your birthday) is an excellent ritual to attract good luck and positivity into your life.

3. Birthday manifestation ritual

Bay leaves

Performing a nature ritual on your birthday can be a wonderful way to remind you of the simple pleasures of life. Try taking a walk down to your local country park on the morning of your birthday to refresh your energy, attract good luck and renew your connection with mother earth. If you are looking for something more elaborate then consider performing a manifestation ritual using leaves.

The below ritual uses laurel leaves which have long been a symbol of success:

Collect 12 laurel leaves (fresh is better but you can also use dried) and 12 pieces of paper. On each of the sheets, write down what you would like to attract into your life in each of the 12 months of the year. Be as specific and detailed as you can but also be realistic. Once you are done, think of one keyword for each of your months’ wishes and write these on your leaves. Then burn the papers with a candle on your birthday, allowing the smoke to be released out of an open window. As each month passes, burn the corresponding leaf so you can see how your wishes have manifested throughout the year.

4. Birth crystal ritual

Green Aventurine

Crystals can be used for healing and will add power to any ritual. A little investigation will reveal that many astrological signs are linked to specific crystals and colors. For example, Libra is closely connected to blue-green stones such as Lapus Lazuli.

Once you find your birth crystal, you can do the following ritual:

Consider setting up a birthday altar with candles, your birth crystals, images or photos of particularly significant memories, and your favorite flowers. Then, on your birthday, light a candle and meditate for a few minutes in front of your altar whilst holding your crystals. Focus your attention on your goals for the coming year. Once you have charged your crystals with your intent you can either carry them with you or visit your altar whenever you need.

This is a simple yet powerful ritual to attract luck and manifest your desires in the coming year.

5. Candle + herb ritual

Herb candle
Credit/Jessica Delp

Candles are an integral part of any birthday celebration. This year, consider adding even more magic to your birthday by performing a candle ritual.

Firstly, you will need to think about your goals and intentions for the year ahead. Then choose a candle, anoint it in your favorite essential oil, and roll it in your chosen herbs. Herbs like Sage, Chives, Lavender, Basil, Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme and Laurel are great for attracting good luck. You can even decorate the candle by carving positive symbols into it or by adding dried flowers.

Place the candle in a prominent place in your home or on your altar, and make sure you light it at least once a day.

6. Spiritual bath ritual

Bath salt

Taking a soothing spiritual bath to cleanse your aura and balance your emotions is one of the best ways to start your birthday!

Firstly, you will need to cleanse your bathroom by smudging the area with an appropriate herb, then run the bath. Water is a powerful cleanser on its own but to make the process extra spiritual try adding a bunch of your favorite herbs and dried flowers.

Options include rose petals (for self-love), cinnamon (prosperity), lavender (relaxation), and cloves (luck and protection). You can even add crystals to the sides of your bath such as amethyst or moonstone. It is always a good idea to also add a couple of teaspoons of sea salt and vinegar to your bath as these are known to be powerful cleansers. Once your bath is ready, simply soak in it for as long as you need.

7. Shadow work ritual

Carl Jung first described the shadow self as the unconscious part of ourselves that holds all of the flaws, hidden desires, and negative feelings that we often choose to ignore. Yet it is an essential part of our being that can make us feel unworthy or stagnant if left unchecked.

The night before your birthday, try working with your shadow self to develop a deeper understanding of who you are, so you can better manifest your desires in the new year. The simplest way to do this is to use a notebook and pen. Firstly, get yourself into a meditative state by playing calming music, lighting candles, burning incense, or anything else that feels right to you. Then simply use ‘prompt questions’ to delve into the deeper part of yourself. Examples include:

  • In which areas of my life do I feel trapped or unhappy?
  • What do I need to release to fully accept myself?
  • Why do others choose me to be in their lives?

Think long and hard about the questions and answer as honestly and openly as you can. You will be surprised at how much lighter you feel afterward! The release that you feel will help attract positive energy into your life.

8. Power word ritual

A power word is simply a word (or mantra) that encompasses your goals for the coming year. But how do you choose just one word? The most important part of this process is reflection. How did the last year go? How would you like to progress in your new birthday year? Try to figure out if there are any recurring themes. Maybe you feel you have missed out on certain opportunities because of nerves. Or perhaps you feel like you have spent so much time caring for others that you have neglected yourself. Whatever it is, try to find one word that encompasses all your desires for the new year. Examples include:

  • Faith
  • Self-care
  • Embrace
  • Peace
  • Kindness
  • Hope
  • Freedom
  • Cheerful
  • Courage
  • Power
  • Abundance
  • Strength
  • Vitality
  • Calm
  • Graceful
  • Glow
  • Bliss
  • Joy
  • Love
  • Unity
  • Lucid
  • Miracles
  • Renew
  • Growth
  • Safe
  • Breathe
  • Presence
  • Light
  • Worthy
  • Grateful

Once you have found your power word, use it as a mantra and start your birthday morning by repeating the mantra to yourself. You can then repeat this mantra every day (or whenever you feel like) of your birthday year. The more you recite this mantra, the more you will attract the power contained within.

In addition to a power word, you can also select a short mantra to recite every day.

A few things to avoid on your birthday

1. Avoid getting into arguments

Your birthday is a great time for growth and change. The ability to attract good luck into your life starts with your beliefs and mental state. For this reason, you should learn the art of forgiveness and avoid getting into pointless arguments.

2. Avoid energy vampires

On your birthday, as much as possible, consider avoiding energy vampires or people who drain your energy. Spend this day with the people who uplift you.

3. Avoid the news

Consider not watching the news, reading the newspaper on this day as most of the news these days is negative news. Instead, play your favorite music (as long as the lyrics are positive) and spend your time looking at art and nature. For instance, a beautiful flower or the blue skies.

4. Avoid judgments

On your birthday, try to be more understanding of others and yourself. Let go of judgments.

5. Avoid junk food

Eating junk food and drinking alcohol will lower your vibration. On your birthday, consider eating organic whole foods that will raise your vibration and make you feel good.

All of these things will help to keep your aura clean and your mind clear, which will help you to see any new opportunities that arise and grasp them with both hands!


Your birthday is not just another day, it is your day! It is the perfect time to change the direction of your life and build on the person you have become. By performing a birthday ritual, you are clearing yourself of any previous negativity so you can attract positivity and prosperity into your life. So, on your next birthday, try to focus on self-care to bring yourself back into balance and allow your individual spirit to shine through!

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